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Everything Announced at Jump Festa 2022 - New Anime and More!

Everything Announced at Jump Festa 2022 – New Anime and More!

Here’s everything that was announced at Jump Festa 2022 as well as the schedule! Updated daily.

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Jump Festa 2022 kicked off on December 18, 2021 and is running through December 19th. At the event, Shonen Jump are revealing their upcoming projects and updating us on what they have in store for select series, such as Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, Bleach, Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku and many more.

There are four stages at the event, the Blue Stage, Red Stage, Super Stage, and Super Stage EX; Each with their own events and presentations. I’ve added the schedule for each stage below. I’ll also be adding in all of the announcements and reveals made at Jump Festa 2022 and I’m separating them by series so you can find what you are looking for easier.

With that all said, here’s everything that was announced at Jump Festa 2022 along with the Jump Festa 2022 schedule. This post is updated throughout the weekend of the event, so stayed tuned for updates!

Since the time of writing this post, Jump Festa 2023 has taken place and more exciting announcements were made at the event.

When is Jump Festa 2022?

Jump Festa 2022 is taking place from December 18-December 19, 2021.

Jump Festa 2022 Schedule

Here are the events that are occurring on each stage at Jump Festa 2022!

Blue Stage

Day 1

Red Stage

Super Stage

Super Stage EX

Day 1

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Jump Festa 2022

First Trailer Released for Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Anime

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai is the latest series by Asato Mizu. Before Jump Festa 2022, it was announced that an Aharen-san wa Hakarenai anime is coming out in April 2022 with animation by Felix Film (Otherside Picnic). Aharen-san wa Hakarenai has not been published with English translation yet, but the manga is currently being published in Japan by Shounen Jump+. The first trailer for the Aharen-san wa Hakarenai anime was revealed at Jump Festa 2022.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai‘s story is about Reina Aharen, a small and quiet student with no sense of personal space or distance. In some cases, she’s inches away from your face, and other times, she’s miles away. Fellow student Raidou Matsuboshi, who’s seated next to her in class, is the only one who tries to understand her. He may look tough on the outside, but he’s a really nice guy when you get to know him.

One day, Raidou picks up Aharen’s eraser off the floor for her. She takes this small gesture as a sign that he wants to be best friends with her. This story follows these two as their friendship blossoms and the challenges they have to work to overcome.

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Confirmed at Jump Festa 2022

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Confirmed

Not too long ago, a domain for Ayakashi Triangle was registered, so it was rumored that an anime adaptation of the Ayakashi Triangle manga, which is the latest from Kentaro Yabuki, who you may also know as the creator of Black Cat, is coming soon. He is also the illustrator of the upcoming Darling in the Franxx omnibuses.

It was confirmed at Jump Festa 2022 during a Blue Stage event that an Ayakashi Triangle anime is indeed being made and it is arriving in the 2023 anime release schedule. Viz describe the series on their site as a “ninja exorcist manga with a twist”. It looks like Aniplex are producing the series alongside Shueisha.

Looking for more ecchi series to get into like this? Check out my favorite ecchi manga!

What is Ayakashi Triangle about?

Ayakashi Triangle follows teenager Kazamaki Matsuri, who has long been part of an elite force of ninja exorcists, tasked with fighting malicious ayakashi spirits who threaten Japan–especially those after his childhood friend, the spirit medium Kanade Suzu.

As he fiercely protects her, and his relationship with her blooms from friendship into something more, a powerful cat ayakashi vows to get between the lovebirds: by casting a forbidden spell that turns Matsuri into a woman! With no apparent way to undo the spell, Matsuri must continue battling ayakashi–and go back to school–in this new feminine body until he can find a way to turn back.

Ayakashi Triangle Release Date

Ayakashi Triangle is releasing in 2023. The 2023 anime season is shaping up incredibly with amazing announcements, like this, Trigun Stampede, Classroom of the Elite Season 3, Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc and more!

Mashle Jump Festa 2022

PV Released for Mashle Manga

In celebration of Mashle by Hajime Komoto’s ninth volume release, a special promo video for the manga was revealed at Jump Festa 2022. Mashle is one of the best comedy manga to release as of late.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is set in the magic realm, where magic is everything—everyone can use it, and one’s skill determines their social status. Deep in the forest, oblivious to the ways of the world, lives Mash. Thanks to his daily training, he’s become a fitness god. When Mash is discovered, he has no choice but to enroll in magic school, where he must beat the competition without revealing his secret—he can’t use magic!

Mash just wants to live in peace with his father in the forest. But the only way he’ll ever be accepted in the magic realm is by attending magic school and becoming a Divine Visionary—an exceptional student revered as one the chosen. But without an ounce of magic to his name, Mash will have to punch his way to the top spot.

You can check out the PV for the Mashle manga now below!

