This Summer, Ryu Studio announced a 1/6 scale statue of Kisame from Naruto Shippuden and now they’ve unveiled a 1/4 scale statue of Vegeta that shows him performing the Final Flash in Dragon Ball Z. The statue is limited to 600 pieces and it is expected to ship out sometime in Q2 2022. For those of you who aren’t aware of Ryu Studio, they are a licensed statue studio so all of the products they make are official.

The approximate dimensions of the Ryu Studio Vegeta (Final Flash) are as follows: 35 x 41 x 60cm. It looks like this statue is going to come with two different busts or busts as well as portraits. One bust shows him gathering energy for the Final Flash with his arms open and held out wide. The other shows him holding it at his center and about to fire the Final Flash during his battle with Cell.

In terms of what I think about this statue, I think it looks great and I love that it is licensed, but I have to admit that I prefer KD Collectibles’s statue of Vegeta Final Flash. I like what KD did with the base more, they added texturing that I like, and I prefer the head sculpts overall. When it comes to Ryu Studio’s statue, there’s one portrait that looks a little off, like they made his face too chubby or something. Still though, if you are someone who prefers to collect licensed pieces, which I have being leaning more towards over the years, Ryu Studio’s is a great option as well.

You can check out photos of Ryu Studio’s Vegeta Final Flash 1/4 Scale Statue in the gallery and find out where to preorder it now below!

Ryu Studio Vegeta Preorder Links

Ryu Studio Vegeta Final Flash 1/4 Scale Statue Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Ryu Studio.

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