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Best Anime on Crunchyroll Right Now

Best Anime on Crunchyroll Right Now

A roundup of the best anime on Crunchyroll right now—a mix of timeless classics and exciting new finds, curated from my many years of watching and loving anime.

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Crunchyroll stands out as the streaming service with the largest and most diverse library of anime out there. I’ve been a subscriber for years and, in my experience and my review of Crunchyroll, I dubbed it one of the best-dedicated anime streaming platforms available.

Though I’ve started exploring other services like HIDIVE, which has a lot of great exclusive series, Crunchyroll still holds the top spot for the sheer volume of anime it offers. But, with such a vast selection, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you first log in or are browsing the site for a new anime to watch. I’ve been there many times—staring at my screen, unable to decide what to watch from my ever-growing watchlist.

This is why I’ve put together this list of the best anime on Crunchyroll. From hidden gems to popular series, these are the titles you don’t want to miss. As an avid anime fan since the 90s, I’ve watched a ton of anime over the years. Each season, I keep up with the new anime that’s released and I keep up with ongoing, continuing series that release on Crunchyroll as well, so I will continuously update this post as new anime seasons air.

That said, here’s my roundup of the best anime on Crunchyroll right now—a mix of timeless classics and exciting new finds, curated from my many years of watching and loving anime. Because there is so much anime on Crunchyroll’s platform, I’ve added a table of contents splitting the series up by genre, so you can find what you are in search of more easily.

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Best Action Anime on Crunchyroll

Although many anime include action-packed moments, the series below are distinctly action-focused and are known for their intense battles as well as the character development that results from these conflicts. With their high-octane action sequences and fights, they stand out as the best action anime available on Crunchyroll.

Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has become a titan in the world of anime. It’s undeniably one of the best anime of the past decade, thanks to its gripping premise that’s filled with lore and mystery both within and beyond its walls. Following characters like Eren, Mikasa, and Levi in the Survey Corps, you’ll witness their struggles, the loss of comrades, and their epic battles against Titans in truly unforgettable ways.

While the series doesn’t shy away from its gory nature, it masterfully balances it with a compelling story that keeps you engaged. Attack on Titan‘s mystery is enough to keep you invested, but the battle’s will as well. Attack on Titan Season 3 is still one of the greatest seasons to ever air in anime, but the series as a whole, is a joy to watch.

No matter where you are at, if you are new to it all and are looking for a good starter anime or you are a long-time anime fan, Attack on Titan is an essential watch.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

I’m a big fan of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work, so I had high hopes for the anime adaptation of his most popular series. I’m happy to report it didn’t just live up to the hype—it surpassed it and blew me away with its cinematic feel. The anime captures the essence of the manga perfectly in its first 12 episodes. It’s got this raw, unfiltered edge, set in a world crawling with devils, which brings the story to life. On top of being an incredible adaptation, the music by Kensuke Ushio is a major highlight of the series, adding even more to the atmosphere and tone of the series.

What I love most about Chainsaw Man, though, is that it’s not just about the action. It’s a series that combines heart-pounding scenes with deep, emotional storytelling that further connects you to the story. It’s hands-down one of the best anime adaptations I’ve seen to date and the team behind the anime did an amazing job at bringing the characters and world of Chainsaw Man to life on screen. If you have yet to check out Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll, it’s a must-watch.

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Best Anime on Netflix Right Now - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Netflix

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is an anime that immediately captivated me with its emotional storytelling, unique style, and near-perfect animation. Set in a dark and foreboding world, it introduces a cast of characters, including Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and more, who shine brightly in the darkness.

What sets Demon Slayer apart is its flawless execution of the demons vs. demon slayers theme. It combines a compelling story with exceptional sound, music, and animation. The series contrasts muted backgrounds with vibrant character designs and color palettes, so it’s aesthetically pleasing to watch. The action in Demon Slayer is amongst the best you’ll ever see in anime as well. The battles are intense and extremely well-animated as expected for Ufotable, who also animated Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night: Unlimited Bladeworks to name a few.

But, the true strength of Demon Slayer lies in its characters, each with an interesting personality of their own. If you haven’t experienced this series yet, I highly recommend giving it a chance—it’s one of the most stunning anime I’ve ever seen and the battles are beautifully animated.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Fate/stay night Unlimited Bladeworks

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Bladeworks

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, one of the best in the Fate series and a standout action anime on Crunchyroll, has great storytelling, intricate lore, and breathtaking animation. The series, which is animated by Ufotable, is well-known for its crisp, clean animation and flawlessly executed battle scenes. Set in the picturesque Fuyuki City, the series revolves around the Holy Grail War, where seven Masters and their Servants, who are legendary figures from various classes, battle for the mythical Holy Grail. The story intricately weaves the lives of Rin Tohsaka, a powerful mage, and Shirou Emiya, an accidental participant, as they navigate the complexities of the war and their intertwined fates.

The series excels thanks to its high-octane fight scenes that are balanced with quieter, character-driven moments, which add depth to its world-building and lore. The story’s main appeal, though, lies in its exploration of themes like heroism, moral ambiguity, and the heavy cost of wishes. It’s these discussions and topics that make it relatable and human despite its supernatural themes.

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the best action anime on Crunchyroll. Its combination of top-tier animation, exciting lore, and well-developed characters and relationships sets a high standard. Whether it’s the intense battle scenes or the exploration of deep themes and moral dilemmas, this series is an immersive experience that I couldn’t recommend more, especially if you enjoy intricate stories and beautiful visuals.

Still not convinced? Read our full review of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Bladeworks to learn more about why it’s such an incredible anime.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Fate/Zero


Fate/Zero holds a special place in my heart as one of the best in the Fate series. Released in 2011 and animated by Ufotable, it’s not just another addition to the franchise but a significant one that has risen to be among the all-time greats in action anime. However, I recommend watching Fate/stay night (2006), Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works, and the Heaven’s Feel movies first, as diving directly into Fate/Zero can be a bit confusing due to its complex storyline and spoilers. If you want to learn more about why I recommend this watch order, check out my full review of Fate/Zero.

This series is a prequel, and watching it in the context of the other series adds depth and clarity to Fate/stay night, but watching it first would also spoil the events of the later series. What truly sets Fate/Zero apart for me is its deep exploration of character backstories and development, which make each Master and Servant feel like a main protagonist. The series goes beyond the battles of the Holy Grail War, delving into the personal lives and histories of its characters, which adds a lot of depth and relatability. This approach not only humanizes the characters but also makes the series emotionally impactful.

Fate/Zero also tackles thought-provoking themes like heroism and morality, introducing us to a world that isn’t just black and white but a complex shade of gray. The series’ exploration of these themes, combined with its rich lore and history, make it an exciting watch and a stand out in the Fate universe.

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best anime on netflix jojos bizarre adventure anime

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the Joestar family and their battle against evil, but for reasons I cannot spoil, it is so much more than that. It’s one of the most influential as well as best anime released to date, and it develops in ways that will continuously surprise you. Starting as a classic shonen adventure, the series gradually introduces elements more commonly found in seinen anime as it progresses. Because of this, it can be enjoyed by shonen and seinen fans alike.

Please don’t be discouraged if the first season doesn’t immediately hook you; it steadily improves with each new installment and it gets better and better throughout the episodes. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is great throughout, but it hits its stride with “Diamond Is Unbreakable” and beyond. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s creativity, inventive battles, impressive animation, and evolving storyline make it one of anime’s best. If you want to give it a watch, you can catch up on the whole series now on Crunchyroll.

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Best Action Anime on Crunchyroll - Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen, which is adapted from the manga created by Gege Akutami, quickly rose in popularity, a feat I attribute to its unique premise and cast of intriguing, likable characters like Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Satoru Gojo to name a few. It’s no surprise that the anime adaptation has also gained widespread acclaim, given the success of its manga. Initially, I had some reservations about how the adaptation would turn out, but with MAPPA studio at the helm, who animated Dororo, Terror in Resonance, and Dorohedoro, my concerns were quickly put to rest. Since the release of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and Season 2, MAPPA’s work on Jujutsu Kaisen continues to be nothing short of spectacular.

Jujutsu Kaisen tells the story of Yuji Itadori, a high school boy who has strong physical strength despite leading a seemingly ordinary life. His world turns upside down one day when he consumes the finger of Ryomen Sukuna in a daring attempt to save a classmate from curses. This act binds him with the curse of Sukuna, intertwining their souls within one body. Under the guidance of Satoru Gojo, the most powerful sorcerer, Yuji enrolls in Tokyo Jujutsu High School, a school dedicated to combating curses.

The anime adaptation shines thanks to its fight and action scenes. While the manga is amazing, some clarity is needed in the midst of battle. The anime fills these gaps beautifully, bringing the fights to life with a vividness and intensity that’s exhilarating to watch.

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Best Comedy Anime - Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill follows Ryuko Matoi, who embarks on a quest to avenge her father’s death. Her journey leads her to Honnouji Academy, where she faces adversaries equipped with “Goku Uniforms” that grant them superhuman abilities. Ryuko’s own journey takes a significant turn when she acquires a special uniform, a “Kamui,” named Senketsu. Together, they battle their way through the ranks of the academy in search of answers.

Kill la Kill is a whirlwind of over-the-top action and madness, which is exactly what makes it so amazing. Ryuko is not just your typical badass; she also has a softer, more relatable side that adds a lot of depth to her character. While the intense action is a major draw of Kill la Kill, it’s the storyline, series style, and the characters’ stories that make it one of the best anime out there.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Kingdom Anime


If you’re a fan of Vinland Saga, then Kingdom is an anime you are likely to enjoy as well. I only say this because, while Kingdom is a beloved series, it is still highly underrated for how good it is. Set in the tumultuous Warring States period of Chinese history, Kingdom is a story about war and politics. The series follows Xin, a young war orphan with the ambitious dream of becoming the greatest general under the heavens. His ultimate goal is to unify China, a feat that hasn’t been achieved in 500 years.

What makes Kingdom so captivating is its blend of intense action and political intrigue. Despite its focus on war, the series never loses its appeal and holds your attention throughout. Kingdom has great storytelling, but also a great style as well. The series shines in its depiction of battles and strategies. Whether you’re drawn to the strategic aspects of war or the personal journey of a young warrior, Kingdom is an all-around amazing watch, especially if you are a fan of historical and action-packed anime.

