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Mashle Anime Bluray Season 1 Box Set Aniplex of America

Mashle Anime Gets Aniplex Box Set Release

Aniplex of America is releasing a Blu-ray box set of Mashle Season 1 that comes with an original soundtrack CD and more.

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Aniplex of America is releasing a Blu-ray box set of Mashle Season 1, featuring Mash Burnedead doing what he does best—lifting weights, second only to eating cream puffs. The box includes a Blu-ray folio case with artwork of Dot Barrett, Mash (this time enjoying a cream puff), Finn Ames, and Lance Crown.

This set features a special booklet, an original soundtrack CD, four mini character stickers of Mash, Dot, Finn, and Lance, and an exclusive coaster that features the main characters, available only with the US Blu-ray release. It contains all 12 episodes of the first season presented in a 16:9 aspect ratio, distributed across four discs, with options for both English and Japanese audio, and includes English subtitles.

Mashle Anime Bluray Box Set Aniplex of America
Mashle Anime Season 1 Bluray Box Set from Aniplex of America

If you are new to Mashle: Magic and Muscles, it’s set in a world where magic is everything. Here, everyone can wield magic, and their proficiency with it defines their social rank. In a secluded forest, removed from societal norms, lives Mash. Through relentless physical training, he has sculpted himself into a paragon of fitness.

When his existence is inevitably noticed, Mash has no choice but to join a magic school. There, he must outsmart his peers while keeping his biggest secret—he has no magical powers. Mash’s deepest wish is to live quietly in the forest with his father. But, the only path to acceptance in this magical society is by becoming a Divine Visionary, a role reserved for outstanding students seen as the chosen ones. With no magic in his arsenal, Mash is determined to clinch the top spot through sheer physical prowess.

You can watch Mashle: Magic and Muscles now on Crunchyroll if you’d like to check it out, but you can also collect it via the Mashle: Magic and Muscles Blu-ray set that’s releasing from Aniplex of America on June 11. Aniplex box sets are usually exclusive releases on Crunchyroll. You can shop it now at the link below!

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