Netflix have announced a new original anime movie called Bubble and the team behind it is stacked. The animation is being done by one of my favorite studios, WIT Studio, who have worked on anime like Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, Great Pretender, and Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, a recent standout from the 2021 anime season.

The story is written by Gen Urobuchi (Psycho-Pass, Fate/Zero) and the character designs are done by Takeshi Obata, the illustrator of Death Note, Bakuman, All You Need Is Kill, Hikaru no Go, Platinum End, and more. And the music in the series is done by Hiroyuki Sawano, who also did the music for anime like Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn to name a few.

Out of all the anime that have been revealed for 2022 so far, the Bubble anime movie has the most impressive group of individuals coming together to create one anime. And the cast so far is incredible as well with voice actors Jun Shison, Mamoru Miyano (Osamu Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs), Yuki Kaji (Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia), and Tasuku Hatanaka (Reki Kyan from SK8 the Infinity) confirmed for the film.

Here are all of the other details, including release date and synopsis, we know about the Bubble anime movie that's coming to Netflix so far!

What is Bubble about?

As far as the synopsis goes, Bubble is set in Tokyo, after bubbles that broke the laws of gravity rained down upon the world. Cut off from the outside world, Tokyo has become a playground for a group of young people who have lost their families, acting as a battlefield for parkour team battles as they leap from building to building.

Hibiki, a young ace known for his dangerous play style, makes a reckless move one day and plummets into the gravity-bending sea. His life is saved by Uta, a girl with mysterious powers. The pair then hear a unique sound audible only to them. Why did Uta appear before Hibiki? Their encounter leads to a revelation that will change the world.

Netflix Bubble Anime Movie Release Date

The Bubble anime film is releasing on April 28, 2022 and it is a Netflix exclusive.

From what I can tell so far, the animation in Bubble looks absolutely beautiful. The team and staff behind the movie is incredible and it has a unique and intriguing premise, so I can't wait for its release in April.

You can check out the visual and trailer for Netflix's upcoming Bubble anime movie now below!

Netflix Bubble Anime Movie Visual

Netflix Bubble Anime Movie Visual

Netflix Bubble Anime Movie Trailer

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