With four seasons out and a fifth on the way as part of the 2024 anime season, there’s a lot to dive into if you have yet to watch the anime, but this is definitely a good thing because the series gets better and better with the release of each new season.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil, an A-1 Pictures original series, quickly became one of my favorites, following the studio’s success with 86. A-1 Pictures, who are known for animating series like Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Erased, Sword Art Online, and Your Lie in April, impressed me yet again with Lycoris Recoil.

Lycoris Recoil has well-animated action sequences and emotionally charged scenes. The story revolves around two orphaned girls trained as assassins in a program called “Lycoris” to combat terrorism, reminiscent of series like “Gunslinger Girl” and “Princess Principal.” The dynamic between the practical, cool-natured Takina Inoue and the joyful, cheerful Chisato Nishikigi, along with a strong supporting cast.

What sets Lycoris Recoil apart is its tonal shifts. The series seamlessly transitions from serious to light-hearted moments. This contrast highlights the normalization of life as a Lycoris for our two main characters, while also showing that their experiences haven’t hardened them in expected ways, especially in the case of Chisato. The series excels in blending emotional depth with action, drama, and thrills, making it one of the best anime of 2022. Its combination of a great cast, compelling storyline, and balance of intense action and heartfelt moments makes it one of the best anime you can stream on Crunchyroll.

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Best Comedy Anime - One Punch Man

One-Punch Man

One Punch Man is about Saitama, who is arguably one of the strongest characters in anime history. He’s so powerful that not a single enemy can withstand a single punch from him. This overwhelming strength causes him to experience ennui and depression, as he desperately seeks a worthy opponent who can challenge him and bring excitement back into his life. But, finding such a rival proves to be more difficult than he anticipated.

One Punch Man is brilliant because it strikes the perfect balance between being funny and badass. Saitama, as an overpowered hero, could easily make this story monotonous, but One Punch Man continuously surprises you with some of the most entertaining battles in all of anime. It’s not just a story about an invincible superhero either; it’s a well-crafted one that’s full of humor and is supported by a cast of interesting characters.

The series thrives because of Saitama’s strength and his quest for a good fight, which leads to entertaining and, many times, hilarious scenarios. The comedy is further amplified by other characters underestimating him and his power. One Punch Man is a series that will make you laugh, but it has some of the best action you can experience on Crunchyroll as well.

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Best Comedy Anime - Spy x Family

Spy x Family

Spy x Family is an action-packed yet heartwarming anime that features an atypical yet interesting family dynamic. Loid, aka Twilight, is a spy, Yor is an assassin, and their daughter Anya possesses telepathic abilities. This seemingly unrelated trio is brought together by Twilight’s mission to infiltrate the prestigious Eden Academy to get close to his target Donovan Desmond.

Their shared secrets, unknown to each other, make for some hilarious interactions. The characters in Spy x Family are a unique and endearing bunch, but Anya is constantly stealing the spotlight with her humorous expressions and witty remarks. The series effortlessly balances laughter with heartfelt moments, and I’ve found myself both laughing out loud and emotionally invested in the characters’ journeys.

The thrilling and dramatic scenes, coupled with a compelling storyline, keep you eagerly anticipating each episode. As a fan of Wit Studio and CloverWorks, they’ve done an amazing job bringing Spy x Family to life, making it one of the finest manga-to-anime adaptations I’ve had the pleasure to watch.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga, much as its name would suggest, unfolds like a saga, and it’s rich in realism and detail, which makes it a perfect watch, especially if you are a fan of stories about Vikings. While its focus on Viking lore might not appeal to everyone, I believe it’s worth giving a chance, because it will surprise you with its depth and storytelling. The series has complex characters, like Thorfinn, who is unpredictable and exhibits significant growth throughout the series. What makes Thorfinn particularly compelling is the emotional turmoil that hides beneath his anger.

The series isn’t just full of blood and gore, which is typical of Viking tales; it’s full of substance and the story is driven by characters that have strong motivations that keep things interesting. The fight scenes are among the best I’ve seen, but it’s Thorfinn’s internal conflict, torn between avenging his father’s death and his father’s pacifist ideals, that truly defines the series.

Vinland Saga is a historical portrayal of Vikings, showcasing their brutal practices alongside more nuanced aspects of their culture, especially through characters like Askeladd, who is cunning and a delight to watch. On top of all that, the animation, especially in its landscapes and sound production, is top-notch.

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Best Comedy Anime on Crunchyroll

While many series on this list feature comedic elements or have a good sense of humor, the following anime are primarily comedy-driven and represent the best of what Crunchyroll has to offer if you are looking for series that deliver more than just sporadic laughs, but a constant stream of humor.

Best Comedy Anime - Asobi Asobase - workshop of fun -

Asobi Asobase – workshop of fun –

Asobi Asobase – workshop of fun is an endlessly entertaining and hilarious comedy anime that follows three girls, Olivia, who fakes being American despite not being able to speak English, Kasumi, who appears serious and intellectual but has a dark side, and Hanako, a girl from a rich family that can’t quite fit in with the norm. One day at school, they decide to form a “Players’ Club”, where they spend time together doing many hilarious and unexpected things. If I could describe this series, it would be “absolute shenanigans”.

The comedy in Asobi Asobase is downright ridiculous, in the best way possible. You never know what to expect next from the characters in Asobi Asobase. Their facial expressions are hilarious, but it’s their wild and out-there personalities that make this one such a fun and comedic watch. Each new day, and each new club meeting, will have you laughing out loud. I can’t tell you how many times this series brought me to tears from laughter.

If you like series, like Daily Lives of High School Boys, which follow the daily lives of its characters and their hilarious antics, or enjoy series like Kill la Kill that have offbeat humor, you’ll want to check Asobi Asobase out on Crunchyroll.

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Best Comedy Anime - Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys

For those who are in search of a shorter comedy series that still packs a punch, you’ll want to check out The Daily Lives of High School Boys. It’s a gag-humor anime that’s set in school and it follows the daily lives of three high school students, Tadakuni, Hidenori Tabata, and Yoshitake Tanaka. Needless to say, there are a lot of funny moments and situations that occur in this one.

Much of the humor in this anime comes from our main characters and their interactions with one another, but the hilarious situations they find themselves in and the people they meet make this one a comedic watch as well. It’s somewhat slice of life given that it follows their daily lives, which makes it an episodic but also relatable story, but the things they get themselves into in The Daily Lives of High School Boys are absolutely absurd.

If you are looking for a simple yet good comedy anime that’s episodic on Crunchyroll, you can’t go wrong with The Daily Lives of High School Boys.

Gintama - Best Sci-fi Anime


Gintama is an anime that seamlessly blends episodic storytelling with an overarching narrative. Set in a unique world where the Edo period collides with alien domination by the Amanto, it follows Gintoki and his Odd Jobs crew as they tackle various requests. Despite its futuristic backdrop, the series has a strong connection to history through our samurai MC.

While humor is a strong suit of Gintama, it’s much more than a comedy. The show’s absurdity and comedic genius are undeniable, but it delves into serious territory as well. Gintoki, the lovable goofball, reveals his inner badass throughout the series and there’s a lot of depth to his character. It’s a well-rounded series that seamlessly transitions between hilarious and action-packed moments while also delivering relatable characters and heartwarming scenes.

Gintama excels thanks to its unique, sci-fi setting, impeccable comedic timing, and unforgettable cast. It’s not only my favorite comedy anime but also ranks among my all-time favorite series. If you haven’t experienced the wild and goofy ride that is Gintama, you’re missing out on something truly special.

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Best 90s Anime - GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)

GTO – The Animation

GTO, or Great Teacher Onizuka, holds a special place in my heart as not only one of my favorite comedy anime but also as one of my all-time favorites. Even though it was released in the late ’90s, it still stands toe-to-toe with modern series, especially if you enjoy comedies that have a touching story.

The facial expressions of the characters in GTO are some of the most hilariously exaggerated and memorable I’ve ever seen in anime, and they add a lot to its humor. The main reason GTO resonated so strongly with me, though, is its protagonist, Eikichi Onizuka. His antics, expressions, and the absurd situations he finds himself in are endlessly entertaining. But, Onizuka is more than just comic relief; he’s a former gang member who becomes a teacher. His tough, brash approach and willingness to break the rules to connect with his students, who are notorious delinquents, make him an incredible character.

Onizuka’s unconventional teaching methods and his ability to reach students on a deeper level are both heartwarming and inspiring. It’s an anime with a lot of heart and soul and I highly recommend giving it a watch on Crunchyroll.

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Best Comedy Anime - Hinamatsuri


Hinamatsuri is a sci-fi comedy anime that is about the unlikely pairing of a Yakuza member, Nitta, and Hina, a middle school girl with telekinetic abilities. The humor in Hinamatsuri springs from Nitta’s sudden transition from a carefree bachelor to a parent, as he adjusts his lifestyle to accommodate the unpredictable and often destructive Hina. He has to change his way of living now that she’s in his life, which adds humor to this story, but this also makes it a heartwarming read.

The strength of Hinamatsuri, in addition to its humor, is its character dynamics and the individual growth of its main cast. The series highlights the character’s personal growth with their interactions as a group, which creates a strong sense of family among this band of misfits. It’s episodic and often takes a slice-of-life approach to its storytelling, showcasing the everyday lives of the characters, which are humorously disrupted by Hina’s powers and the antics of other characters with similar abilities.

All in all, Hinamatsuri is as endearing as it is funny and it’s one I highly recommend checking out on Crunchyroll, especially if you enjoy dry humor or anime about Yakuza members facing everyday challenges with a unique twist.

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Best Comedy Anime - Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is an anime that never fails to make me laugh. It’s a rom-com centered around Kaguya and Shirogane, two clever students who are engaged in a hilarious battle of wits to make the other confess their love. Picture it as a high-stakes chess match with a dose of drama and theatrics, so hilarious as well as entertaining antics are bound to ensure.

What sets this anime apart is its ingenious irony. Kaguya and Shirogane’s refusal to confess their love for one another, fearing it’s a sign of weakness, creates the perfect recipe for comedy. The supporting characters, including Yuu Ishigami and Chika Fujiwara, add even more humor to the mix.

The animation by A-1 Pictures is top-notch as well. But what I appreciate most about Kaguya-sama: Love is War is its refreshing originality. It avoids the tired clichés of typical rom-com, offering a unique take on love that makes it one of the best anime series you can watch on Crunchyroll.

