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10 Most Valuable Cards in Pokémon 151

10 Most Valuable Cards in Pokémon 151

Pokémon 151 is blend of the classics we grew up with and the best of modern TCG. Here’s a list of its most valuable cards to keep an eye on.

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Out of all the Pokémon sets announced in 2023, Pokémon 151 is my favorite. It brings me back to my childhood, highlighting the original 151 Pokémon, from Bulbasaur all the way to Mew. The nostalgia is a big appeal to this set, but I feel like the Pokémon company really thought all of the details through. The fact that the cards are numbered to mirror the Pokémon’s actual Pokédex numbers is a thoughtful touch and the artwork is beautiful.

When I was a kid, I collected the original Pokémon cards, and seeing these familiar faces in a new set has been incredible. The chance to get ex and Art Rare cards of these classic Pokémon is an added bonus. For many, including myself, Pokémon 151 is a celebration of the past we cherish and the best of the modern Pokémon TCG world.

Pokémon 151 hit the shelves on September 22, 2023. With its exclusive set of the original 151 Pokemon cards, including Mew and Mewtwo, it quickly gained a lot of attention. The set also reintroduced the classic holographic design, giving a nostalgic touch to many of the cards. Since its launch, certain cards from this set have seen a notable increase in value, which comes as no surprise given not only their playability but the beauty of their artwork and the fact that they are nostalgic as well.

If you are looking to open packs of Pokémon 151, there are a variety of options. You can go for the Elite Trainer Box, the Ultimate Premium Collection, the Booster Display Box, the Booster Bundle (6 packs), the individual Booster Packs, and more that have been released. And if you’re unsure of the best place to buy Pokemon cards, check out our detailed guide!

That all said, here are the most expensive Pokemon 151 cards you can collect!

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Erika's Invitation Special Illustration

10. Erika’s Invitation Special Illustration Rare 203/165

I’m always impressed by cards that bring characters to life, and the Erika’s Invitation Special Illustration Rare does just that. She’s in a colorful, detailed room and her gentle smile makes the scene come even further to life. It’s easily one of the best-looking trainer cards in Pokémon 151, so I can see why it’s the most expensive trainer card in the set.

Gameplay-wise, I like how it lets you peek at your opponent’s hand and then strategically move a Basic Pokémon from there onto their Bench. For about $22 USD, it’s a card that is chocked-full of beautiful detail, but it’s functional as well.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Bulbasaur Illustration Rare 166/165

9. Bulbasaur Illustration Rare 166/165

The Bulbasaur Illustration Rare card from Pokémon 151 is truly something special. Seeing Bulbasaur, with its wide, beaming smile, nestled in a dense forest setting, fills me with joy. It’s as if Bulbasaur has found its perfect spot in the world, surrounded by lush greenery, and you can’t help but share in its happiness when you look at this card.

What I love about most about this card, though, is how it tells a story, much like the Squirtle card that’s also featured on this list does. It showcases Bulbasaur radiating with happiness in its natural habitat, and for this reason alone, it’s one of the most valuable in the set at $23 USD.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Squirtle Illustration Rare 170/165

8. Squirtle Illustration Rare 170/165

Who wouldn’t want a card featuring Squirtle having the time of its life on a beach? In all honesty, I didn’t realize how much I needed this card in my life until I saw it. But once I did, I had to have it. There’s something about this artwork of Squirtle, with that big, joyful smile on its face, playing in the waves that’s just irresistibly adorable. It’s a refreshing change to see a Pokémon simply enjoying itself, carefree and happy on a Pokémon card.

Story-wise, this card hits all the right notes. It’s not just a great Squirtle card; it’s a snapshot of a joyful moment and a little escape into a world where Pokémon play on sunny beaches. It’s priced at $24 USD, making it one of the more affordable cards on this list. It’s definitely well-worth the price once you see this card in person. It’s a little ray of sunshine and a reminder of the simpler joys in life. For this reason alone, it’s definitely one of the cards in Pokémon 151 you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Charmander Special Illustration

7. Charmander Illustration Rare 168/165

I’ve always had a soft spot for Charmander, and the Illustration Rare of Charmander from the Pokémon 151 series absolutely captures my heart. It’s part of the Charizard evolution story, but it shines on its own thanks to its beauty and charm. The artwork, with Charmander nestled in an Antelope Canyon-like setting, bathed in sunlight, is both adorable and majestic. It’s one of those cards that you can’t help but marvel at, because it’s a work of art.

What really gets me every time I look at this card is the way the light plays with the artwork. The beams of sunlight in the design aren’t just there for show; they actually come to life in different lighting, giving the card a dynamic look that’s mesmerizing. Seeing it in person, with the light dancing across the surface, really brings this card to life.

It’s easy to see why this is one of the most valuable cards in Pokémon 151. Not only does the trio of cards of Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard, look great on display in a binder together with their similar stories and style, but they are beautiful when they are displayed on their own.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Alakazam ex Special Illustration

6. Alakazam ex Special Illustration Rare 201/165

The Alakazam ex Special Illustration Rare card from the Pokémon 151 set holds a special place for me, and it’s easy to see why. It’s our first full-art glimpse of Alakazam, and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better. This card showcases Alakazam in an alchemist’s workshop, surrounded by a mix of antiques, potions, crystals, and books. It’s like stepping into a mystical world with Alakazam, serene and wise, front and center, performing telepathy with its iconic spoons. This card tells a beautiful story, and it’s because of this, that it’s one of the best cards of Alakazam to release to date.

