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Master Grade Tallgeese Fluegel EW Gundam Review

Master Grade Tallgeese Fluegel EW Review [P-Bandai]

How does the Master Grade Tallgeese Fluegel EW stack up? In our in-depth review, we’ll be covering everything this kit has to offer as well as our experience building it!

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The OZ-00MS Tallgeese Flügel is one of the most iconic mobile suits that has captured the hearts of Gundam Wing fans since its debut in Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz [Glory of Losers]. Piloted by the skilled OZ commander, Zechs Merquise, the Fluegel version of the Tallgeese boasts a distinctive winged backpack, which replaces the traditional back-mounted thrusters, which creates a striking kit when on display.

In 2021, the Master Grade 1/100 Tallgeese Fluegel EW was announced and released as a P-Bandai exclusive, and today, we’ll be covering the kit in-depth and walk you through the building process, sharing insights and experiences along the way.

First Impressions: What’s in the box?

Upon opening the box, I was immediately surprised by the sheer number of parts and runners. Before diving into the build, I usually review the included manual. This helps me familiarize myself with the steps and sometimes changes the order in which I approach the build. The manual was comprehensive and well-illustrated, but I did find the lack of detail and angles for decal application to be a potential issue, which I’ll discuss more later on.

Upon taking a closer look at the runners, I appreciated the attention to detail in this kit. The layered white and yellow pieces were separately molded, resulting in excellent color accuracy. One aspect I particularly like about P-Bandai releases is the inclusion of waterslide decals. Although there are a few traditional stickers for minor color correction areas, the majority of the decals are waterslides, which provide a far superior end result.

The most striking aspect of this kit during the unboxing was the size and intricacy of the winged backpack parts. I could tell the various wings and feathers would offer great mobility and allow for some truly dynamic poses. The addition of the wings gives a distinctive touch to the already impressive Tallgeese silhouette.

Also included in the box are a wide array of the Tallgeese’s armaments. In this kit you get the Tempest Heat Lance, Heat Halberd, 2 beam sabers, a shield, and the Dober Gun, which has a really unique mechanic built in that we’ll highlight later on. You also get a standing Zechs Merquise figure and action base connector. An action base isn’t provided in the box but the kit is compatible with the Action Base 1 display stand. Since this Tallgeese Fluegel is based on the Master Grade Tallgeese it also looks like all of the parts are here to be able to build the standard booster unit as well, and I’ll test that in the Assembly section below.

MG Tallgeese Fluegel EW [P-Bandai]


Inner Frame

The assembly process for the Tallgeese Fluegel kicked off with the inner frame, and I found it to be a pretty smooth experience. The instructions were easy to follow, and the high-quality plastic made cutting and cleaning the parts a breeze. It was nice to see that many of the inner frame parts were under-gated, reducing visible nub marks on the final model. This attention to detail is a feature I’ve come to appreciate in more recent Master Grade kits.

Armor parts assembly

Next, I tackled the outer armor, and I was impressed by the accurate color separation achieved without using any stickers. This not only made the build more enjoyable but also resulted in a more polished-looking finished model. The armor pieces fit snugly over the inner frame, with no issues in terms of parts lining up correctly. The overall fit and finish were top-notch, making the assembly process a really satisfying experience.

Tallgeese Fluegel EW weapons and accessories

Weapons and accessories

Assembling the weapons and accessories was relatively simple, with the Dober Gun requiring the most attention. While it wasn’t too complex, there were a couple of smaller pieces, like the spring-loaded mechanism, that needed some extra attention.

The Tallgeese Fluegel, similar to the Wing Gundam also features curved beam sabers which further add to the dynamic posing options and I really wish these were included on more kits.

Wing unit

The true highlight of the build was constructing the winged backpack. The wings share many parts with the Master Grade Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka but feature a range of Tallgeese-specific additions. The wings also boast multiple points of articulation, allowing for an impressive range of movement and dynamic posing options.

Assembling the various wing and feather parts took some time, but the end result was well worth the effort. The wings securely attach to the backpack, which then connects to Tallgeese’s back without any issues. In a standing pose, the rear wings also serve the dual purpose of helping the kit stand with the added weight of the backpack.

MG Tallgeese Standard Booster Units

Standard Tallgeese Booster Unit

One nice addition to this kit is that you can actually build the standard boosters for the Tallgeese with the leftover parts on the runners, with the exception of two verniers. You can use spare verniers from another master grade kit or swap the verniers on the wing boosters. These booster units offer an alternative display option and add versatility to the Tallgeese. This means you have the choice to switch between the striking winged Fluegel version and the iconic original Tallgeese design, allowing for even more dynamic display and posing options. mech9 has the original Master Grade Tallgeese instruction manual for those wanting to build the standard backpack.