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Best Comedy Anime - KonoSuba -God's blessing on this wonderful world!

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

In KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, we follow the story of Kazuma Satou, a high school shut-in and avid gamer, who finds himself in a fantasy world after a bizarre accident. Tasked with defeating the Demon King, he joins forces with a unique group of companions: Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin.

This anime, which is available to stream now on platforms like Crunchyroll, takes the typical isekai setup and turns it on its head thanks to its satirical and humorous take on the genre. The series is full of comedic moments and parodies the standard tropes of fantasy adventures, so it’s a fun and entertaining watch.

KonoSuba also has great characters and a group dynamic. Each character has their quirks: Darkness with her masochism, Megumin with her obsession for explosive magic, and Aqua, who often acts impulsively. This band of misfits forms an unlikely yet heartwarming bond. KonoSuba is not only one of the most hilarious anime in the isekai genre, but it also is full of moments that will touch your heart,

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll Right Now - Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is the vibrant and striking adaptation of ONE’s manga, which you may also know as the creator of One Punch Man. The story follows Shigeo, an awkward but kind-hearted boy with potent psychic abilities. His mentor, Reigen, claims to be the “Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century,” yet he’s a complete fraud, which adds a layer of humor to the series.

The humor deepens as Shigeo’s authentic powers collide with Reigen’s fraudulent claims. Shigeo’s quirky personality and absurd power-ups contribute to the comedy, along with his interactions, especially when he joins the Body Improvement Club. What makes Shigeo an overpowered character is his emotional breaking point, unleashing uncontrollable psychic energy at 100%, often with hilarious and unexpected results.

The animation, which is done by the studio Bones, known also for works like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and My Hero Academia, is a true masterclass. Mob Psycho 100 seamlessly blends stunning visuals, exhilarating action, and genuine hilarity, making it a personal favorite of mine and one of my most recommended anime you can watch on Crunchyroll.

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Best Comedy Anime - Nichijou - My Ordinary Life

Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

Nichijou – My Ordinary Life is a whimsical anime about three ordinary girls, who are navigating life’s peculiarities through a series of humorous trials and errors. Amidst their adventures, additional characters, such as a diminutive professor and even a robot who yearns for a simple existence, add even more to the chaos. There’s absolutely nothing simplistic about this series, but that’s to be expected for a series that’s set in a town where salmon falls from the sky. The only certainty is the unpredictable nature of these quirky friends.

The series’ animation and style prove that sometimes, simplicity is the key to excellence. Yet, the lives of its characters are far from ordinary, as they find themselves in absurd and outlandish situations time and time again. With its comedic perspective on the daily lives of its characters, Nichijou – My Ordinary Life is similar to anime like the Daily Lives of High School Boys, and at times Gintama, so if you are a fan of either you’ll want to give this one a watch.

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Best Comedy Anime - SKET Dance

SKET Dance

SKET Dance, which is adapted from the manga by Kenta Shinohara, is one of the funniest anime I’ve ever watched. The story follows a group of high schoolers in a club called Sket Dan that take on a series of requests and jobs submitted by their fellow students. Kind of like Odd Jobs in Gintama but set in a school, and the relatedness here makes a lot of sense given that Kenta Shinohara was an assistant of Hideaki Sorachi, the creator of Gintama, at one point in time.

This doesn’t mean SKET Dance doesn’t stand apart on its own, though. It’s definitely different, but I love the two for similar reasons. Since Gintama is my top comedy anime of all time, I was in search of something that would fill the gap in my heart and SKET Dance was just what I needed, filling the void I had and then some for a fun, enjoyable comedy that also has its fair share of heartwarming moments and a cast of characters that you can help but love.

The characters are just incredible. How they interact with one another, how different they are personality-wise yet how well they complement one another is another highlight of this series. SKET Dance is humorous and made me laugh more times than I count, but it will make you tear up a lot also. It just hits all the right notes for me and it is one of the best comedy anime on Crunchyroll.

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Best Comedy Anime - Welcome to the NHK

Welcome to the N.H.K.

Welcome to the NHK is a unique anime about Sato, who’s plagued by anxieties and conspiracy theories. He is convinced that the N-H-K is orchestrating a scheme to turn society’s outcasts into reclusive shut-ins. The story takes an interesting turn with the introduction of the Misaki, who might just hold the key to helping Sato overcome his fears—if she can persuade him to leave his metaphorical foxhole and face the world.

This series is mainly unique thanks to its humor and dark themes. Welcome to the NHK is so dark that it often left me questioning whether I should be laughing at its content, so it is an acquired taste. However, if you are a fan of dark humor, like me, this anime is an essential watch. The series has darkly comedic elements, but it’s how it dives deep into the psyche of its characters that makes Welcome to the NHK such a compelling watch.

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Best Drama Anime on Crunchyroll

Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a touching anime that explores themes of grief, change, love, friendship, and the importance of forgiveness. The story follows a group of friends grappling with the loss of a childhood friend, Menma, and dives into the impact this tragedy has had on our main characters uniquely and beautifully. Each character’s unique coping mechanism showcases the multifaceted nature of grief: from those who isolate themselves to those who find solace in work or new friendships. The series thoughtfully portrays the diverse ways grief manifests and how different people navigate loss.

The story also explores the nuances of change and the enduring impact of childhood friendships. Their unexpected reunion reignites old feelings and guilt, pushing them to face the shadows of their past and grapple with the emotional fallout as well as unresolved grievances that rise to the forefront as a result. Anohana not only highlights the ebb and flow of relationships but also the healing and growth that arise out of strong bonds. The realistic and relatable group dynamics, paired with the emotional depth of the story, make Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day one of the best drama anime you can watch on Crunchyroll.

If you enjoy Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, be sure to check out the movie, which is a sequel to the original series.

Interested in learning more about why it’s such an amazing anime? Check out my full review of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

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best drama anime on crunchyroll fruits basket

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is one of those anime that knows how to hit all the right emotional notes. It’s impressive how it sets the tone, and mood, and develops its characters so well. I’m usually hesitant to commit to shows that are longer-running, but Fruits Basket hooked me immediately in its first season.

The series follows determined high schooler Tohru Honda, who after a devastating family tragedy upends her life, takes matters into her own hands and finds herself living in an unconventional arrangement—she sets up her new home in a tent. Little does she know that her chosen spot happens to be on private land owned by the mysterious Sohma clan. It doesn’t take long for the clan members to uncover her secret.

To Tohru’s surprise, instead of evicting her, the Sohmas offer her shelter and protection inside their own home. However, she soon discovers that the Sohmas harbor a secret of their own—they transform into animals from the Chinese Zodiac when touched by someone of the opposite sex. But the story, as usual, is so much more complex than that and it develops in truly surprising ways.

The balance the series strikes between the light-hearted, humorous moments and the deeply emotional ones is what makes this series a true joy to watch. What I appreciate most about Fruits Basket, though, is the attention given to each character. Everyone gets their moment, their backstory, making it impossible not to feel connected to each of them. The cast and crew did an outstanding job bringing this story to life on screen as well. It’s one of those series where you can tell every detail was handled with care. For me, Fruits Basket is easily one of the best anime of 2019 – it’s a beautifully balanced series that is as heartwarming as it is poignant.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - March Comes In Like a Lion

March Comes In Like a Lion

March Comes in Like a Lion is a moving story that follows the life of Rei Kiriyama, a young shogi prodigy living alone and on the brink of turning professional. His life, primarily isolated and centered around shogi, takes a turn when he meets a group of people who become his lifelong friends. These new relationships offer him a chance to start anew, and throughout the series, we watch Rei grow as a person.

This anime is an iyashikei (a genre of slice-of-life anime that aims to heal the viewer) and seinen, so it has a lot of heartwarming as well as challenging moments that are realistic and highlight life’s experiences. The series also explores existential themes, particularly the meaning of life and what it means to be human. Its relatability is largely thanks to its realistic characters whose personalities and life experiences are not only convincing but easy to connect with. I found myself rooting for the characters, and their stories resonated with me on a deeper level.

March Comes in Like a Lion hit me hard emotionally and it reminds me a lot of other series like Your Lie in April and Barakamon. If you love anime that are emotionally impactful with realistic characters and scenarios, I highly recommend giving March Comes in Like a Lion a watch on Crunchyroll.

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Best Fantasy Anime on Crunchyroll

These fantasy stories not only immerse you in their worlds but also bring a fresh approach to the genre, making them essential watches on Crunchyroll. Each series on this post is unique thanks to its storytelling, character development, themes, world-building, and visuals.

Whether it’s the personal growth we witness in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, the complex moral dilemmas in Noragami, the emotional storytelling in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, or the dark, reimagined magical girl world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, these anime all have something that makes them stand apart from the rest as one the best fantasy anime on Crunchyroll.

Best Anime of 2023 - Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

There’s something truly special about Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. As I followed the story of Frieren, an elf and mage, I couldn’t help but be moved by her quest to honor her late comrades’ final wishes. Her introspection, after losing a friend to old age, struck a chord with me. It’s a journey about revisiting memories and understanding the human experience, all while Frieren grapples with her near-immortal existence. This story is not your average fantasy anime; it’s a heartfelt reflection on the passing of time and the relationships we build.

What resonated with me most in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, though, is its exploration of our deep-seated need to connect. The setting may be a fantastical world of magic and demons, but the emotions and struggles of its main characters and the individuals that we meet along the way are incredibly real and relatable. It’s rare to find a fantasy story that steers clear of clichés and brings something genuinely fresh to the table, both in terms of its themes and ideas, all the while keeping you deeply invested in the lives of its characters and its world.

The animation by Madhouse is another aspect that left me in awe—the way they capture the nuances of life, the poignant scenes, and the characters’ emotions is extraordinary. This anime has easily become my favorite anime of 2023 and stands out as one of the most compelling new fantasy stories that you watch now on Crunchyroll. The true beauty, however, of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End lies in how it intertwines the past and present, painting a story that’s not just visually stunning but also emotionally rich and deeply human as well.

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Best Anime on Netflix - Magi


Magi is a captivating fantasy anime set in a world filled with enigmatic towers called dungeons. The story follows Aladdin, a young magician with a magical flute, and Alibaba, a former slave with aspirations of wealth and power, as they embark on an epic quest to conquer these perilous dungeons.