Summer Time Rendering Jump Festa 2022

New Key Visual and PV for Summer Time Rendering Anime Released, April 2022 Release Confirmed, Staff Revealed

A new key visual and PV for the Summer Time Rendering anime, which is airing in April 2022, was revealed at Jump Festa 2022. It was also announced that OLM (Berserk (1997), Odd Taxi, Pokemon) are animating the upcoming anime. Directing the anime is Ayumu Watanabe (Komi Can’t Communicate, Space Brothers).

More staff was also confirmed, including Hiroshi Seko (Series Composition), who worked on Attack on Titan and Mob Psycho 100, and Miki Matsumoto (Character Design), who worked on Angels of Death and Major 2nd.

Summer Time Rendering Anime Visual

Mato Seihei no Slave Jump Festa 2022

New Cast Members Revealed for Mato Seihei no Slave Anime

An anime adaption of Mato Seihei no Slave by Yohei Takemura and Takahiro (Akame ga Kill!) was already confirmed by Shueisha, but more cast members for the upcoming anime were revealed at Jump Festa 2022.

Kyouka Uzen is voiced by Akari Kitou (Tsukasa Yuzaki from TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You), Yuuki Wakura is voiced by Yūya Hirose (Yuuta Hibiki from SSSS.Gridman), Himari Azuma is voiced by Yume Miyamoto, Shushu Suruga is voiced by Mari Hino, and Nei Okawamura is voiced by Hina Tachibana.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! Anime Revealed for April 2022

Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! Anime Revealed for April 2022

An upcoming anime Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! was announced at Jump Festa 2022 and it is releasing in April 2022.

The story follows twins and elementary students, Yuuhi Ohdo and Yuamu Ohdo, who run UTS, an alien extermination company. One day they happen to stumble upon a real spaceship. Once inside the spaceship, they make contact with Yudias, an alien from the distant Velgear Star Knights. He came to Earth after hearing about Rush Duel, which could lead his friends and comrades to a new future.

You can check out the visual for Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! below!

Haikyu!! Jump Festa 2022

Haikyu!! 10th Anniversary Project Announced, 10 Projects on the Way

A 10th Anniversary project for Haikyu!!, who’s manga began releasing in 2012, was announced at Jump Festa 2022. 2022 will mark the 10th anniversary for the manga by Haruichi Furudate. A total of 10 projects will be releasing, but only a few of them have been revealed so far, including two 10th Anniversary visuals with new artwork by Haruichi Furudate of Kenma Kozume and Tetsuro Kuroo, a radio drama written by Haruichi Furudate, an exhibition, and an event collaboration with V.League.

You can check out the Haikyu!! 10th Anniversary visuals below! Both images are credited to Haruichi Furudate.

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku Jump Festa 2022

First Trailer Released for Hell’s Paradise Anime, Staff Announced

The staff for the Hell’s Paradise anime was confirmed at Jump Festa 2022 along with the release of a new trailer and visual.

Animation: MAPPA
Production: Twin Engine
Director: Kaori Makita (Twittering Birds Never Fly)
Series Composition: Kazuaki Kaneda
Character Design: Akitsugu Hisagi (One Punch Man, Future Diary)
Music: Yoshiaki Dewa (My Hero Academia Season 2, Food Wars!, Highschool of the Dead)

A release date or time frame still has yet to be revealed. Check out the new trailer and read up on everything we know about Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku‘s upcoming anime!

Rurouni Kenshin Jump Festa 2022

New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Project in the Works

A new Rurouni Kenshin anime project was announced at Jump Festa 2022 and it is already in the works. It is being animated by LIDENFILMS, who are the animation studio behind Tokyo Revengers, the Initial D films, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, and more.

You can check out the first promo video for the new Rurouni Kenshin anime project below!

Black Clover Movie Confirmed

At Jump Festa 2022, an upcoming Black Clover movie was announced along with a commemorative visual release that features Yuno. Check it out now below!

Spy x Family Jump Festa 2022

Spy x Family Anime Gets April 2022 Release, New Cast Members Announced, 2nd Trailer Released

A Spy x Family anime adaptation was already confirmed for 2022 release with animation by two of my favorite studios WIT Studio (Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga) and CloverWorks (The Promised Neverland, Wonder Egg Priority). Read up on why we can’t wait to see Spy x Family adapted!

We got more specifics though during Spy x Family’s stage event. It was officially confirmed at Jump Festa 2022 that Spy x Family‘s anime is coming out in April 2022 and more cast members were confirmed along with a second trailer release. Here’s all that was announced about the Spy x Family anime at Jump Festa 2022!

New Key Visual Revealed for Boruto, Projects Announced for Naruto 20th Anniversary

A new key visual for the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime was revealed at Jump Festa 2022. A 20th Anniversary Project is also in the works for Naruto in 2022 and they released a Special PV that’s available to watch now on YouTube.

In addition, two Naruto novels, Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls and Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust, are getting manga adaptations at a TBD date.

