When it first released, Solo Leveling by Dubu of Redice Studio and Chugong was only available to read online on manhwa sites like Tappytoon. Later on, Solo Leveling was released with English translation in both a novel and manga format by Yen Press in March 2021, and its been a bestseller since its release. In addition to the paperback release, Yen Press are teaming up with Barnes & Noble to release a Solo Leveling Manga Box Set!

It's one of my favorite manga box sets to be announced as of late. Here are more of my favorite manga box sets to release so far.

The story of Solo Leveling follows Sung Jinwoo, an E-rank Hunter. Even though he’s classified to be the weakest Hunter, he still endangers his life by entering dungeons to earn money for his family. Events occur that leave Jinwoo on the brink of death, but he is saved and given a strange power that allows him to see a secret way to leveling up that only he’s aware of. Jinwoo is actually one of the most overpowered main characters in all of manga and manhwa.

The Solo Leveling Manga Box Set is going to be a Barnes and Noble exclusive release. It comes with Volumes 1-5 of Solo Leveling as well as an exclusive fold-out poster. One side of the box has artwork of Jinwoo on the side, but the artwork and design of the rest of the box has yet to be revealed in the images.

The Solo Leveling Manga Box Set retails for $90 USD, but Barnes and Noble are running a 25% off preorders code, PREORDER25, through April 23, 2022 at 2:59am EST. If you end up missing the sale, I have a manga buying hack for Barnes and Noble's site you can use to save some money on your order. It is expected to release on October 25, 2022, but keep in mind that delays may be possible.

You can shop the Solo Leveling Manga Box Set and check out photos of it in the gallery below!

Solo Leveling manga box set gallery

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