Along their journey, they encounter a diverse cast of allies and adversaries while unraveling the profound secrets of their mystical world. On top of having a great story, Magi is an exciting fusion of action, humor, political intrigue, and philosophical themes. The series fearlessly explores complex subjects like slavery, warfare, greed, and justice, all while maintaining a balance that keeps the story from feeling overly heavy.

Magi skillfully interweaves moments of comedy and heartwarming character interactions, which give the story a lot of warmth. The true strength of Magi, though, lies not only in its relatable and endearing characters but also in its meticulously crafted world. The series has incredible world-building, painting a vivid tapestry of diverse cultures and mythologies that you want to dive into more. All in all, Magi is a series full of action and adventure, but it is endearing and moving as well. If you have yet to check it out, I highly recommend doing so on Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is one I always recommend watching on Crunchyroll because it has an amazing story but it also has breathtaking animation thanks to Studio Bind. This anime adaptation has soared in popularity as of late, rightfully earning its place as one of the best isekai series to release on the platform within quite some time.

The story follows a 34-year-old unemployed man who, after dying in an accident, is reincarnated in a fantasy world as Rudeus Greyrat, retaining all his memories from his previous life. This setup offers a fresh take on the concept of a second chance, allowing the main character to embark on a new life in a different world, a common theme in isekai but it’s executed uniquely in Mushoku Tensei.

Mushoku Tensei, despite being set in a fantasy world, is a realistic tale of personal growth and redemption. Rudy, despite his flaws and creepiness, genuinely strives to better himself, making a concerted effort to change and evolve as a person. This is particularly evident in his interactions with characters like Ruijerd, which highlight his underlying kindness and desire for self-improvement. Rudy’s complex character makes him both polarizing and relatable.

His journey is only enhanced by the stunning landscapes and settings we witness in the episodes. It’s one you particularly need to watch if you enjoy anime that is centered around the personal growth of its characters or are interested in exploring a unique fantasy world.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Noragami


Noragami, which is one of the best fantasy anime on Crunchyroll, introduces us to Yato, a lesser-known deity with a unique problem: he lacks worshippers. Determined to gain fame and his own shrine, Yato embarks on various odd jobs to earn money. His life takes an intriguing turn when he crosses paths with Hiyori Iki, a girl who finds herself in a peculiar situation and seeks Yato’s assistance. This chance encounter sets the stage for an adventure that’s full of unexpected twists.

The characters in Noragami are driven by deep-seated desires and aspirations, so they are relatable and interesting. As the series progresses, we watch them grow as individuals but also evolve as a group. This anime has a lot of likable characters, each grappling with their own struggles and pasts. Through their backstories, Noragami offers insights into what has shaped these characters, which allows us to connect with them on a deeper level.

While the series has its share of sad and heartbreaking moments, these are balanced with comedic and heartwarming moments that make it light and warm. Noragami is great not only because it is emotionally impactful, but also because of the strong connection you form with its characters.

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Best Fantasy Anime on Crunchyroll - Overlord


Overlord is one of the most popular isekai anime you can watch on Crunchyroll and for good reason. It tells the story of Momonga, a player who finds himself trapped in his favorite DMMO-RPG, YGGDRASIL. Instead of his real-world self, he is transported into the game as his avatar, the skeletal Overlord, Ainz Ooal Gown. Alongside his NPC companions, he embarks on a quest for dominion over this new world, all the while trying to unravel the mystery of his predicament.

Ainz Ooal Gown, known as Momonga in his previous life, is a fascinating character. He’s the “bad guy” in this story, yet he’s far from the traditional villain we’ve come to know in fantasy stories. His redeeming qualities make him a surprisingly likable character. There’s a humorous and relatable aspect to Momonga as he pretends to be an all-powerful Overlord when, in reality, he’s an ordinary guy.

The NPCs are also vividly brought to life and it’s entertaining to watch them grow through their interactions with Ainz. They add as much to this story as he does. In addition to its complex plots and strategies, Overlord, which is animated by Madhouse, is known for its high-quality animation. It is hands-down one of the most immersive isekai experiences, but it also has exceptional world-building and offers a refreshing take on the video game turned reality concept.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Characters

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the most unique anime you can watch on Crunchyroll because it is a dark and complex take on the magical girl genre. The series, which is animated by SHAFT (Bakemonogatari), consists of 12 episodes and three films, with the first two films recapping the original series and the third, Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion, continuing the story.

The series follows our main protagonist Madoka Kaname, whose life takes a dark turn when she meets Homura Akemi, a mysterious transfer student, and Kyubey, a creature offering her magical powers in exchange for any wish. As Madoka dives deeper, she uncovers the ominous truth behind these powers.

Visually, the anime is a masterpiece, because it introduces us to a world that shifts from serene to terrifying and it has a truly unique style. Since the series blurs the lines between innocence and horror, it is a rollercoaster of emotions, but it also leaves a lasting impression with its strong messages, including an exploration of hope, despair, fate, and free will, as well as its striking animation.

Want to learn more about the series? Check out our Puella Magi Madoka Magica review.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - ReZero

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

In Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World, we follow the journey of our protagonist, Subaru Natsuki, a high school student who is abruptly transported to a fantastical realm. Early on, Subaru discovers he has a remarkable new ability known as “Return by Death,” which grants him the power to rewind time when he dies. If you’re a fan of stories that have fresh perspectives on time travel and delve into the intricate web of consequences it weaves, Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World is one of the best anime on Crunchyroll that you don’t want to miss.

Subaru’s actions set off a chain of unexpected events and unforeseen outcomes. This unpredictability gives Re:ZERO a constant sense of intrigue, ensuring that you’ll always be on the edge of your seat while watching the series. The story has a mysterious aura, gradually unveiling the complexities of this new world and Subaru’s extraordinary power, all the while continuously evolving in ways that will leave you guessing at every turn.

Re:ZERO is one of the best isekai anime for many reasons, chief among them being its innovative approach to time travel and the consequences that come with it. Subaru’s journey is a relentless test of adaptability as he confronts ever-changing circumstances and faces new challenges, making it one of the most thrilling as well as heart-wrenching series you can watch on this list.

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Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Anime with OP MC

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime isn’t your typical isekai anime—it’s something truly unique in the genre and it’s one of the best you can watch. The story kicks off with Satoru Mikami, an average 37-year-old, who, following a bizarre twist of fate, finds himself reborn as a slime in a fantastical realm. This seemingly peculiar transformation takes an unexpected turn when the mighty dragon Veldora bestows a name upon him.

Rimuru, our slime protagonist, possesses a unique ability called Mimicry. This allows him not only to replicate the forms of those he absorbs but also to inherit their skills. As the narrative unfolds, Rimuru’s journey leads to a transformation that propels him into the ranks of the most powerful anime characters.

What truly distinguishes this anime from the rest, though, is its choice of hero—a slime—and its world-building. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime introduces an interesting array of groups and creatures that Rimuru encounters and befriends, so it has a rich cast of characters. If you’re seeking a fresh isekai and reincarnation anime, this one’s essential.

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Best Mecha Anime on Crunchyroll

The best mecha anime on Crunchyroll offer so much more than just amazing mecha battles and intense action. These series dive deep into profound themes and messages, often exploring the psyches and motivations of the pilots they follow as well as the complex issues that arise out of war.

Best Anime on Crunchyroll Right Now - 86

86 Eighty-Six

I’m a big fan of anime that blends military elements and mecha action, much like Gundam, so it’s no surprise that 86 became a quick favorite of mine. Its promise of a rich story and detailed world-building had me excited for its anime adaptation, and after watching the series, it exceeded all of my expectations.

The animation by A-1 Pictures stands out. From the dynamic mecha battles to the poignant, emotional scenes, every episode is beautifully crafted. There are sequences in Part 2, in particular, that are emotionally stirring and unforgettable. It’s not just the stunning visuals that got to me, though; the story itself is amazing.

Set against the backdrop of the conflict between The Republic of San Magnolia and the Giadian Empire, ’86’ reveals a harrowing truth behind the so-called unmanned drones. The plight of the Eighty-Six, the young pilots at the heart of the conflict, makes 86 a powerful and harrowing story. The series tackles tough themes like oppression and discrimination with sensitivity, and amidst the darkness, it weaves in stories of hope and human resilience that shine some light in the darkness. If you are looking for an anime that features a thought-provoking and emotionally rich story, you’ll want to give 86 a watch.

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Best Anime on Netflix - Code Geass Anime

Code Geass

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is one of the best anime as well as one of the best mecha anime to ever be released, and there are many reasons why I think it lives up to its hype. A lot of people compare Code Geass and Death Note to one another, and while their characters have similar motivations and personalities and both have similar themes that center around the concept of justice, they are still different.

I do think Death Note fans will enjoy Code Geass, but I also think you shouldn’t go in with the preconceived notion that it’s going to be the same. The two have their similarities, yes, but Code Geass is different in the way that it’s more politically charged, which is very common for mecha anime, and there are a lot of characters in the mix in the series.

Code Geass is unlike any mecha anime series I’ve seen and it’s one I often recommend to those who are new to the genre. There were many times when I felt like I wasn’t watching a mecha anime at all. This is mainly because it focuses on the characters and their lives more so than just their battles and conflicts. Not to say that other mecha anime don’t do this because they do, but Code Geass develops its characters more so than most. The characters and how they evolve throughout the series are part of the reason why I think Code Geass is so amazing.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll Now - Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann

I love anime where the main character starts as timid but then grows into an unstoppable force. And while this is a common trope in anime, Simon from Gurren Lagann takes it to a whole other level with his development as a character. Gurren Lagann shares the same kind of zany, over-the-top energy as other series like Kill la Kill, so it’s fun to watch, but it has a unique animation style too. Watching the series is a visual treat as expected for Gainax, who is the studio behind FLCL and Neon Genesis Evangelion to name a few.

The setting of Gurren Lagann is this futuristic world where humans are living underground, dreaming of a legendary surface world. Here, live Simon and Kamina, who not only dream but make it to the surface, plunging themselves into a new reality of epic human versus robot battles. As a mecha anime, Gurren Lagann stands out for its whimsical and humorous take on the genre.

