When I first started collecting anime statues, I was quite overwhelmed and lost on where to begin. Unlike collecting anime scale figures, collecting resin statues are not as straight forward. Not only was I concerned that what I was ordering was authentic, but were all these sites legit and did they offer good customer service? Some offer better prices than others and shipping prices vary from place to place, but the one thing I always look for is whether or not they have good customer service.

Before I'll purchase from a site, I'll shoot them an email with a general question that's usually about shipping or a certain statue, and I'll see how long it takes for them to get back with me. And while this doesn't necessarily show you how good they will be fixing an actual issue, it does show you how responsive they are. Unfortunately, you really won't know how great a site is until you receive your statue in terms of shipping and handling breaks/missing or wrong pieces, but you can definitely listen to the experience of others whether that be on Facebook groups or on posts like this one.

I'll also mention that there are two types of anime statue studios: Licensed and unlicensed. I purchase both, even though I don't condone what unlicensed studios are doing. Of course, it's always best to buy from a licensed studio, because it supports the industry and the series. But I've been known to look past this when an unlicensed studio releases a completely original piece. With that said, the places I recommend you buy unlicensed statues from are not the same places I recommend you buy licensed statues from. In this post, I'll recommend different places you can buy each.

Many statues later and I've purchased from most of the sites that sell anime statues. While I've had some issues buying from certain sites, which I'll get into below, I've had a positive experience buying and getting statues from a select few. Read more about the sites I recommend buying anime statues from and a few I recommend being wary of below!


I discovered FavorGK a little while back when looking for recommendations on YouTube, and they have since been one of my go-to's for buying anime statues. They are the main place I preorder and purchase my unlicensed anime statues from; However, if you are looking to purchase a licensed statue, I have other recommendations, especially if you live in the US, which I'll get into below. For those of you looking to buy unlicensed anime statues though, out of all of the sites on this list, FavorGK is the one I recommend most.

Personally, I have yet to have a negative experience with FavorGK, and unlike some of the other sites I've purchased from in the past, they have great communication and quick response times.

As far as customer service goes, they are one of the best I've come across and it is mainly for this reason that I continue to purchase from them. Other sites may have cheaper shipping options at times, but I feel more confident and secure in purchasing from them with their customer service. Aside from that, they have a wide variety of anime statues to choose from, and this only makes shopping from them that much more enjoyable.

One thing to be aware of is is that I've found it's always better to buy statues when they are on preorder, because when they go in stock, FavorGK does boost the price a bit. This is just something to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing a statue from them. Also, FavorGK runs early bird discounts for a limited time on statues when they go up for preorder, which definitely helps level out their overall cost in comparison to other sites.

As it currently stands, when it comes to buying unlicensed anime statues, FavorGK is one of the sites that I feel comfortable in recommending; However, there are others that I recommend for licensed anime statues, such as Comic Concepts, Sideshow Collectibles, and Spec Fiction, which I'll talk more about below.

Is FavorGK legit?

I'm calling this out because this is a question I get asked a lot. There's always a concern as to whether or not sites like FavorGK are legit. I've personally preordered and received statues from them and they are authentic, and as a site, they are are reputable.

To clear any worries you may have, all of the sites I mention on this post are legit and the anime statues they sell are authentic and are from the studios you are looking to purchase from. I can only attest to the anime statues though, so I can't attest to the legitimacy of the other items, such as figures, art, clothing, etc. that may be sold on these sites.

Figure Ace

Since the time of writing this post, Figure Ace has changed the way they do preorders. They now have this process where you purchase a "postcard." I used to like buying from them, but this policy has since made purchasing from them confusing and I'm wary of getting statues through them. If you don't purchase the postcard, they dictate and raise the price once an item is in-stock based on demand and market prices. I personally find this policy to be iffy and have since moved to buying from other sites unless they are the only place with a statue left in stock.

With that said though, while I don't like this policy and it concerns me, I've always received my products on time from them and they have always responded quickly to my messages. I've also had a statue come broken from them before and they responded well and quickly to this issue.

Before the policy change, these were my previous thoughts on Figure Ace: Figure Ace is another site to buy anime statues from, and like Favor GK, they have good responses and quick response times when you reach out to their customer service. I can't stress how important it is that you buy from a site with good customer service, because many of the sites that sell anime statues fail in this area.

I wouldn't buy anime figures from them since I buy those from places like Crunchyroll or RightStuf instead. But I do buy unlicensed statues from them from studios like Clouds Studio and Surge Studio. I personally, like I mentioned above with FavorGK, only buy unlicensed statues from them. Since I live in the US, it is much cheaper for me to buy licensed statues from other sites, like Comic Concepts or Spec Fiction.

Games Animation Collectibles

Update: Since the time of writing this post, Games Animation Collectibles have had some issues with their system. Usually I don't have issues with them, but something is wrong with their site. They are getting people's addresses and information jumbled.

Recently, we not only received someone else's statues, but when verifying our shipping address, they had someone else's information entirely. With that said, if you've made a purchase with them, they will send you an email to verify the shipping address before they ship your statue(s), so make sure you double-check they have the correct information since they are having these errors. They are still one of the sites I like buying from though and they have fast shipping in comparison to other sites I've bought from.