In terms of gameplay, this card has two attacks. “Mind Jack” starts at 90 damage and gains an extra 30 for each of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon. The second attack, “Dimensional Hand,” delivers a solid 120 damage and can be unleashed even if Alakazam is on the Bench. Priced around $33, it’s one that is well-worth picking up, whether you are looking to collect it for its beautiful storytelling and art or you are looking to add it to your deck.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Charizard ex Ultra Rare

5. Charizard ex Ultra Rare 183/165

The Charizard ex Ultra Rare card really nails it with its design. This card features Charizard, looking as mighty as ever, striking a powerful pose. The swirling red background is a nice choice, because it makes it seem as if Charizard is about to pop out of the card. It’s simple compared to the Special Illustration Rare, but I like that that this one highlights Charizard in a classic pose.

The card features two attacks: “Brave Wing,” which deals 60 damage, plus an extra 100 if Charizard there are any damage counters, and “Explosive Vortex,” a powerful move causing 330 damage but requiring the discard of three Energy from Charizard. If you are looking to play with this card, but don’t want to pay the price for the Special Illustration, this is a great way to go. Right now, it’s currently selling for around $36 USD on aftermarket sites, so it’s the fifth most valuable on this list.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Zapdos ex

4. Zapdos ex Special Illustration Rare 202/165

I’ve always thought that Zapdos is one of the coolest Pokémon, so to see a Special Illustration Rare highlighting Zapdos, and one that looks this good, make it in a set was a much-welcomed surprise. The card shows Zapdos flying high with Moltres and Articuno, set against a backdrop of peaceful, cloud-engulfed mountains. It’s this blend of dynamic action and serene scenery that makes the card visually appealing and unique.

On the gameplay side, Zapdos brings the thunder, quite literally. Its ability, “Voltaic Float,” is helpful—if Zapdos is charged up with any Lightning Energy, it can zip away without any retreat cost. And the attack, “Multishot Lightning,” is just as cool, dishing out 120 damage and throwing in an extra 90 damage to one of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon already hurting from earlier hits. This one-two punch, without worrying about Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon, makes it a move you really want to land.

You can grab this card for around $39 online, and trust me, it’s worth it, especially once you see it in all its glory in person.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Venusaur ex

3. Venusaur ex Special Illustration Rare 198/165

The Venusaur ex Special Illustration Rare card secures its place as the third most valuable card in the Pokémon 151 set, thanks to its enchanting artwork and potent gameplay abilities. It showcases Venusaur chilling in a dense forest, surrounded by a mix of dark, lush greens and vibrant flowers. It’s one of those cards that’s even more stunning when you see it up close.

On the gameplay side of things, this card is just as good as it looks. Venusaur’s ability, “Tranquil Flower,” is like a soothing balm in the heat of battle—it lets you heal 60 damage from one of your Pokémon whenever Venusaur’s out front and center. And then there’s the attack, “Dangerous Toxwhip,” which packs a punch with 150 damage and leaves your opponent’s Active Pokémon both Confused and Poisoned.

Priced at around $41 on aftermarket sites, this card is one of the most sought-after not just because of its stunning artwork but also because of its balanced blend of healing and offensive capabilities.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Blastoise ex Special Illustration

2. Blastoise ex Special Illustration Rare 200/165

The Blastoise ex Special Illustration card shows a captivating new side to Blastoise, who’s the fan-favorite and powerful Water-type starter Pokémon. The artwork strikingly portrays Blastoise gracefully gliding underwater, but its intense gaze says its still ready for combat. The serene aquatic backdrop contrasts with the palpable sense of power and readiness for battle, which is hinted at by Blastoise’s poised yet ready-for-anything stance. This artwork not only highlights Blastoise’s elegance in its natural habitat but also its powerful presence.

As far as gameplay goes, the card is equipped with one ability and one attack. The ability, “Solid Shell,” provides a defensive edge, reducing incoming damage by 30 (after accounting for Weakness and Resistance). The attack, “Twin Cannons,” is a powerful offensive move requiring the discard of up to two Basic Water Energy cards from your hand, dealing 140 damage for each discarded card.

Currently, the Blastoise ex Special Illustration card is available on the market for around $42 USD, which makes it the second most valuable card in Pokémon 151 that you can collect.

Most Valuable Pokemon 151 Cards - Charizard ex Special Illustration

1. Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare 199/165

Charizard is a popular and iconic Pokémon, so its no surprise that the Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare card from Pokémon 151 is the crown jewel in the set. This card is beautiful with its visually striking artwork, which showcases Charizard in a dynamic mid-flight pose above a dramatically rendered landscape. Due to it being one of the best-looking as well as most sought-after cards in Pokémon 151, the Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare card is the most valuable you can collect right now, selling on aftermarket sites, like TCGPlayer, for approximately $116 USD.

The contrasting hues of purple and red add depth to the scene, with a smoldering volcano in the background that seems to symbolize Charizard’s fiery nature. This artwork not only captures Charizard’s majestic essence but also stands out as one of the most artistically impressive imaginings of the Pokémon to date.

The Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare card features two attacks: “Brave Wing,” which deals 60 damage, plus an extra 100 if Charizard there are any damage counters, and “Explosive Vortex,” a powerful move causing 330 damage but requiring the discard of three Energy from Charizard.

You can shop the Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare 199/165 now below at one of the trusted Pokémon retailers!

As of now, these are the most expensive cards in Pokemon 151 that you can collect. If there are any updates in terms of price or noteworthy fluctuations, I will be sure to update this post. I will do my best to continue to report the most accurate fair market value prices possible. If you are looking to open up packs, you can shop Pokemon 151 now at one of the retailers listed below.

To find out where you can shop each, check out the best places to buy Pokémon cards. And if you are looking for deals on any of these releases, keep an eye out for the Best Pokémon TCG Deals that are happening right now.

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