Akys Games has just confirmed the upcoming release of Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II, the eagerly anticipated sequel and latest installment in the acclaimed horror visual novel series Spirit Hunter. It has been delayed for release in February 2024 by Aksys Games and you can play it on PlayStation 5 or Switch. They originally announced a PlayStation 4 version in the first announcement, but they are now only releasing the game on PlayStation 5.

Aksys Games, known for publishing the series in the West, previously brought us the original Death Mark game and Spirit Hunter NG. Both are available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One if you have yet to check them out.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II sees the return of Kazuo Yashiki, diving deep into the eerie happenings of H City’s Konoehara Academy. As is the signature style of the series, the game beautifully interweaves Japanese myths and folklore into its narrative, building an atmospheric and gripping horror story. Familiar faces are back to join Yashiki on his chilling adventure, adding layers to the unfolding drama.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II for Nintendo Switch

The introduction of a 2D side-scrolling mode is a fresh twist, allowing players to navigate the game’s locales in a brand-new way. This is a game you definitely don’t want to let your guard down while playing; spirits lurk in the shadows, and a single misstep can be fatal. Thankfully, you’re not alone as many of the beloved characters from the original Spirit Hunter: Death Mark are here to help you unravel the mystery.

If the previous entries are any indication, we are in for a treat with Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II when it releases in February 2024. In addition to a standard edition, Aksys Games is releasing an online exclusive edition on their website that collects the game but also comes with a CD soundtrack. You can pick it up now at one of the links listed below!

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Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II promises to be a thrilling highlight of the 2024 video game release lineup. I’m eagerly anticipating what else Aksys will bring our way in the future.