One of the few sites that I buy unlicensed anime statues from is Games Animation Collectibles. From what I've seen in groups, they are also one of the sites that I see recommended the most in addition to FavorGK.

They good great customer service and response times in comparison to others I've purchased from before. Games Animation Collectibles also has a great variety of statues to shop from and their site is one of the easiest to navigate.

Comic Concepts

Comic Concepts is a site that only sells licensed pieces and they have anime statues available for preorder or purchase, such as Jimei Palace's Enel The God Of Thunder as well as some from Tsume and Prime 1 Studio. Right now, they only have a select few anime statues available on their site, but this is something that may be expanding in the future. When it comes to licensed statues, they have some of the lowest prices even with shipping, especially for Prime 1 Studio, I've seen and they have good customer service as well.

If you are someone who likes to only buy licensed pieces or someone who is still unsure about buying from one of the above sites, Comic Concepts and Speculative Fiction Collectibles, which is mentioned below, are two sites I highly recommend.

Spec Fiction

Spec Fiction is another site that only sells licensed statues. They have a great selection to shop from from studios like Figurama, Tsume, Iron Kite Studio, Jimei Palace, and more. At the time of writing this post, their selection is the largest out of all the sites that sell licensed anime statues, so this is a benefit to buying from them.

Their shipping rates tend to be great in comparison to other sites, especially when shipping to the US or Canada, and in some occasions it's even cheaper to buy from them instead of the licensed studio themselves.

You can use our code ANIMECOLLECTIVE for $10 off your order at Spec Fiction!

Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles are known for selling high-end collectibles like Hot Toys, but they also sell some anime statues and figures as well.

They have a few anime statues for sale from Prime 1 Studio from series like GANTZ:O available for purchase, but as of now, they have the smallest anime statue selection available out of all the places on this list. But they have a wide variety of anime figures to shop from, including some 1/6 scale figures by Threezero of Alphonse Elric & Edward Elric, Guts (Berserker Armor) and more.

Sideshow Collectibles is always a place to keep in mind for licensed anime figures and statues and they also have great payment plans you can look into as well.

Directly from the licensed studio

The final place I recommend buying anime statues from is of course from the licensed studio themselves. Licensed studios, like Figurama Collectors, Tsume, Oniri Creations, and Prime 1 Studio, who just recently announced an upcoming My Hero Academia statue, have online stores to buy from.

One thing to look out for is that shipping from these places can sometimes be more expensive depending on your region than if you were to buy them from sites like Comic Concepts, Speculative Fiction Collectibles, or Sideshow Collectibles, so this is always something to check on before you purchase from the studio directly.

Another benefit to buying from the studio themselves is that they run great payment plans. Other sites I've mentioned above give you the option to pay a deposit at first and then you pay the remaining balance on the statue when it ships. But when you buy directly from some studio's sites, like Figurama Collectors, you have the option to do payment plans where you pay a fixed payment on the statue each month until its paid in full. This is definitely a benefit to buying from them directly.

As always, the main benefit is that you don't have to deal with a middle man but instead are buying directly from the source, which in most cases, helps with customer service and they are usually more responsive and helpful in the event that something were to come wrong or broken; In addition, it's possible that you will get your statue sooner than you would buying it from a third-party site.

Sites to be wary of

There a couple that I would urge you to be very wary of, Anime Collect and Fanatic Anime Store. These are two I personally don't recommend. I had negative experiences on multiple occasions with both sites, and from what I've seen on Facebook groups, this is a trend and common issue with these two in particular.

Is Fanatic Anime Store legit? Yes, but they have poor customer service with extremely lengthy response times, and if something breaks or goes wrong during shipment, don't hold your breathe getting a response for months if any at all. I never expect anything from a site unless they say or promise that they are going to do something and Fanatic Anime Store unfortunately make promises they don't keep. They'll respond to your questions about purchasing statues but when it comes to actual issues regarding orders you've received, they have been known to ignore those.

I wouldn't recommend buying from these two. Fanatic Anime Store may be okay if you absolutely have to buy from them. But if you are buying an expensive, large statue, I would recommend looking into buying from one of the other sites above, because it's not worth the headache or risk dealing with Fanatic Anime Store's customer service. I am happy with their pricing and their selections, but there's much they need to improve on before I consider buying from them again.

In regards to Anime Collect though, I would never buy from them because there have been a lot of red flags about this site.

Final thoughts

Personal experiences can obviously vary, but as of now, these are places that I've had the best experience buying anime statues from.

For unlicensed anime statues, I recommend FavorGK and Games Animation Collectibles. For licensed anime statues, I recommend Comic Concepts, Spec Fiction, and Sideshow Collectibles, but I also recommend buying directly from studios like Figurama Collectors, Tsume, etc., as well.

If you are looking for more information on unlicensed statues, check out our guide to buying unlicensed anime statues! Looking to buy anime figures in addition to anime statues? Check out our guide to buying anime figures in the US.

Also, if you are interested in anime statue unboxings and reviews, check out all that's on the way to our YouTube channel below!

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