Pokémon has officially announced a new Scarlet & Violet set called Obsidian Flames that’s making its debut on August 11, 2023, following the release of Paldea Evolved on June 9th. Since its launch, certain cards from Obsidian Flames have gained in value, which comes as no surprise given not only their playability but the beauty of their artwork as well.

Scarlet & Violet Obsidian Flames contains over 190 cards, including over 15 Trainer cards, a number of special illustration Pokémon and Trainer cards, more than 20 new Pokémon ex, and Type-shifted Tera Pokémon ex that have a crystalline appearance.

They’ve only announced a few of the ex cards that will be releasing in the set so far, a Darkness-type Charizard ex, Tyranitar ex, Eiscue ex, Vespiquen ex, Dragonite ex, Greedent ex, Revavroom ex, and Melmetal ex. Pokémon have yet to officially confirm the rest of the cards that will be released in the set, but we will update this post as we learn more.

So far, an Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box, Booster Display Box (36 packs), Booster Bundle (6 Packs), and individual booster packs have begun hitting sites, most notably Pokémon Center, for preorder.

Pokemon Center Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box with Obsidian Flames Charmander Promo Card
Pokemon Center Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box with Charmander Promo Card. Image Credit: Anime Collective

Pokémon Center is releasing an exclusive Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box. The most notable difference between this box and the standard that will be released in the near future is that the Pokémon Center exclusive ETB comes with a full-art foil promo card featuring Charmander that has the Pokémon Center logo on it.

In addition, the exclusive Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box comes with 11 Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Obsidian Flames booster packs, another full-art foil promo card featuring Charmander, 65 card sleeves highlighting Charmander, 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards, a player’s guide, 6 damage-counter dice, a coin-flip die, 2 condition markers, a code card, and a collector’s box.

You can look forward to Scarlet & Violet Obsidian Flames’ release on August 11, 2023. As we learn more about the upcoming set, we will update this post, so stay tuned for more!

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