Who is Anime Collective?

Anime Collective is run by Kristin and Brad, two collectors who are passionate about anime, manga, anime statues and figures.

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Our Story Why We Started Anime Collective

We created Anime Collective to form a community centered around not just anime and manga, but collecting as well. With that said, you can expect everything from anime and manga news to statue and figure announcements on the site. In addition, we try our best to review all of the products that we receive for you guys not only on the website but our YouTube channel as well.

We are fans of everything we write about and want to create a site that celebrates all aspects of the anime and manga industries. Collecting is not as readily written about on major sites, especially when it comes to anime statues, so we wanted to represent it in addition to anime and manga as well!

To all of our viewers and readers, thank you so much for all of your support so far. We are just two collectors who write about what we are passionate about, so it really means a lot to us!

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