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Mato Seihei no Slave Anime Confirmed

Mato Seihei no Slave Anime Confirmed

Takahiro and Youhei Takemura’s manga Mato Seihei no Slave is getting an anime adaptation! Here’s what we know so far.

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Takahiro and Youhei Takemura’s fantasy ecchi manga Mato Seihei no Slave (Chained Soldier) is getting an anime adaptation as confirmed by Shueisha. You may already know Takahiro as the writer of Akame ga Kill!, which was adapted into an anime back in 2014, and Hinowa ga Yuku! and Youhei Takemura as the artist of Nightmare Funk and Yae no Sakura. Later on, it was confirmed that the Mato Seihei no Slave (Chained Soldier) anime is releasing on January 4, 2024 as part of the 2024 anime season.

Chained Soldier is an action and fantasy series with ecchi elements. The story is set in Japan where mysterious entrances to another dimension called Mato start popping up everywhere. This brings about a new resource called “Peaches,” which give special abilities only to women. Powerful monsters called Yomotsu Shuuki also exist within this dimension and they are the cause of many disasters. In response to this, an Anti-demon Corps is formed by the government, which is made up of a chosen and elite group of women that have gained power from the Peaches.

The paths of Yuki Wakura and Kyouka Uzen, the chief of the Seventh Unit of the Anti-demon Corps, cross one day when he finds himself lost in an entrance to Mato. Things take a turn though when Kyouka, who recognizes his potential, asks him to join the Anti-demon Corps by becoming her slave.

Mato Seihei no Slave‘s anime is being produced by Seven Arcs (Blue Period, TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You). The voices of Yuki Wakura and Kyouka Uzen have also been cast and they will be voiced by Yūya Hirose (Yūta Hibiki in SSSS.Gridman) and Akari Kitō (Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Kate in Shadows House).

We will continue to update this post as more information, such as release date, are announced, so stay tuned!

Mato Seihei no Slave Anime

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