Bandai have released HG, RG, and MG kits of the Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility and now they are releasing a PG 1/60 kit of the mobile suit that they are adding to their 2022 Gunpla lineup. We first saw the Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility appear in the game Gundam Try Age and later on again in the movie short, Mobile Suit Gundam UC Perfectibility.

2021 was a big year for the Gundam franchise with the announcement of a collaboration with Nike and more, but this kit alone has us excited for what’s to come from Bandai next year.

The PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility is expected to release sometime in the beginning of 2022 and the kit comes with the following accessories and weapons: Armed Armor HJ (Hyperbeam-Javelin), Armed Armor BS, Armed Armor VN, Armed Armor XC (Xeno-Connect), Armed Armor DE (Defense-Extension), Beam Magnum, Beam Saber, and a display stand. The Psycho-Frame is cast in a clear blue color, so it illuminates when you outfit the kit with the LED set that is sold separately.

In addition to the PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility, Premium Bandai revealed a Divine Expansion Set that is also expected to arrive sometime in the beginning of 2022. It comes with 2 Beam Gatling Guns, a Hyper Bazooka, a grenade launcher, a Beam Magnum, 2 large thrusters, a set of back connection joints, a set of armed connection joints, and water slide decals.

Where To Buy the PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility

You can check out photos of the upcoming PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility kit below!

PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility

All images in this post are credited to Premium Bandai.

PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility Divine Expansion Set

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