At Anime NYC 2022, Kodansha dropped some exciting news for us Vinland Saga fans. They’re giving the series a Deluxe Edition treatment with hardcovers. Kodansha has released Deluxe Editions in the past for series like Battle Angel Alita, but they are upping the ante with the Vinland Saga Deluxe Editions. Not only are these new editions bigger, measuring 7 by 10 inches, the same size as releases like the Berserk Deluxe Editions, but they also come with red leather-patterned covers that have Viking runes and logo stamping on them.

The first Deluxe Edition collects Volumes 1-3 of the Japanese version. In addition to getting a premium upgrade, they’re throwing in some extras, like exclusive color art that’s never been seen in English before, as well as some commentary with the creator, Makoto Yukimura, who talks about key story moments. They’ve even tossed in color maps and concept art, giving us a behind-the-scenes peek.

If you are new to Vinland Saga, the story follows Thorfinn, a young kid who grew up on stories of a distant land out west from the legendary Leif Ericson. But life takes a brutal turn when Vikings wipe out his family. He ends up growing up among the very Vikings who caused his pain, and he becomes this fierce warrior on a mission to take down their leader, Askeladd, and avenge his family. Through all the ups and downs, Thorfinn clings to his family’s pride and dreams of discovering a peaceful land out west, the place Leif dubbed Vinland. Vinland Saga is one of the best seinen I’ve ever read, so it goes without saying that I highly recommend it, but now is an especially great time to get into the series with the release of these collector’s edition hardcovers.

Whether are a fan of Vinland Saga and have already collected the series in the original hardcovers released by Kodansha or you’re just now diving into this epic saga, the Deluxe Editions are definitely worth checking out. The Vinland Saga Deluxe Editions are retailing for $54.99 USD, and the first one hits the shelves on December 19, 2023. You can shop the series now at one of the listed retailers and get a look at the first cover below!

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