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Ryu Studio Kisame Statue

Ryu Studio Unveil Naruto Shippuden Statue of Kisame

Ryu Studio have revealed a 1/6 scale Naruto Shippuden statue of Kisame that’s limited to 500 pieces!

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Ryu Studio have revealed a 1/6 scale Naruto Shippuden statue of Kisame. It is going to be limited to 500 pieces with an estimated arrival date of Q1 2022. According to their Facebook, this statue is going to retail for 875 USD. This price will vary though depending on where you preorder this statue from.

The dimensions are approximately H77cm x W63cm x D52cm or H30.3 x W24.8 x D20 in, so this is a large statue. To give you an idea, the largest statue I own of Kisame is by Surge Studio and it’s around 58cm or 23in tall. Grant it, Ryu Studio’s is in 1/6 scale vs. 1/8 scale, which is the scale of Surge Studio’s Kisame. I thought that one was a massive piece and then this one was announced.

If you are looking for a prominent piece of Kisame to add to your collection, I think this is the largest I’ve seen. On top of that, it is dynamic. I’m not sure how I feel about the realistic look of the shark and the saliva on Samehada’s tongue just yet, but this statue definitely has my attention. They did a great job on his head sculpt and I really love the smirking expression he has, but one thing I noticed in the close-up image of his face is that his pupils look a little off. Maybe this is just cause of the angle they took the photo in, but this is a concern that can easily be remedied with better photos.

If you are located in the US, it looks like Spec Fiction is going to be getting this one in because they’ve added a product page to their site, which I’ve linked below. They have great shipping rates for collectors based in the US. You can also check out photos of Ryu Studio’s upcoming Naruto Shippuden statue of Kisame in the gallery!

Ryu Studio also teased that they will be coming out a statue of Kisame’s partner, Itachi, in the future, so this is something to look forward to as well!

Ryu Studio Kisame Statue Preorder Links

  • Spec Fiction for $980 USD (Use our code ANIMECOLLECTIVE for $10 off your order)

Ryu Studio Kisame Statue Gallery

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