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Gannibal Kickstarter

Kickstarter Launched for Hardcover Editions of Gannibal

A new Kickstarter for Gannibal was launched featuring new hardcover editions and box sets of the highly-anticipated horror series.

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Gannibal by Masaaki Ninomiya is a hidden horror treasure and it’s finally going to be available in English thanks to Ablaze Manga. The story is about a protagonist, who relocates to a seemingly quaint mountain village, only to find it cloaked in dark rumors of cannibalism. It all sounds like a twisted joke until a local officer goes missing. Just like in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Goto family in Gannibal evokes a sense of dread, looming over the village, acknowledged yet the town doesn’t pry into their lives. It’s an utterly gripping and unsettling read that had me on edge throughout and it’s one that I hope more and more people will check out because it’s an incredible read.

Previously to writing this post, it was announced that Ablaze would be releasing the series, and the first volume has since gone up for preorder at manga retailers, but they just launched a new Kickstarter that features new hardcover manga editions, box sets, and more of the series.

You can order either just the first hardcover, a bundle of the first six hardcovers, or you can complete the series either through a 1-13 hardcover bundle or the Hardcover Box Set that is releasing as well. There are different variations of the box set that you can buy.

There is the standard box set, which comes with the regular hardcovers, or there is a Gold and Platinum Box Set. The Gold Box Set comes with gold foil hardcovers, a signed & numbered bookplate with an original sketch by Masaaki Ninomiya, and an exclusive box, while the Platinum Box Set comes with platinum foil covers, a right to dedicate the series, which will appear on the front page, a signed & numbered bookplate with an original sketch by Masaaki Ninomiya, and a special box. Most purchases also include two rewards: Your name will be printed on a special Thank You page in the back of the book and a social media call out.

In addition to physical editions, you can shop digital bundles on their Kickstarter page as well. For a limited time, select bundles of Gannibal are 20% off. You can shop the Gannibal Kickstarter and check out images of the bundles that are available below! You can also shop the standard editions at one of the manga retailers listed below.

Gannibal Kickstarter Tiers

Where to Shop

If you are interested in learning more about Gannibal, read up on why it’s one of the best new horror manga you don’t want to miss.

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