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Death Note Manga Editions

Best Way to Collect Death Note Manga

I bought every Death Note manga edition, the singles, the box set, the Black Editions, and the All-In-One Edition, to find out which is the best!

Manga Releasing in 2021 from Kodansha Upcoming Manga 2021

All of the Manga Releasing in 2021 from Kodansha

A lot of manga is releasing from Kodansha in 2021, including new titles, like Orient from the creator of Magi and My Summer of You. See what else is coming from Kodansha next year!

Manga Releasing in 2021 from Yen Press

Manga Releasing from Yen Press in 2021

Yen Press will be releasing a lot of manga next year, including the official English print publication and manga of Solo Leveling and Bungo Stray Dogs: Beast!