During their panel at Sakura-Con 2023, Yen Press announced a number of exciting new manga and novel titles that they will be printing in the future. Upcoming releases from Ize Press, Yen Press' imprint for manhwa titles, were also revealed during the event.

Yen Press and Ize Press have been acquiring incredible licenses lately, including Oshi no Ko and The Horizon to name a few, and more anticipated releases are on the way from them in the future in addition to the new series they announced at Sakura-Con 2023.

You can check out all of the new series that Yen Press revealed at Sakura-Con below!

Light Novels

  • The Deer King
  • I May Be a Guild Receptionist, But I’ll Solo Any Boss to Clock Out on Time
  • Only I Know the Ghoul Saved the World
  • The Lawyer in Shizuku-ishi Sleeps with a Wolf


  • Unholy Blood
  • Jungle Juice
  • See You in My 19th Life
  • Overgeared
  • Your Letter


Cheerful Amnesia Manga

Cheerful Amnesia

Yen Press is printing Cheerful Amnesia by Oku Tamamushi.

Synopsis: Arisa lost her memories of the past three years, and her girlfriend, Mari, worries that means their love has vanished as well. But when Arisa lays eyes on her, it’s love at first sight all over again.

Stray Cat & Wolf Manga

Stray Cat & Wolf

Yen Press is printing Stray Cat & Wolf by Mitsubachi Miyuki, the creator of one of my favorite sports manga Cheeky Brat.

Synopsis: After her father dies, Tamaki leaves her village to attend high school in the capital. Although she had intended to live alone, when she’s offered a place at a stranger’s apartment after collapsing in the street.

Honey Trap Shared House Manga

Honey Trap Shared House

Yen Press is printing Honey Trap Shared House by Masamune Kuji and Kouichi Kouzuki.

Synopsis: Hayato is one of the world’s greatest spies, never falling for the temptations of enemy agents. After reuniting with his first love Serafi, each realizes the other is a spy. Forced to live together…who will break first?

The Shiunji Family Children

The Shiunji Family Children

Yen Press is printing The Shiunji Family Children by Reiji Miyajima (Rent-A-Girlfriend).

Synopsis: Arata has never had a girlfriend, but he has 5 sisters and a brother. One day, his father reveals that he and his siblings aren’t related by blood! Now all bets are off, and Arata’s future promises to be rather nerve-wracking.

The Deer King Manga

The Deer King

Yen Press is printing The Deer King by Nahoko Uehashi and Taro Sekiguchi. In this story, our MC, Van, fights the Zol Empire to save his homeland, only to be captured and sent to the salt mines. One night, a pack of wild dogs attacks, leaving Van and young Yuna as the sole survivors of the disaster. Where do they go from here?

Monthly in the Garden with My Landlord

Monthly in the Garden with My Landlord

Yen Press is printing Monthly in the Garden with My Landlord by Yodokawa.

Synopsis: Asako moves to a new house to get over her recent breakup. She finds a great little place a bit removed from the city with a lovely garden, but there’s a catch—the house also comes with a live-in landlord!

The Red Thread

The Red Thread

Yen Press is printing The Red Thread by Hibiko Haruyama and Lazysheep.

Synopsis: Though the two have never met before, Dean and Pharm are unable to hide the turmoil that suddenly wells up inside them, feeling unusual recognition. Perhaps the red thread of fate links the pair together from their past lives.

Minato’s Laundromat

Minato’s Laundromat

Yen Press is printing Minato’s Laundromat by Yuzu Tsubaki and Sawa Kanzume. The story follows Akira, who quits his corporate job after inheriting an old laundromat from his grandfather. Instead of the laid-back life he was expecting, his days are spent in a flustered panic when high school hottie Shintaro ambles into his life.

Sasaki and Miyano Official Comic Anthology

Sasaki and Miyano Official Comic Anthology

Yen Press is printing Sasaki and Miyano Official Comic Anthology.

It is a collection of short stories about the characters in the main series. From encounters with cats to bookstore trips and every sweet moment in between, enjoy this anthology exploring Sasaki’s and Miyano’s relationship together—including three original stories by Shou Harusono.

Tokyo Babylon Premium Collection

Tokyo Babylon Premium Collection

Yen Press is releasing a Premium Collection of Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP.

Tokyo Babylon follows Subaru Sumeragi, the thirteenth head of his clan and a powerful onmyouji. With the help of his twin sister, Hokuto, and the veterinarian Seishiro, he solves supernatural troubles in Tokyo and helps whomever he can.

Bocchi the Rock! Manga English Release

Bocchi the Rock!

Yen Press is printing Bocchi the Rock! by Aki Hamaji. Bocchi the Rock! was recently adapted into an anime and it's one of the best anime releases of 2022.

Synopsis: Bocchi takes the stage and she’s brought her best friend—crippling anxiety! After bringing her guitar to school provokes zero interest, Hitori’s ready to shrivel up and die—until Nijika begs her to fill in for her band’s live performance.

These are all of the upcoming titles that Yen Press and Ize Press announced at Sakura-Con! There's a lot to look forward to in the coming months from them. To see all of the new manga that's releasing from Yen Press in 2023, check out the 2023 New Manga Release Schedule!