First Look of The Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup Anime

At Jump Festa 2022, we got a first look at The Prince of Tennis‘ U-17 World Cup anime, which adapts the World Cup Arc of The Prince of Tennis manga. It is releasing at a TBD date in 2022.

You can check out newly revealed screenshots from the upcoming anime below!

Dragon Ball Super Jump Festa 2022 Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

New Trailer Released for Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is the latest installment in Dragon Ball Super and it is releasing on April 22, 2022. The voice actors of new characters Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 were also revealed. Hiroshi Kamiya (Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan) is voicing Gamma 1 and Mamoru Miyano (Light Yagami from Death Note) is voicing Gamma 2.

A new trailer for the upcoming anime film was released at Jump Festa 2022. Check it out now below!

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Trailer

Demon Slayer Jump Festa 2022

This event hasn’t happened yet. Stay tuned for updates!

New Trailer for Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Released

Some of the cast members from Jujutsu Kaisen and the upcoming 2022 film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Junya Enoki (Yuji Itadori), Mikako Komatsu (Maki Zenin), Megumi Ogata (Yuta Okkotsu), and Kana Hanazawa (Rika Orimoto) will be in attendance.

At Jump Festa 2022, a new trailer for the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie, which is releasing on December 24, 2021 in Japan, was released. You can check out the new trailer now below!

In other news, anime figure companies have started making figures in celebration of Jujutsu Kaisen 0‘s release, including F:NEX, who released a figure of Yuta and Rika.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Trailer

Dr. Stone Ryusui Special Announced for Summer 2022, Trailer Released, Dr. Stone Season 3 Coming in 2023

At Jump Festa 2022, a new anime special called Dr. Stone Ryusui was announced for Summer 2022 with animation by TMS Entertainment, who are the animation studio behind the Dr. Stone anime. This episode marks the end of Dr. Stone Season 2 and the beginning of Dr. Stone Season 3. A new trailer was also released at the event. You can check out the trailer and visual below!

It was also revealed during Dr. Stone‘s stage event at Jump Festa 2022 that Dr. Stone Season 3 is releasing at a TBD date in 2023.

Dr. Stone Ryusui Visual

Dr. Stone Ryusui Trailer

My Hero Academia Season 6 Releasing in Fall 2022, New PV Released

My Hero Academia Season 6 was confirmed for Fall 2022 along with a new PV release at Jump Festa 2022.

Check out the new PV now below!

My Hero Academia Season 6 Trailer

One Piece Jump Festa 2022

The character designs for the upcoming 2022 film One Piece Film: Red were revealed at Jump Festa 2022.

Platinum End Jump Festa 2022

Platinum End by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba, who are also the creators of Death Note and Bakuman, received an anime adaption in October 2021 with animation by Signal.MD (Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, Mars Red). It was announced at Jump Festa 2021 that Platinum End is going to be 24 episodes long and will adapt the entire manga series.

Since the manga is going to be complete with the release of the 14th volume and the anime is already releasing, not all that much was announced at Jump Festa 2022 about Platinum End. They did, however, reveal that Kuhaku Gokko is performing Part 2’s ending theme.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Jump Festa 2022

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc Releasing in October 2022

An anime adaptation of the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc was confirmed during the Bleach 20th Anniversary. We were hopeful that more details about the upcoming season will be revealed at Jump Festa 2021, but unfortunately no updates about the Bleach anime were revealed at last year’s event. Bleach is one of the main events of the Super Stage EX at Jump Festa 2022, so we are looking forward to getting more details about the upcoming season!

Thanks to the official Jump Festa Twitter account, we do know that this presentation is related to the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc anime and that more details about it are going to be revealed. The voice actors of Ichigo Kurosaki (Masakazu Morita) Rukia Kuchiki (Fumiko Orikasa), and Uryū Ishida (Noriaki Sugiyama), from the original Bleach anime are going to be in attendance.

It’s been a bit of time since any update has been made in regards to the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc, but the wait is finally over thanks to Jump Festa 2022 with the reveal that its releasing in October 2022 as part of the Fall 2022 anime season.

Read up on all we know about the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc so far!

Chainsaw Man Anime Confirmed

Chainsaw Man Anime Coming in 2022, Part 2 of Manga Serializing in Summer 2022

A Chainsaw Man anime was first confirmed back in December 2020 by MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen, Dorohedoro), who are animating the upcoming anime. Chainsaw Man had an event at Jump Festa 2021 last year where it was revealed that there is going to be a second arc for the Chainsaw Man manga that’s going to be a ‘School Arc’. So what’s up next for Denji? He’s going to school.

Chainsaw Man‘s event at Jump Festa 2022 begins on December 18th. At the event, it was confirmed that the Chainsaw Man anime is releasing sometime in 2022. Part 2 of Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto was also confirmed for early Summer 2022. Here are all of the details we know so far about the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime adaptation!

In other anime news, here’s the upcoming anime you have to look forward to in 2022!

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