Uniqlo have released a lot of manga and anime collections recently, which is exciting! Just last month, they announced that they will be releasing two Jujutsu Kaisen lines, one of which has already dropped on their site, and now they’ve announced that a new One Piece collection that features graphics from the Wano Country Arc is coming to stores and Uniqlo’s site on June 10th mid-morning EST.

They are releasing six t-shirts in total. Three of the t-shirts are character-specific and feature graphics of Luffy, Chopper, and Komurasaki while the other three features graphics of the whole crew, the Heart Pirates and Trafalgar Law, and the patterns seen on the characters kimonos. All are retailing for $19.90 USD.

You can check out photos of all of the t-shirts releasing in Uniqlo’s upcoming One Piece collection below!

Uniqlo One Piece Collection