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Initial D Reprint 2024 - Initial D Omnibuses

Initial D Omnibuses Announced for Spring 2024 Release

It’s finally happening! Initial D is being reprinted in a new 2-in-1 omnibus format.

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After much anticipation, Initial D is finally getting a reprint by Kodansha USA. This time around, in a new 2-in-1 omnibus format. Initial D is complete with 48 volumes, so it is expected that 24 omnibuses will be released. This is the first time that the series will be reprinted in the United States since its initial release by Tokyopop back in 2002. The new omnibuses will feature updated translation and new lettering, in addition to a new as well as updated design.

Initial D is one of the best sports manga of all time and it follows Takumi Fujiwara, an 18-year-old who helps out his father at his tofu shop by making deliveries. Every morning he heads out to Mt. Akina in his Dad’s AE86 to do so. Because of this daily routine, he has gained skills in mountain racing which were further honed day after day while driving to make a delivery at its summit. Takumi’s daily life begins to change though when Mt. Akagi’s Akagi RedSuns come into town to challenge the local team, the Akina SpeedStars.

This isn’t the only news that Initial D has received this year. Initial D‘s sequel MF Ghost is currently being released in Japan and an anime adaptation of MF Ghost is on the way in 2023. You can expect the Initial D omnibuses to begin releasing in the Spring of 2024 with the first omnibus releasing on March 19, 2024.

In addition to Initial D omnibuses, Kodansha also announced omnibuses for A Sign of Affection and Fairy Tail, as well as print releases for Turns Out My Online Friend, is My Real-Life Boss!, Anyway, I’m Falling in Love With You, Medalist, My Noisy Roommate: The Roof Over My Head Comes With Monsters and a Hottie, Kei X Yaku: Bound by Law, Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, The Fragrant Flower Blooms With Dignity, Gazing at the Star Next Door, A-DO, The Blue Wolves of Mibu, and more for Spring 2024.

2024 is looking to be an incredible year for manga releases so far, especially with the addition of the Initial D omnibuses. To see all that you have to look forward to, check out the 2024 New Manga Release Schedule!

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