I’m a major fan of serious, gritty mecha series like Iron-Blooded Orphans, but the way Gurren Lagann mixes in its playful, offbeat elements makes it a unique gem in mecha. It’s serious when it needs to be, but always keeps its quirky charm, which I appreciate. All in all, it’s a well-crafted and charming anime that’s got a lot going for it thanks to its distinct style and charismatic characters.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Gundam 00 has a fascinating and thought-provoking narrative, especially given that it explores the paradoxical idea of combating war with war. It follows Celestial Being, a group of five skilled Gundam pilots from across the globe, each driven by personal motives. The series delves into the methods these pilots employ to achieve their common goal, questioning whether peace can truly be attained through violence.

What makes Gundam 00 particularly appealing, especially if you are a newcomer to the Gundam universe, is its accessibility. Since it unfolds in a timeline parallel to our own, this makes it one of the more relatable Gundam series out there, but its also one you can watch without having to dive deep into the 40-year history of Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00‘s accessibility, combined with its exploration of unique themes and its contemporary setting, makes it ideal for first-time viewers or those looking for a modern Gundam series to watch. The anime not only has profound commentary on the nature of conflict and peace, but it also delivers the high-quality mecha action that we’ve come to expect from Gundam. If you are interested in diving into the series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is complete with two seasons, followed by the movie Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer. All of these are available to watch now on Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is a personal favorite of mine. It’s full of action and intense battles, but it’s the rebellion led by Tekkadan, a group of child soldiers, and their plight that will hook you most. Mikazuki, in particular, is a standout character—his deep commitment to his comrades and their shared vision of a better future is touching, but difficult to watch. If you’re not usually into mecha or have yet to dive deep into Gundam, don’t worry. Iron-Blooded Orphans is different from any other Gundam series you’ll ever watch.

Its emotional depth and well-developed characters capture your attention from the get-go. Plus, it’s a self-contained story, so, much like Gundam 00, it’s perfect for anyone who might feel intimated by Gundam’s long and complex history. You can jump right into watching the series without any prior series knowledge, which is part of its appeal, but it’s also one of the most emotionally-stirring mecha anime to release to date.

If you’re curious about the Gundam universe as a whole, though, there’s plenty more to explore. I made a comprehensive Gundam Watch Guide that lays out the timelines and talks about the best entry points in order to help you navigate the rich world that is Gundam.

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Best Mecha Anime Streaming on Netflix Now - Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn stands out in the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam universe. Even though it’s part of this long-running timeline, you can jump right into it without needing to watch everything that came before it. Knowing the backstory enhances the experience, but Gundam Unicorn stands strong on its own. Out of all the Gundam anime I’ve watched, it’s become one of my top picks, particularly thanks to its innovative mobile suits and crisp animation. But what hooked me most about the series is its story.

Gundam Unicorn isn’t just about epic battles—don’t get me wrong, the battles are spectacular—but it delves deeper, focusing on personal conflicts as well as character development. It’s the way it brings characters to the forefront, more than many other series in the franchise, that makes it unique. What further sets it apart for me is how it humanizes characters on all sides, giving depth to the ‘villains’ in the story and by exploring the concept of redemption.

Once you start watching this one, it’s hard to stop. I ended up binging the whole series in one go because it was that entertaining. It’s an anime worth watching, whether you’re a long-time Gundam fan or are just now discovering the franchise.

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Best Music Anime on Crunchyroll

These music anime on Crunchyroll are some of the very best in the genre. They highlight not only the world of music but also the musicians at its heart. These series often follow bands, who are trying to make it in the music industry, so we get a window into the lives of a musician and the hard work it takes to “make it”.

They also often show the evolution of these bands as a collective unit but also the personal growth of their members, who learn a lot through their interactions with other musicians. These anime have amazing music, but they also highlight the power and passion of music as well as the healing and joy our main characters get from playing it.

Best Anime on Crunchyroll Right Now - Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock took me by surprise when it was released in 2022. As a fan of music-themed anime like Beck and Given, I was naturally drawn to the series, but I didn’t expect to be as captivated by it as I was. The music is fantastic, but it’s the humor and the characters that truly make this anime shine.

The story centers on Hitori Gotoh, or ‘Bocchi-chan,’ a shy girl who dreams of playing guitar in a band. Her journey begins when she meets Nijika Ijichi, the drummer of the Kessoku Band. Watching Bocchi make friends and connect with others who share her passion is incredibly heartwarming. I’ve always loved anime where characters bond over a shared love, and Bocchi the Rock hits this out of the park. It’s not just about them growing as a band; it’s about their personal growth too.

CloverWorks, the studio behind the series, has done a phenomenal job bringing the story to life. From the visuals and character designs to the comedic timing and the way they handle emotional moments, everything is spot on. If you’re in the mood for an anime that’s a feel-good watch, definitely give Bocchi the Rock a shot on Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Given Anime


Given follows Mafuyu Satou, who’s discovered napping with his Gibson guitar by Ritsuka Uenoyama, a fellow student and guitarist. Intrigued by Uenoyama’s expertise, Mafuyu persuades him to repair his guitar and teach him how to play it. Their bond deepens as Uenoyama introduces Mafuyu to his bandmates and, struck by Mafuyu’s captivating voice, invites him to be their lead singer. Despite initial hesitation and his limited guitar skills, a reunion with an old friend motivates Mafuyu to embrace the role, confronting not only his musical challenges but also the mysterious past linked to his guitar.

Given is a remarkable anime that excels beyond its BL, slice of life, romance, and drama roots, and I firmly believe it deserves attention from all anime fans. It not only features amazing musicianship and original music by Centimillimental, but it also has a compelling storyline and characters that are easy to relate to and connect with.

If you aren’t typically a fan of series that involve romance, Given will break through your reservations. It proved to be a captivating series, not just another typical romance, and it opened my eyes to the potential of genres that I often overlook. The best thing about Given, though, is that it’s a journey of finding light in darkness and self-discovery, primarily through music.

The soundtrack, especially a haunting melody by Mafuyu, is amazing, and it’s these pivotal moments that ultimately lead to an unforgettable live band performance. The show also delves into the nuances of starting and being in a band, portraying the real-world struggles and joys of musicianship. Through Mafuyu’s story and his connection with his guitar, the anime beautifully explores themes of love, life, and healing, showcasing the beauty of music and how it can profoundly affect us.

If you are looking to give the series a shot, you can watch the first season as well as the Given movie, which is a sequel to the first season, now on Crunchyroll.

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Best Music Anime on Crunchyroll - Beck


Beck, which was adapted into an anime by Madhouse, is one of my favorite anime that dives into the world of a rock band that is navigating the challenges of the music industry. The series beautifully highlights the struggles of “making it” as a musician, whether it be the difficulty of gaining recognition or the excitement that comes with pursuing your passion.

It is also amazing thanks to the camaraderie that exists among the band members. Not only that but how they come together to celebrate the highs as well as overcome the lows that arise during their musical journey. Beck perfectly explores the complexities of being in a band, as well as the responsibilities and relationships the members balance alongside their musical careers. Their relationships outside of the band are just as important as those within it.

Madhouse’s adaptation of Beck is one of the best. They brought the characters and story to life amazingly. But, it’s how the series strikes the perfect balance between comedic and serious moments that make it such a standout. If you are a fan of music or coming-of-age stories, Beck is one you’ll want to check out Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Netflix Right Now - Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April

Passion can be a fleeting thing, and this is beautifully conveyed in Your Lie in April. The series is about Kosei Arima, a piano prodigy who loses his passion for music due to the overbearing expectations of his mother. His world changes one day when his mother passes away, which leads him to abandon the piano, the very instrument he once loved.

Your Lie in April explores how we sometimes lose sight of why we love what we do, but also how a single encounter can reignite our lost passions. Enter Kaori Miyazono, a vibrant violinist whose free-spirited approach to music starkly contrasts with Kosei’s disciplined style. Her presence in Kosei’s life acts as a catalyst that reignites his love for music.

Ultimately, Your Lie in April is a story of two individuals: one ablaze with passion, the other having lost it. Most importantly, though, it’s about their journey towards finding fulfillment, joy, and love. Despite its heartbreaking moments, the series is also incredibly heartwarming and moving thanks to the deep connection that’s formed between Kaori and Kousei.

Their relationship is the most important part of Your Lie in April. Together, they create a symphony of emotions that leaves a lasting impact. The way these two characters express their feelings their words, actions, and of course, their music makes Your Lie in April one of the most touching and memorable anime you’ll ever watch on Crunchyroll.

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Best Romance Anime on Crunchyroll

Each of these series stands out as some of the best romance anime available to watch now Crunchyroll. Whether you’re in the mood for a comedy that makes you laugh or a drama that takes a more serious and profound look at love, these romance anime are ones you don’t want to miss.

Best Romance Anime on Crunchyroll - Horimiya


Horimiya is one of the best romance anime on Crunchyroll because it tells the refreshingly real story of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, two high school students who conceal their true selves from their peers. Kyouko, who is popular at school, leads a different life at home, dedicating her time to caring for her younger brother. Miyamura, who is thought of by his peers as a mysterious, glasses-wearing otaku, actually is a kind soul, and he also has a lot of piercings and tattoos.

Apart from having a great cast of characters, Horimiya is a beautiful story about acceptance and love and it celebrates the idea that there’s someone who will cherish us for who we truly are, including those aspects about ourselves that we so desperately try to hide. With its heartfelt and relatable romance, Horimiya is a refreshing series that has a beautiful message.

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Best Comedy Anime - Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is an anime that never fails to make me laugh. It’s a rom-com centered around Kaguya and Shirogane, two clever students who are engaged in a hilarious battle of wits to make the other confess their love. Picture it as a high-stakes chess match with a dose of drama and theatrics, so hilarious as well as entertaining antics are bound to ensure.

What sets this anime apart is its ingenious irony. Kaguya and Shirogane’s refusal to confess their love for one another, fearing it’s a sign of weakness, creates the perfect recipe for comedy. The supporting characters, including Yuu Ishigami and Chika Fujiwara, add even more humor to the mix.

The animation by A-1 Pictures is top-notch as well. But what I appreciate most about Kaguya-sama: Love is War is its refreshing originality. It avoids the tired clichés of typical rom-com, offering a unique take on love that makes it one of the best anime series you can watch on Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Netflix - Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You is about Sawako, a high school student burdened by rumors and misunderstandings, earning her the moniker Sadako due to her eerie resemblance to the character from The Ring. She yearns to break free from this reputation and struggles to connect with her classmates, except for one, Shouta Kazehaya.

