CR Loves just revealed a new a clothing collaboration between horror master Junji Ito and horror punk legends the Misfits. For those of you who aren't aware, CR Loves are exclusive, limited edition collections released by Crunchyroll.

There are seven items in the new line, including three short-sleeve t-shirts all priced at $26.95 USD, one long-sleeve t-shirt priced at $33.95, one hoodie priced at $64.95, one crewneck sweatshirt priced at $59.95, and a bandana priced at $14.95. All of the apparel in this collection was designed by Junji Ito and showcase graphics of zombies, rose skulls, and more.

You can check out each item in the Misfits x Junji Ito collection below!

CR Loves Misfits x Junji Ito Collection

Each item is expected to ship out sometime in January 2021 and they are available for preorder now on Crunchyroll's site here! Also, keep in mind that Crunchyroll has free U.S. shipping on all orders over $100.