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Taito Spiritale Himiko Toga Figure My Hero Academia

Taito Reveal New Himiko Toga Figure

Taito’s new Himiko Toga figure shows her seated on a pile of loot full of stuffed animals, clothes and more!

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Taito have announced a new My Hero Academia Himiko Toga figure that has an incredible design, and it is the latest addition to their Spiritale line. She is shown seated on a pile of loot full of toys, stuffed animals, pillows, clothes and more, with chains that are draped around her. She looks adorable, but also sinister as well as expected for a member of the League of Villains.

Taito’s new My Hero Academia figure, which is sculpted by Takatori, is in 1/7 scale and it is expected to ship out sometime in November 2022. Keep in mind, though, that estimated arrival dates are subject to change or delay and may vary depending on what site you preorder this figure on. The approximate dimensions of this figure are as follows: L7.87 x W7.09 x D7.09in.

The chains shown in the images are removable, so they are optional. She also comes with two different head sculpts, one that shows her with a more sinister open-mouth smile with her tongue sticking out and her vampire-like teeth showing and another that shows her with a closed-mouth smirk. Toga is a yandere type and this figure expresses that well.

She is blushing as she commonly does in the anime and manga in the first head sculpt as well. Her pose is very characteristic of her also, so they did an incredible job at capturing her personality and quirks. The base, as mentioned prior, is made up of various treasure items, including stuffed animals, sweets, and toys; Some of which have been stabbed by Toga’s combat knives, which she has many of in her arsenal.

The Taito Spiritale 1/7 scale Himiko Toga figure is retailing for around $232.99 USD. You can preorder her now at one of the following trusted anime figure retailers and get a look at this new anime figure in the gallery below!

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Taito Spiritale Himiko Toga Figure Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Taito.

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