Throughout the series, Sawako undergoes a remarkable journey of personal growth, gradually finding her voice and learning more about herself along the way. The realistic character development, which portrays change as a gradual process rather than an overnight transformation, is a big reason why Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You is such a success.

As Sawako opens up to her peers, genuine friendships blossom, which leads to a captivating group dynamic and remarkable chemistry among the characters. This blend of sweetness and humor, mainly driven by comical misunderstandings and facial expressions, makes Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You an engaging slice-of-life and romance anime. The animation by Production I.G masterfully captures the series’ mood, but it’s the believable relationships and the character development that make this one a joy to watch.

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Best Comedy Anime - My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling is a delightful romance anime that’s as humorous as it is heartwarming. The series has a great story and charming characters, but it also seamlessly blending together lighthearted, comedic scenes with more emotional ones.

Anime like My Dress Up Darling follows characters with hobbies that many of us can relate to, which makes it easy to connect with the series. The story follows two characters who are passionate about their hobbies—Marin Kitagawa who loves to cosplay and Wakana Gojou who loves to make hina dolls.

When Marin finds Gojou in the sewing room at school one day, she discovers his talent for sewing. She enlists him to make her next cosplay outfit, pushing him out of his comfort zone and into a new world. A romance blossoming out of this connection only feels natural.

My Dress-Up Darling has an empowering message: to unapologetically be yourself, regardless of what other people think. This theme is ever-present over the course of the series and the story is told in a fun and relatable. If you are looking for a top-tier rom-com to watch or a story that explores self-acceptance as well as individual growth, My Dress-Up Darling is one of the top series I recommend on Crunchyroll.

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Best Sci-Fi Anime on Crunchyroll

Best Sci-Fi Anime - Akira


I’ve always been amazed by Akira and how it’s managed to stay so relevant and powerful over the years. It’s one of those timeless anime films that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it. Akira is an icon in the world of anime, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the my picks on Crunchyroll. If you are just now diving into anime or have yet to see the film, it’s an absolute must-watch.

Akira drops you into a dystopian Tokyo, scarred by a thermonuclear attack, where biker gangs rule and shadowy figures pull strings in the background. The story of Akira is gripping, but so is its atmosphere and the world it is set in. The film was way ahead of its time with its dark themes and edgy aesthetic.

Every time I watch it, I’m struck by how unique and groundbreaking it is, especially in the way it visualizes this chaotic, post-apocalyptic world and envisions the future. Akira is one of the most influential anime of all time, so it essential to any watchlist. It’s an unforgettable experience no matter how you watch it, but if you get the chance to watch it in 4K, it’s even more unforgettable.

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Best Sci-Fi Anime - Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is an unforgettable sci-fi classic that is special thanks to its noir and Western influences, but also its story, which is character-centric and follows the lives and the adventures of the Bebop crew, including Spike Spiegel, a bounty hunter with a unique past, Jet Black, an ex-officer turned bounty hunter, Faye Valentine, a wanted criminal turned bounty hunter, Ed, a genius hacker, and Ein, a corgi with enhanced intelligence.

The series isn’t short on interesting personalities and it has one of the most diverse casts on this list. Each of their stories connects you further to the story, but you’ll meet new characters along the way that add even more interest. Spike’s backstory in particular is compelling, and he is an incredibly complex character, but every member of the crew will capture your heart.

Cowboy Bebop is fun and lighthearted and it’s full of action and mystery, but it’s also gritty and dark thanks to its noir feel and the topics it explores. In this series, our characters’ pasts haunt them, and no matter how hard they try to avoid or run away from their past, it always finds a way to catch up with them. There’s a lot of depth to this series and its characters as a result. And then there’s its jazzy soundtrack, which further sets the mood and atmosphere and immerses you in this futuristic yet nostalgic world. Cowboy Bebop is often described as a Space Western, and while this is very much true, it’s so much more than that.

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Best Horror Anime - Parasyte the Maxim

Parasyte -the maxim-

“Parasyte: The Maxim” is the pinnacle of sci-fi horror. It dives into the realm of body horror with some of the most vividly unsettling alien designs and transformations I’ve ever seen in an anime. These aliens, which insidiously burrow into humans, are particularly haunting due to their retention of a human appearance, albeit a distorted one.

Brought to life by Madhouse, these transformations are even more nightmarish when witnessed in the anime. The story of Parasyte revolves around Shinichi Izumi, a regular high school student whose life is changed forever when his body becomes host to an alien Parasite named Migi. Unlike many others who are fully overtaken, Shinichi manages to confine this invader to his hand, leading to a strange coexistence with Migi.

Parasyte is one of my favorite anime adaptations of all time, and this is saying a lot, given just how amazing the manga already is. You can check it out now on Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Hulu - Psycho-Pass


Psycho-Pass is a sci-fi series with some of the world-building in anime. It’s set in a futuristic society governed by the Sibyl System and this system monitors individuals and assigns them a “Psycho-Pass,” a numerical value representing a person’s threat level to society. Those labeled as “latent criminals” face a life of judgment and potential imprisonment. However, a select few are given the chance to work as Enforcers, essentially acting as subordinates to Inspectors.

These Enforcers undertake the system’s dirty work to maintain the mental stability of their Inspectors, keeping their own “Psycho-Pass” clear. The premise of a world where justice is administered by an ostensibly objective system, yet riddled with inherent flaws, is what makes Psycho-Pass such a compelling dystopian story.

The series excels not only in its detailed depiction of a futuristic society, from advanced technology to government operations but also in its character development. Characters such as Kogami, Inspector Akane, and the antagonist Makishima are all entertaining to watch, with their interactions and values highlighting the thin line that exists between good and evil.

Psycho-Pass doesn’t shy away from exploring dark themes. It has a lot of violence and dives deep into the abyss that is human nature. All in all, it has some of the most interesting episodes I’ve ever seen in a sci-fi anime, and it’s one you want to check out on Crunchyroll.

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Best Sci-Fi Anime - Space Brothers

Space Brothers

Space Brothers is one of the most heartwarming and touching sci-fi anime I’ve watched on Crunchyroll. It follows the story of two brothers, Mutta and Hibito Nanba, who share the ambitious dream of becoming astronauts. While Hibito is on the verge of realizing this dream, Mutta faces setbacks that put his aspirations on hold.

But, life offers Mutta a second chance when he’s invited to take the astronaut entrance exam. Despite being out of practice and shape, Mutta’s unique skills, unwavering determination, and a childhood promise to his brother propel him to pursue his dream. This series beautifully captures the essence of childhood dreams and the challenges that come with turning them into reality, and it’s all told in a heartwarming as well as humorous way that makes it relatable.

Space Brothers is visually appealing too. Not only does it showcase the allure of space, but it also has striking animation by A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online). More than anything, though, Space Brothers shows us that it’s never too late to go after what you want and that no dream is out of reach if you want it bad enough, even if that dream is reaching for the stars.

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Best Anime on Hulu - Steins;Gate


Steins;Gate is my all-time favorite anime and it’s one of the very best you can watch on Crunchyroll. Set in Akihabara, Tokyo, the story revolves around a group of friends who stumble upon a method of time manipulation using a modified microwave. This discovery plunges them into a thrilling and dangerous world filled with conspiracies and the weighty consequences that come with tampering with time.

Steins;Gate masterfully explores complex themes like causality and the challenges that come with time travel. The series even discusses real-world theories, such as John Titor’s time travel theories and the butterfly effect, which make it feel authentic. Steins;Gate stands apart from other time travel series because it is self-aware. It goes as far as to address the skepticism surrounding time travel, gradually transforming even the most die-hard skeptics into believers.

Much of its charm is thanks to its characters, especially our main protagonist, Okabe, who is a quirky “mad scientist” with a complex personality. Science is meant to be empirical, but it is emotion that drives Okabe to carry out his research, and this is what makes Steins;Gate such an enveloping and twisted anime.

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Best Sci-Fi Anime - Trigun


When it comes to sci-fi classics, one of the most renowned and loved is Trigun. Trigun was adapted into an anime in 1998 with animation by Madhouse, who later went on to animate titles like One Punch Man, Death Note, and Death Parade to name a few. The anime is still loved to this day, and for good reason. Despite its age, the battles are well animated and they did an incredible job at bringing the world and characters of Trigun to life.

Trigun is set in the desert world of Gunsmoke, where a mysterious bounty hangs above the head of Vash the Stampede. His guns can pierce a planet, which explains why the locals tremble at the very mention of his name. The reward for his capture or assassination is sixty billion double dollars. Every trigger-happy psycho in creation is aiming to claim Vash dead or alive.

Trigun has a nostalgic feel to it with its Western-like vibe and setting, but it’s set in a futuristic time as well, and this makes it unique. On top of all that, it’s action-packed and full of comedy and it’s one of the most entertaining sci-fi anime I’ve ever watched on Crunchyroll.

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Best Shonen Anime on Crunchyroll

Best Shonen Anime on Crunchyroll - Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is a unique shonen anime that takes a hard look at the education system. The story follows Class 3-E, a group of misfit students at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, who are tasked with honing both their academic and assassination skills. Their target is their teacher, Korosensei, an octopus-like being with incredible powers, which include Mach 20 speed and regeneration.

The series not only showcases diverse teaching methods but also highlights the individual strengths and talents of each student, Even though there is a large cast, each student gets their time in the spotlight throughout the series, so you connect with each character. Korosensei, despite being a supposed threat to humanity, is portrayed as an exceptional teacher who genuinely cares about his students’ growth and potential. He adapts his teaching style to suit each student’s needs, fostering their abilities and helping them overcome their weaknesses.

The students, initially struggling academically, begin to appreciate and even love Korosensei, despite their ongoing mission to assassinate him. It’s one of my all-time favorite Shonen series, and while it’s loved by many, it’s still underrated in comparison to other series in the genre. I hope you will give it a shot on Crunchyroll!

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Best Shonen Anime on Crunchyroll - Black Clover

Black Clover

Black Clover is underrated in the Shonen genre, especially given how good it is. The story of Black Clover follows Asta, a boisterous orphan in a magic-filled world, who, unlike his magically gifted friend Yuno, possesses no magical abilities. Despite this, Asta’s determination never wavers, and he trains relentlessly to achieve his dream of becoming the Wizard King.

