At the first ever Figurama Festival, Figurama revealed new prototypes from series Dororo, Dorohedoro, and Blame!, made three new license announcements, and debuted two new statue lines, Elito Solo and FigumiZ.

Check out everything that was showcased and announced at Figurama Festival 2021 below. I also recapped and gave my thoughts on all that was revealed at Figurama Festival on our YouTube channel, so you can check that out at the end of this post if you'd prefer to do so!

Figurama Blame! Killy Elite Solo Statue

Scale: 1/6

At Figurama Festival, Figurama revealed the painted prototype of their upcoming 1/6 scale statue of Killy from Blame!, which is going to be the first to release from their new Elite Solo line that shines a spotlight on individual characters.

The statue shows Killy blasting a hole through a metal structure with his Gravitational Beam Emitter and the head of an Exterminator. It comes with two different head portraits (one that is inspired by his appearance in the manga and another that features his look in the anime), a bust stand, interchangeable left and right arms that allow you to display him firing or recoiling from the GBE blast or pulling out his Superstructure Blade, LED effects, and an art print.

The concept artist of this statue is Jarold Sng, who also worked on their Ichigo vs Ulquiorra statue. The 3D artist is Franco Carlesimo, and I believe this is his first time working with Figurama, but he has previously worked with other studios, like Iron Kite Studio. The painting of this statue is done by Three Eyes Studio, who've painted many Figurama pieces, including their Tokyo Ghoul statues.

Figurama Dorohedoro Elite FigumiZ Statue

Figurama also revealed the unpainted prototype of their Dorohedoro statue of Caiman and Nikaido, which is going to be the first to release from their new Elite FigumiZ series. This series is going to consist of smaller footprint statues that come in ⅙ scale and below.

When more details are revealed about this statue, we will update this post! You can check out the greyscale prototype images of Figurama's Dorohedoro FigumiZ statue below!

Figurama Dororo Hyakkimaru & Dororo Statue

When Figurama announced that they obtained a license for Dororo last year, I was thrilled. Then they gave us the first look of the unpainted prototype at Figurama Festival, and we found out that this statue not only has Hyakkimaru on it, but Dororo as well; In addition, it showcases the battle at Fort Banmon's cursed wall against the Kyubi.

In the images, you can also see that Hyakkimaru has various arm and weapon swapouts. As of now, this is all we know about Figurama's upcoming Dororo statue, but we will keep you posted as more details are released. Until then, you can check out the greyscale prototype images of Figurama's Hyakkimaru & Dororo statue below!

Figurama The Seven Deadly Sins Ban vs King Statue

We've already seen prototype images of Figurama's 1/6 scale Ban vs King statue, but they further showcased it at the event and posted more pictures on their Facebook page. For more details on this statue, check out this post here!

Figurama Claymore Teresa vs. Priscilla Statue

Figurama also revealed the price and details of their 1/6 scale Claymore Teresa vs. Priscilla Statue. It is going to be sold on Figurama's site for $1225 and is limited to 800 pieces with an expected release date of Q1 2022.

Figurama’s Teresa vs. Priscilla statue will be available for preorder February 27th, 2021 at 11pm JST!

New Licenses for Black Lagoon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Shaman King

In addition to the above statue updates and prototype reveals, Figurama announced three new licenses for Black Lagoon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Shaman King, so you can expect statues from each of these series in the future!

This is all that was announced at Figurama Festival 2021. As updates are given and more details are released, we will keep you posted!