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Pokémon Unveils New Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift Set

Pokémon Unveils New Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift Set

Everything we know about Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift so far!

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Following the release of Obsidian Flames, Pokémon Center has announced the upcoming expansion to the Scarlet & Violet series, Paradox Rift, scheduled for release on November 3, 2023. This expansion takes you into new territories, featuring a realm inhabited by both Ancient Pokémon like Roaring Moon ex and Sandy Shocks ex, as well as futuristic Pokémon such as Iron Valiant ex and Iron Hands ex.

Appearing alongside these are recognizable names like Garchomp ex and Mewtwo ex, who appear with new “Terastallized” types. The set is expansive, comprising over 180 cards that include more than 15 new Pokémon ex, in addition to over 20 Trainer cards and a range of special illustration cards, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

Since they confirmed a few of the cards that will be released in this set, including the Garchomp ex, it is speculated that this set will contain cards from the Japanese release Raging Surf. Official images of cards from Paradox Rift have yet to be revealed by Pokemon, though. We will update this post as soon as they are.

If you are looking to open up packs of Paradox Rift, several options are available. You can go for the Elite Trainer Box, which has two versions: a standard release and a Pokemon Center exclusive. Both contain a range of goodies, but the Pokemon Center version has an extra perk—a full-art foil promo card featuring an Ancient Pokémon that’s stamped with the Pokémon Center logo.

In addition to the promo cards, you get 65 Roaring Moon card sleeves and 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards in the Elite Trainer Box. There’s also a Paradox Rift-specific player’s guide to help you get the lowdown on the expansion. For gameplay, you get six damage-counter dice and an official coin-flip die. Condition markers and a code for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live are in each box too. On top of that, everything comes in a box with dividers to keep everything sorted.

There’s also the Paradox Rift Booster Display Box, which comes with 36 packs as well as a Booster Bundle option that comes with 6 packs. And, of course, individual booster packs are available too, each containing 10 cards and a Basic Energy card.

Finally, they are releasing some Build & Battle products for this expansion as well. One comes with a 40-card ready-to-play deck, 4 Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift booster packs, and a code card for Pokémon TCG Live, while the other comes with 2 individual Build & Battle Boxes, each with a ready-to-play 40-card deck, 3 Scarlet & Violet—Paradox Rift booster packs, 6 damage-counter dice, 1 competition-legal coin-flip die, 2 coin condition markers, and a collector’s box.

Keep an eye out for Paradox Rift at Pokemon TCG retailers starting on November 3rd! You can preorder the set now at one of the sites listed below.

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Paradox Rift is the latest to join the 2023 Pokémon TCG Release Schedule, but it isn’t the last with the announcement of Pokémon 151! There’s a lot to look forward to in 2023 and beyond. We will keep you updated as more sets are announced, so stay tuned.

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