The series begins with Asta and Yuno, both 15, receiving their Grimoires, which unlock their magical potential. Yuno is granted a legendary four-leaf clover Grimoire, while Asta initially receives none. However, after a confrontation to protect Yuno’s Grimoire, Asta acquires a mysterious five-leaf clover Grimoire. This marks the start of their respective journeys, which are filled with surprises, twists, and unexpected turns.

Black Clover is set in a unique magical world, but it also has a fantastic cast of characters each with unique abilities, dynamic group interactions, strong villains, and action-packed battles. The series gets better and better with each episode and it’s one of the best shonen anime you can watch right now on Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Netflix Right Now - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist is a highly acclaimed anime series that has been adapted twice: the original 2003 series and a retelling titled Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in 2009. If you are new to the series, I highly recommend starting with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This version has improved pacing and storytelling, along with better animation by Bones, who also worked on the 2003 adaptation.

The story of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood centers around two brothers, Ed and Alphonse, who are alchemists. They suffer a great loss after attempting to resurrect their mother using the forbidden art of human transmutation. The series follows their quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone in hopes of regaining what they lost. Along their journey, they numerous obstacles and uncover dark conspiracies that add even more to the story.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood balances comedic moments with a darker, more serious tone, which sets it apart from other shonen anime. Its top-notch storytelling and character development make it a must-watch on Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Netflix Right Now - Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter is one of the highest-rated and top shonen anime of all time, and after watching it, it’s no surprise as to why. The story follows Gon, a young boy determined to become a legendary Hunter like his father to find him. But to do so, he’ll have to pass a series of tests and overcome all of the obstacles that stand in his way.

One of the best things about Hunter x Hunter is the complex relationship between Gon and his friend Killua. The story is not only about their paths but also the ups and downs of their friendship. On top of all that, the anime has some of the most memorable villains in Shonen, particularly the Phantom Troupe, and it has some of the best arcs in anime like the Chimera Ant Arc. Hunter x Hunter is fun and full of adventure, but it also explores darker, more philosophical themes, which set it apart from other series in the genre that are also available to watch on Crunchyroll.

Curious as to when Hunter x Hunter gets good? Here are all of the Hunter x Hunter arcs ranked.

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Best Anime on Hulu - My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is not underrated. It’s well-known and popular, so while I don’t feel it needs an introduction, its presence needs to be felt on this list. Why? Because there are a lot of people out there who push MHA to the side simply because they don’t like how mainstream it is.

If that’s you, I hope you give My Hero Academia a chance. It isn’t just some childish, run-of-the-mill superhero story like you’ll read on some Reddit threads. Yeah, sometimes it falls within the tropes that are commonly found in action-based anime, but the same can be said for any shonen. While it does have a bubbly presence most of the time, there are darker themes, like human experimentation explored within the seasons.

You aren’t going to get blood and gore—although you do get some of that in the manga in comparison to the anime—but you are going to witness some great action scenes and fights and follow a great story along the way. As far as characters go, both the villain and hero sides have interesting backstories, development, and quirks. The villain’s backstories are just now coming into play in Season 5, so the story only gets that much more interesting.

It’s an all-around well-developed anime that I highly recommend to anyone on Crunchyroll, especially those of you who haven’t given it a chance or are just getting into anime.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Naruto


Naruto is one of the first anime I ever watched, and even still to this day, it is one of the best shonen anime. The series is largely successful because of its characters. The story follows Naruto, a young shinobi with the power of the Nine-Tails, and his ambitious journey to become Hokage. While the anime has a large cast, which leads to some characters being less prominent in the story, those in the spotlight are developed well.

On top of all that, Naruto has one of the most interesting villain groups in Shonen anime, the Akatsuki. The battles in Naruto are a strong suit of the series, but the characters’ stories are emotionally impactful as well. What I especially like about Naruto, though, is its antagonists. Most of the “bad guys” are not only likable but also get a chance to redeem themselves, with backstories that make you sympathize with them and this further connects you to the overarching story.

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Best 90s Anime - One Piece

One Piece

One Piece is an epic adventure that has earned its well-deserved place among the most beloved and highly-rated anime of all time. Adapted from Eiichiro Oda’s manga, the series follows Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates as they embark on a thrilling journey across the boundless seas. Along the way, they forge meaningful friendships and face formidable foes, discovering that the true treasure lies not in riches, but in the enduring bonds they make.

What One Piece truly excels at is world-building. The world of One Piece is a mesmerizing place where pirates and the military engage in epic battles. Toei Animation masterfully brings Oda’s vision to life on the screen, diving us into this unique and alluring world.

While watching One Piece, you’ll feel like a member of the crew as you sail the seas with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, encountering a rich tapestry of islands, cultures, and traditions along the way. Because of its great cast of characters, charismatic protagonist, and masterful world-building, One Piece undoubtedly is one of the best anime you can stream now on Crunchyroll.

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Best Sports Anime on Crunchyroll

Best Sports Anime on Crunchyroll - Ace of the Diamond

Ace of the Diamond

Ace of the Diamond is the best baseball anime I’ve ever seen. Our main character, Eijun Sawamura, is the pitcher and team captain of his school’s baseball team. The story kicks off when he botches a game-winning pitch and, after being taunted by the opposing team, hilariously defends his team’s honor in an all-out brawl. From that moment on, I was rooting for him and I couldn’t wait to see how he’d develop throughout the series.

Sawamura’s baseball career takes an exciting turn when he’s offered a scholarship to Seidou High School, which is known for its top-tier baseball team. At Seidou, he is faced with intense competition, not only from rival schools but also within his team, as each player strives to become the team’s “Ace.” What captivated me about Ace of the Diamond, though, was its exploration of themes like teamwork, perseverance, and resilience. Watching Sawamura navigate these various challenges and triumphs along with his teammates makes Ace of the Diamond an inspiring and entertaining watch.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Aoashi


Ao Ashi’s story grabbed my attention right from the start. I used to play soccer, so I knew it was one I’d enjoy, but it captured the sport, and what it feels like to play it, in ways that few others have before.

The story follows Ashito Aoi, a passionate middle school soccer player, who catches the eye of Coach Tatsuya Fukuda from the J Youth League. When he’s invited to try out for the team in Tokyo, Ashito’s journey takes some surprising turns and his growth as an individual, as well as a player, adds a lot of depth to the story. What I appreciate about Ashito is that he’s not your typical overpowered protagonist. He’s relatable—a hard worker constantly honing his skills, which makes you root for him even more.

If you are searching for a soccer anime that strikes the perfect balance between realism and entertainment, Ao Ashi is one you don’t want to miss. The series delves deep into the nitty-gritty of soccer— from pre-game drills to the dynamics among players on and off the field, and even the injuries that come with the sport. But it’s the animation of the action scenes and player movements that truly sets Ao Ashi apart. It brings the game to life in a way that’s both exhilarating and authentic, making it a standout series for soccer and anime fans alike. Not only is it one of the best anime you can watch on Crunchyroll, it is one of the best anime that aired in 2022.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Blue Lock

Blue Lock

Blue Lock, which follows high schooler Yoichi Isagi, is about a high-stakes football program designed to find Japan’s best striker for the World Cup. It’s basically a battle royale of footballers, where overcoming 300 rivals means mastering not just your skills, but also your ego. The premise is thrilling, with challenges that keep you on edge. For these reasons and more, it is one of my favorite sports anime to release within quite some time.

Seeing the intense moments and unique personalities come alive on screen has been nothing short of remarkable. What sets Blue Lock apart is how it focuses on a single position in the sport, striker, while still emphasizing team dynamics. Players compete individually and in teams, creating a mix of rivalry and collaboration. This not only brings an interesting twist to the sports genre but also gives us a look into the psyches of the players and the moral dilemmas that arise out due to the cut-throat nature of this program.

The animation’s portrayal of the players’ motion and aura is impressive, capturing the accuracy and intensity of their movements on the pitch. Blue Lock’s anime adaptation has far exceeded my expectations. It’s an adrenaline-fueled journey that also touches on the deeper aspects of sportsmanship and personal growth. The voice cast and music only add to the experience, further heightening the action and psychological tension. As one of the best anime of 2022 and a standout sports series, Blue Lock has left me eagerly looking forward to more. You can catch up on the episodes now on Crunchyroll if you’d like to check it out.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Haikyu!!


Haikyuu!! is not only the best volleyball anime to ever be released, but it’s also one of the top sports anime you can watch on Crunchyroll. It is mostly successful because of its characters, but also in the way that it invests you in its story. Watching Haikyuu!! is an emotional journey, to say the least; it makes you laugh, cry, and experience emotions ranging from victory to defeat, so it accurately explores everything an athlete would feel in real life.

The character development in Haikyuu!! is amazing, with each character getting their moments to shine. The dynamics within and between teams are interesting too, especially with players joining new teams, and transforming former rivals into teammates. All in all, Haikyuu!! is a perfect gateway series if you are new to sports anime, but it’s a show that avid sports fans will enjoy as well.

Definitely check out Haikyu!! on Crunchyroll when you get a chance! With animation by Production I.G and some of the best team dynamics in anime, it’s one you don’t want to miss.

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Best 90s Anime - Initial D

Initial D

Initial D is one of the most iconic and best 90s anime on Crunchyroll. As far as racing anime go, none have done it quite as well as Initial D. The story follows Takumi Fujiwara, who unknowingly hones his racing prowess while making tofu deliveries on Mt. Akina in his dad’s AE86. His skills attract the attention of prominent racing teams, like the Akagi RedSuns.

Initial D‘s unique charm wasn’t just in its thrilling racing scenes but the Eurobeat music that defined them. When Takumi executed a drift the beat drops matched perfectly, which only added to the experience. Of course, the races are intense, but it was the series’ blend of character dynamics, rivalries, and that distinct Eurobeat rhythm that cemented Initial D‘s place as one of the very best anime of all time.

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Best Anime on Netflix - Kuroko's Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball is sometimes criticized for its unrealistic and flashy portrayal of basketball. But, this is exactly what makes it so enjoyable to watch. Embracing this series’ tendency to exaggerate and showcase flashy plays only adds to its unique charm.

The story follows the “Generation of Miracles,” a group of basketball prodigies with almost superhuman abilities, who create an electrifying atmosphere on the court. Our main character, Kuroko, is revealed to be the phantom sixth man of the team, known for his ability to remain unnoticed. He decides to leave the team to prove his individual worth. Kuroko’s Basketball is a sports anime with an overpowered main character, which gives this series as well as the sport of basketball a larger-than-life feel.

