Prime 1 Studio revealed three new anime statues at their Next Level Showcase 3 from Dorohedoro, Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, and Guyver! In addition to these upcoming statues, they also announced a new PVC figure line called Prisma Wing, which will include figures from series like Fairy Tail, Shaman King, The Seven Deadly Sins, Sword Art Online, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Shadows House, Fate/Grand Order and more.

At their last Next Level Showcase, Prime 1 Studio revealed statues from Fist of the North Star, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Evangelion in addition to a new license for Attack on Titan.

Check out screenshots of and find out more details about Prime 1 Studio's upcoming anime statue and figure projects below! We will continue to update this post as more details and official photos are revealed.

Prime 1 Studio Dorohedoro Caiman and Nikaido Statue

Scale: 1/4

Dimensions: H66 x W60 x D45cm

Prime 1 Studio announced a 1/4 scale Dorohedoro statue of Caiman and Nikaido. There is going to be a Standard and Deluxe Version of this statue. The difference being that the DX Version comes with extra head sculpts that show Nikaido and Caiman in their masks as well as swappable arms that show them holding their weapons. The DX Version also comes with a second display option forThe Gyoza Fairy.

I love the DX Version in particular because it allows you to switch up the scene. There's a more light-hearted option, which shows the two enjoying some gyoza together, and then there's a more badass option that shows them with their weapons in hand and masks on. This statue really highlights their relationship and the head sculpts look spot on from what I've seen in the showcase.

When it comes to statues of Dorohedoro, studios are just now starting to make them. But in comparison to those that have been announced, I prefer Prime 1 Studio's quite a bit over Figurama's statue of Caiman and Nikaido. The sculpting, paintwork, and likeness is more accurate on Prime 1 Studio's statue and they captured Dorohedoro's style and charm better in my opinion.

This statue also comes with two portraits for Caiman, one that shows him with his eyes closed and a smiling expression, like he does when he eats Nikaido's gyoza, and another with his mouth open and a joyful expression. A number of easter eggs adorn the base too, including Nikaido's restaurant the Hungry Bug.

The Gyoza Fairy is present also and he adds even more to love about this statue. There are two display options forThe Gyoza Fairy, one that shows him trying to reach a gyoza that Nikaido dropped and another that shows him standing front and center in a powerful yet funny pose. The second is a DX exclusive.

Prime 1 Studio's Dorohedoro Caiman and Nikaido statue is up for preorder now on their site. The Standard Version is retailing for $1,699 USD and the Deluxe Version is retailing for $1,899 USD. Both are estimated to arrive sometime in February 2023-May 2023.

Where to BuyPrime 1 Studio Dorohedoro Caiman and Nikaido Statue

Prime 1 Studio Dorohedoro Caiman and Nikaido Statue Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Prime 1 Studio.

Prime 1 StudioGhost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Motoko Kusanagi Statue

Scale: 1/4

Dimensions: H50 x W47 x D53cm

Another exciting reveal was Prime 1 Studio's upcomingGhost in the Shell: SAC_2045 statue of Motoko Kusanagi, which is the first they are releasing from the series. This statue is based on an original design byGhost in the Shell: SAC_2045's Character Designer Ilya Kuvshinov and it shows her standing on Tachikoma.

This statue comes with two portraits forMotoko Kusanagi, one that shows her in her standard appearance and another that shows her wearing her Ghost Dive Gear, as well as a swappable left arm that shows her holding her pistol.Tachikoma comes with swappable parts as well. It has since been confirmed that the Motoko Kusanagi portrait with the visor is a Bonus Version exclusive.

The Motoko Kusanagi & Tachikoma Bonus Version statue is up for preorder now on Prime 1 Studio's site for $1,599 USD and it is expected to ship out sometime in February 2023-May 2023.

Where to BuyPrime 1 StudioGhost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Motoko Kusanagi Statue

Prime 1 StudioGhost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Motoko Kusanagi Statue Gallery

Prime 1 StudioGuyver II-F Statue

Prime 1 Studio also revealed a new Guyver statue of Guyver II-F. They only released a teaser video, but they let us know that the statue is coming soon. They've released other statues from the series in the past that were in 1/4 scale, so I'm speculating this one will be as well.

As more details are revealed and preorder links go live, we will add them to this post.

Prime 1 StudioGuyver II-F Statue Gallery

You can shop Prime 1 Studio's statues on their site or on Comic Concepts! During the showcase, Prime 1 Studio also let us know that we can expect another showcase at the beginning of 2022.