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Seven Seas Licenses New Manga Yomotsuhegui: Scions of the Underworld with English translation

Seven Seas Licenses Yomotsuhegui: Scions of the Underworld

Seven Seas licenses Yomotsuhegui: Scions of the Underworld from the creator of Green Blood and the artist of Rainbow.

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Seven Seas is releasing Yomotsuhegui: Scions of the Underworld (The Tree of Death Yomotsuhegui) by Masasumi Kakizaki, the creator of Green Blood and the artist of one of my top seinen manga, Rainbow, for the first time with English translation in February 2024. It is going to be released in a single-volume format. The volumes are retailing for USD 14.99 a piece with the first volume expected to release on February 6, 2024.

The story follows Nawa Kanetsugu, who used to be a police officer until his wife and child were murdered and he sought revenge by any means necessary. In a new quest for vengeance, after he’s released from prison, he discovers that a mortal wound won’t kill him.

A confrontation with a mysterious girl shows Nawa that he’s eaten the fruit of Yomotsuhegui, the tree in the realm of the dead, and now he’s an immortal with monstrous powers. The girl is a god of death who wants his help to fight other dangerous immortals, since there may still be a seed of justice in his heart. Will Nawa find his humanity again in saving others from supernatural evil, or will these ghastly powers turn him into a monster?

If you are a fan of cosmic horror, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this one. The artwork is incredible in this series as expected for Masasumi Kakizaki and it is one of the most exciting new supernatural manga to release as of late.

In addition to Yomotsuhegui: Scions of the Underworld, Seven Seas also announced that they are releasing Obey Me! The Comic by Subaru Nitou and NTT Solmare, Reincarnated Into a Game as the Hero’s Friend: Running the Kingdom Behind the Scenes by Yuki Suzuki, Sanshouuo, and Rampei Ashio, My Dog is a Death God by Mikito Chinen and Ritsu Aozaki, Black Night Parade by Hikaru Nakamura (Saint Young Men and Arakawa Under the Bridge), and My Pancreas Broke, But My Life Got Better by Nagata Kabi.

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