Decals & Stickers

Finally, I moved on to the decal application process. As mentioned earlier, the instructions lacked sufficient detail for some decal placements, so I had to refer to online images and resources for guidance there. Applying Hajime Katoki-designed waterslide decals can be a tedious process; the decals on this kit alone took about 8 hours, but the end result is far superior to stickers, and I find the process overall to be quite relaxing. 

It’s essential to be patient and take your time during this step, as it can significantly impact the overall appearance of the finished model. That being said, if you ever mess up a certain decal, you can simply use a Q-tip and some water to remove or reapply it.

With the decals in place, the MG Tallgeese Fluegel EW is ready for posing!

MG Tallgeese Fluegel Review

Thoughts After Building

Upon completing this kit, the first thing that stood out was the color accuracy achieved without relying on stickers. The layered white and yellow armor pieces look fantastic, and the overall color scheme complements the Tallgeese design perfectly.

The waterslide decals, while time-consuming to apply, added an extra layer of depth and realism to the model. They accentuate the already impressive details and the red accents really pop on the white armor of the Tallgeese Fluegel.

Articulation & Stability

When it comes to articulation and poseability, the MG Tallgeese Fluegel EW does not disappoint. I didn’t experience any weak joints and the model is capable of holding a variety of dynamic poses with ease. The winged backpack, in particular, offers a multitude of posing options thanks to its multiple points of articulation. As the back wings open, the thrusters pop out slightly, and the top portions of the wings are geared to open together for a nice synchronized effect. Additionally, the feathers on the wings all move freely thanks to the ball joints they’re connected with. The flexibility of the backpack’s design allows the model to be displayed in a wide range of eye-catching poses.

It is worth noting that the Dober Gun, while highly maneuverable, can be a bit awkward to pose due to its size and design. Despite this minor issue, the overall articulation of the kit is still impressive.

The weapons and accessories included with the kit are also worth mentioning. The beam sabers and shield are well-detailed and fit seamlessly in the hands of the Tallgeese. The spring-loaded mechanism in the Dober Gun is also a unique addition. These accessories, combined with the various hand swap-outs, provide plenty of options for creating dynamic poses.

During the posing process, I discovered a couple of weak points that I hadn’t initially noticed while assembling the kit. The first weak point lies in the shoulder joint, which struggles to support the heat lance when the arm is raised. The second weak point is the connection between the shield and the heat lance. The heat lance, being a fairly sizable weapon, easily falls from the clasp meant to hold it securely. These issues could be fixed with some minor modifications but if you’re building the Tallgeese directly out of the box, this can be a bit frustrating when trying to pose the kit.

Weak joints aside when it comes to posing the Tallgeese, it looks fantastic standing but truly shines when displayed on an action base. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to purchase a compatible action base separately, as it isn’t included in the box. One drawback to posing this kit is the incredibly weak action base connector. The Tallgeese Fluegel is no small kit, and the small connector provided doesn’t offer nearly enough support.

Customization Opportunities

Straight out of the box, the Tallgeese Fluegel Master Grade looks impressive, but there are several steps you can take to enhance its appearance. First, I recommend panel lining; while the kit doesn’t have many areas requiring this, the extra effort put into emphasizing those details makes a significant difference.

As mentioned earlier, applying the provided waterslide decals is highly recommended, as it greatly improves the finished model. Instead of using the circular color correction stickers, you could also paint those sections for a higher quality result.

Lastly, you could also remove seam lines from noticeable areas of the kit. The most prominent section is the rear wings, which have large seam lines running down the middle. Removing these would result in a more realistic representation of the Tallgeese and a more polished looking model.

For this review, I chose to panel line and use the provided stickers to give an accurate representation of what you can achieve easily out of the box.

Final Thoughts

The MG Tallgeese Fluegel EW is an excellent addition to any Gunpla collection, regardless of your experience level as a builder. With its intricate winged backpack, impressive color separation, and a wide range of weapons and accessories, this kit offers both a satisfying building experience and a wide array of display options. Its articulation and poseability are on par with other high-quality Master Grade kits. Even though there are a few minor drawbacks, such as the weak action base connector and the shield’s connection to the heat lance, I’d still recommend the Tallgeese Fluegel without question. 

However, keep in mind that since it’s a P-Bandai exclusive release, it might be slightly more challenging to find at or near retail price. That being said, if you manage to get your hands on this kit at a reasonable price, the MG Tallgeese Fluegel EW is undoubtedly a great value and an accurate representation of the iconic mobile suit.

  • Excellent color separation
  • Versatile display options
  • Impressive articulation and stability
  • Wide array of weapons and accessories
  • Intricate, articulated winged backpack
  • Hajime Katoki waterslide decal sheet
  • High-quality plastic and under-gating
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Weak action base connector
  • Weak shoulder joints
  • Weak shield-heat lance connection

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