Production I.G, known for their work on anime like Vinland Saga and Haikyu!!, beautifully animated the series and they brought the thrilling basketball matches and character movements to life. With its blend of humor and action, Kuroko’s Basketball is a sports anime that is anything but ordinary, in the best way possible, and it’s one I highly recommend checking out on Crunchyroll.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

When talking about standout sports anime on Crunchyroll, Slam Dunk undoubtedly tops the list. Takehiko Inoue, known also for Vagabond and Real, created this series that became one of the best sports anime of all time. I was drawn into this series not just by the on-court action and intense games but also by its genuine moments of laughter and relatable characters. I felt each triumph and setback as if they were my own, and this is one of the most important things an anime can do.

For me, the real charm of Slam Dunk is how it highlights every player’s journey, not just the star’s. Watching the Shohoku High team, it felt like witnessing a group of friends growing together, driven by their shared passion for basketball. But it’s Takehiko Inoue’s genuine love for the game that makes the series resonate so deeply and the anime did an amazing job at encapsulating this.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Run with the Wind

Run with the Wind

Run with the Wind stands out as a unique anime that accurately captures the essence of long-distance running, a sport that is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. As someone who has experience in competitive running, I can attest to the authenticity with which the anime portrays the intricacies and psychological aspects of the sport.

The story follows Kakeru Kurahara, a former high school track star whose life takes a turn when he crosses paths with Haiji Kiyose, a fourth-year college student with a dream of competing in the Hakone Ekidan relay marathon. Despite the challenges, including convincing Kakeru to join and forming a cohesive team from an eclectic group of individuals—some of whom have never run in their life—Haiji is determined to realize his dream. We follow the team’s journey as they work to make it Hakone Ekidan relay marathon.

The series does an excellent job of highlighting the individual and team elements of long-distance running, showcasing the diverse personalities and motivations that often exist within a running team. Being that it’s both an individual as well as a team sport, it’s unique, and Run with the Wind highlights the sport and what makes it so appealing beautifully. It’s the best anime about running out there and I hope you’ll check it out on Crunchyroll.

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Best Supernatural Anime on Crunchyroll

Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Bakemonogatari


Bakemonogatari is a supernatural anime that I love because of its abstract and unique approach to the concept of monsters. Unlike many other series in the genre, it has a fresh perspective that might initially leave you somewhat perplexed, but this sense of confusion is an integral part of the show’s design. As the first installment in the long-running Monogatari series, Bakemonogatari introduces us to the main characters and sets the stage for the complex story that unfolds in later releases. Each new anime in the series adds more context, gradually clarifying and enriching the story, so if you are confused while watching Bakemonogatari, that’s okay.

The story of Bakemonogatari starts with an unusual encounter: high school student Koyomi Araragi catches Hitagi Senjougahara as she trips, only to discover she is weightless, a condition she attributes to an encounter with a mysterious “crab.” This incident is just one of many bizarre occurrences that take place in the series, each tale revealing a world where monsters and supernatural phenomena are woven into the fabric of everyday life.

The series isn’t easy to categorize, which is a good thing. It features a little bit of everything, including action, drama, horror, romance, supernatural, mystery, and comedy, but it somehow combines them all to create one unique and cohesive story. The story is great, but the animation is striking too. It is a must-watch if you are in search of an an anime that is as eccentric as it is entertaining. It has intriguing character dynamics, stunning animation, and an unusual story that sets it apart from other supernatural series.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate, spanning just 10 episodes, adapts Kohta Hirano’s manga brilliantly. While there was an anime in 2001, the 2006 OVA truly brings the manga to life, and I can confidently say it’s the best way to experience Hellsing on-screen. It is an action-packed, violent series that gets into the thick of things fast, and the anime adaptation hit it out of the park in this regard. Seeing everything in action, especially the fights, is yet another bonus.

Kohta Hirano’s Hellsing isn’t just another vampire story. Set in a world with monsters and intriguing human dynamics, it follows the vampire Alucard and the Hellsing organization in their intense battles against monstrous foes. The series’ fast pace, unique art style, and the presence of an overpowered antihero like Alucard make Hellsing a thrilling watch. If you’re into high-action and gore, this series is an essential watch on Crunchyroll.

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Best Horror Anime - Mononoke


Mononoke is a supernatural anime unlike any other with its striking visuals, bold color palette, and unique take on Japanese folklore. It follows a Medicine Seller as he travels across Feudal Japan, but he’s not just any Medicine Seller, he’s on a mission to rid the world of malevolent spirits, also known as Mononoke. Mononoke are born out of strong human emotions, so our MC has to uncover details about them, such as their Form, Truth, and Reason, so he can banish them for good.

Mononoke is episodic, but this works in its favor. You never get a chance to be bored with this series, because you are constantly being introduced to new stories as well as interesting new mononoke cases. Despite being a quick watch at only 12 episodes, the stories contained within Mononoke are fleshed out in a compelling and concise way. The animation by Toei Animation (Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion, Slam Dunk) is beautiful and the style, which is inspired by ukiyo-e woodblock prints, is truly one of a kind. If you enjoy avant-garde anime with an atypical style or enjoy anime with supernatural or subtle horror themes, Mononoke is one you’ll want to check out.

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Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Mushi-Shi


Mushi-Shi is one of my favorites thanks to its serene yet profound storytelling. This anime, which is adapted from the highly acclaimed manga series by Yuki Urushibara, introduces us to the enigmatic world of Mushi. Guided by Ginko, the wandering Mushi Master, we embark on a journey through a series of mesmerizing and ethereal stories. Each episode delves into the mysterious interactions between the ordinary and the supernatural, so it’s episodic, but the overarching storyline and the themes it explores connect everything to create one fascinating and unforgettable tale.

Mushi-Shi isn’t just an exploration of its different settings and characters; it is a deep dive into the intricacies of life and the meaning of existence. What sets Mushi-Shi apart most, though, is how it weaves together the natural and the supernatural realms effortlessly. The anime has a unique, almost tranquil quality, despite often delving into themes of sorrow and melancholy, so while it’s a heavy watch, it is quite healing as well. It’s the series blend of otherworldly storytelling and genuine, relatable human experiences that makes Mushishi a true standout in supernatural anime.

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Best Thriller Anime on Crunchyroll

Best Anime on Crunchyroll - Death Parade

Death Parade

Death Parade is a series with a unique and interesting take on the afterlife. The series, which spans a single season of 12 episodes, introduces you to a world where souls are neither sent to heaven nor hell but are instead judged to be either cast into the void or reincarnated. This judgment is carried out by arbiters. The story takes place in a bar, where two guests arrive without memories of their deaths. They are forced to play games with life-altering stakes that are designed to reveal their true nature. As the guests regain their memories, the arbiters observe and make their judgments.

Death Parade is brilliant because of its commentary on human nature and morality. As the arbiter Decim judges the guests at Quindecim bar, we are as viewers given intimate glimpses into the guests’ lives, which beautifully convey their experiences of love and loss. Their stories leave a lasting impact not just on us, but also on Decim himself. It also excels in making us, the audience, question our judgments and perspectives on life, subtly suggesting that actions alone cannot define a person without properly understanding their underlying motivations.

It’s a series that will stick with you long after its last episode, not just because of its unique storyline but also because of the profound questions it raises about existence, morality, judgment, and more.

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Best Anime on Netflix - Erased Anime


Erased holds a special place in my heart as one of my all-time favorite anime series. The story is about Satoru, who possesses a mysterious ability known as “Revival,” which allows him to travel back in time. When a loved one falls victim to a murder, Satoru finds himself 18 years in the past, inhabiting his younger self but with his adult consciousness intact. In his hometown, fear looms as children, including his classmates, are kidnapped and killed. Satoru embarks on a race against time to unravel this murder mystery, with the hope of altering not only the past but also the future.

As far as crime thrillers go, Erased is the gold standard. It condenses a complex narrative into just 12 episodes, all developing the story in a way that doesn’t feel rushed and all plotlines are wrapped up perfectly. Every aspect of this anime is meticulously crafted, and the story unfolds in a way that keeps you genuinely enthralled.

Once you start watching Erased, it’s nearly impossible to stop, as you find yourself passionately rooting for the children and Satoru to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. While Erased delves into somber themes, it is also one of the most emotionally moving series I’ve had the pleasure of ever watching. From start to finish, its story captures your heart, impacting you long after the final episode ends.

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Best Sci-Fi Anime - From the New World

From the New World

From the New World is a unique and unsettling story that also landed a top spot on our best horror anime list. Adapted from the light novel of the same name, this series transports you into a seemingly utopian society that is anything but idyllic. At its heart is a group of children with psychic abilities, growing up in a community shrouded in mystery. Their journey of questioning and uncovering the sinister secrets of their world is both gripping and horrifying.

The anime is set in a future that eerily echoes the past, which creates a disconcerting backdrop for this unfolding mystery. The strength of From the New World, though, lies in its intricate web of secrets and revelations that make it one of the best thrillers on the platform. On top of all that, the series is a coming-of-age story, where the growth and development of the young protagonists are also highlighted throughout the episodes.

The animation in From the New World is brought to life by A-1 Pictures, known for their work on series like 86 and Space Brothers. The eerie atmosphere and the fear of the unknown that this series elicits within you as you watch it makes it one of the best, but its hauntingly beautiful visuals are incredible to witness as well. If you enjoy intense, thought-provoking anime, such as The Promised Neverland or Psycho-Pass, From the New World is another I recommend.

Its blend of a haunting setting, deep character arcs, and a storyline that constantly keeps you engaged makes it an essential watch, especially if you appreciate a thriller that skillfully intertwines elements of sci-fi with the complexities of human nature.

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Final Thoughts

Crunchyroll has a wide variety of anime genres to browse and they cater to all kinds of fans. Whether you’re new to the world of anime or a seasoned fan, I hope this list has something you are excited to check out. Keep an eye on this post, because I’ll be updating it with more great series to watch on Crunchyroll as new series are released on their ever-growing platform.

Curious as to what anime is coming to Crunchyroll in the future? Check out the 2024 Anime Release Schedule for more. And if you are looking to try out Crunchyroll, you can do so now with their 7-day free trial, which I’ve linked below. Not sure you want to sign up for an account? Check out my full review of Crunchyroll to learn more about the pros and cons of using their platform.

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