BAIT just released their capsule collection today in collaboration with Good Smile Company, featuring some favorite Naruto characters in the style of their Nendoroids.

The capsule includes four t-shirts, one featuring Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura) and Kakashi that comes in two colors (black and white), another with Itachi, and the final with Gaara, all as chibis amongst both the BAIT and Good Smile logos.

Along with the t-shirts, they also dropped their green hoodie with the Team 7 graphic on it as well.

Check out the images of their new collaboration below!

BAIT x Good Smile x Nendoroid Naruto Capsule Collection

You can shop the BAIT x Good Smile x Nendoroid Naruto capsule collection now at their website here!

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