Manga box sets are one of the best ways to collect your favorite manga series. Not only do they allow you to collect the individual volumes of a manga for cheaper prices on average, but they often come with extras that add to their value.

Also be sure to check out all of the new manga that's releasing in 2022, including a Solo Leveling manga box set, Rent-A-Girlfriend manga box set and a No Longer Human Complete Edition. More box sets are on their way in 2022 and I'm looking forward to picking up more!

I do want to note that select box sets didn't make this list because I think that there are better editions of those series available for purchase. For instance, I didn't add the Attack on Titan Manga Box Sets, because I really enjoy the Attack on Titan Colossal Editions more. I also didn't include the A Silent Voice Manga Box Set, because they are coming out with hardcover Complete Collector's Editions, or the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Box Set, because of the Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Editions.

That being said, I'm only including box sets on this list if I fully believe that they are the best way to collect a manga series. This list will also be constantly updated as I review new manga box sets or new box sets are announced.

That being said, here are the best manga box sets that your money can buy! Also be sure to check out my favorite manga sites and book stores to buy from for recommendations on where to pick these manga box sets up!

Best Manga Box Sets - Rosario Vampire Manga Box Set

#12 Rosario Vampire Manga Box Set

The Rosario Vampire Manga Box Set is one of my favorite manga box sets to release so far. It has beautiful artwork on all sides of the box, and there's more on the inside of the box as well. This manga box set comes with all 24 volumes of the series as well as an exclusive full-color mini-comic previously unreleased in the English edition. When you can find it in stock, the Rosario Vampire Complete Box Set is the cheapest way to collect Rosario Vampire by Akihisa Ikeda.

I’m not typically a fan of just pure romance stories unless they have something about them that I gravitate towards, but I am a fan of romantic comedies as well as ecchi, so Rosario Vampire seemed like one I'd enjoy. I recently completed reading it, and I was right. It’s funny and I love the world it's set in, which is a world where monsters, like vampires, werewolves and many, many more exist. A human somehow stumbles into this world and ends up going to school with said monsters, which is an interesting premise.

It's one of my favorite ecchi manga series to release so far and I highly recommend checking it out!

Where to Shop the Rosario Vampire Manga Box Set

Best Manga Box Sets - Demon Slayer Manga Box Set

#11 Demon Slayer Manga Box Set

The Demon Slayer Manga Box Set released in October 2021, so it is one of the more recent box sets to release. I had a feeling that a box set would release after the Demon Slayer manga's final volume, volume 23, released, so I waited to pick up the series. I'm glad I did with the release of a complete box set. Not only does theDemon Slayer Complete Manga Box Set fully collect Demon Slayer by Koyoharu Gotouge with Volumes 1-23, it also comes with an exclusive double sided poster and a commemorative booklet.

The extras in this box set aren't as cool as those you get in a few of the other Viz box sets that I ranked higher on this list, but the commemorative booklet is fun to flip-through regardless. The artwork on this box set is nice as well. On one side you have artwork of Muzan battling against Tanjiro and on the other you have artwork of the main characters as well as some of the Hashira.

As with many box sets, the Demon Slayer volumes are cheaper in this box set in comparison to what they'd cost you individually. Of course, this is a big reason to look into getting this box set but it also looks great on display as well.

Where to Shop theDemon Slayer Box Set

Dragon Ball Manga Box Set

#10 Dragon Ball Manga Box Set

There are two manga box sets that fully collect Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. The Dragon Ball Complete Box Set collects all 16 volumes of Dragon Ball and the Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set collects all 26 volumes of Dragon Ball Z. Both sets come with an exclusive double sided poster and a booklet that includes interviews with Akira Toriyama and more.

We did a post comparing all of the Dragon Ball manga editions that have released with English translation so far. Right now, there are currently seven of them, including the manga box sets. Learn more about the Dragon Ball box sets and see how they stack up against the other editions. They all vary in terms of censorship, print quality, design, and more, so there's quite a bit that's different between the seven editions!

Where to Shop theDragon Ball Manga Box Sets

Best Manga Box Sets - #9 One Piece Manga Box Set

#9 One Piece Manga Box Set

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda is a shonen that has been going strong for years with over 1,000 chapters released in Japan. That being said, it can be quite intimidating to get into simply due to the sheer number of volumes there are to collect. But its well worth the investment!

Luckily Viz started releasing One Piece Manga Box Sets, which make it easier and cheaper to collect the series. So far, One Piece Manga Box Set 1 (Volumes 1-23, Covers East Blue and Baroque Works/Alabasta Arcs), One Piece Manga Box Set 2 (Volumes 24-46, Covers Skypeia and Water Seven Arcs), and One Piece Manga Box Set 3 (Volumes 47-70, Covers Thriller Bark, Sabaody, Impel Down, Paramount War, and New World Arcs), have been released with One Piece Manga Box Set 4 (Volumes 71-90, Covers Dressrosa, Zou, Whole Cake Island and Reverie Arcs) on its way in January 2022.

At the time of this post, the latest volume of One Piece to release is Volume 98, so the fourth manga box set almost fully catches you up on the series. Each box set also comes with a mini-comic/booklet and a double-sided poster. The mini-comics are fun to read, so they are a great addition!

Where to Shop theOne Piece Manga Box Sets

Best Manga Box Sets - Bleach Manga Box Set

#8 Bleach Manga Box Set

There are three Bleach Manga Box Sets, Bleach Box Set 1 (Volumes 1-21), Bleach Box Set 2 (Volumes 22-48), and Bleach Box Set 3 (Volumes 49-74), that collect all 74 volumes of the Bleach manga by Tite Kubo. I really enjoy the way they separated the volumes in Box Set 2 and 3 in particular, because they are stored vertically instead of horizontally. And as seen with most of the box sets on this list, it's pleasing when you open them up.

Right now, Bleach has only released in individual volumes, 3-in-1's, a hardcover Bleach Collector's Edition (Only 1 volume released though), and the manga box sets. The box sets, in my opinion, are the best way to collect Bleach right now. Not only are they cheaper than the individual volumes, but they come with extras as well. I am always a huge fan of box sets that include booklets, which feature never-before-seen illustrations, commentary, storyboards, character sketches, etc, and these manga box sets include just that. Each box set also comes with an exclusive double-sided poster.

What I really love about these though is the artwork featured on not just the outside of the boxes, but the inside of them as well. The artwork seen on the inside of the Bleach Box Set 2 in particular is incredible as shown in the picture above.

If you have yet to get into Bleach's manga, nows a great time to get caught up with the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc, the manga's final arc, being adapted and on its way in the near future. With Jump Festa 2022 around the corner, we are hoping to get more details about a release date, staff, and more!

Also I want to note that some of the Bleach Manga Box Sets have been out of stock for quite some time, but Right Stuf recently did a restock for Box Set 1 that quickly sold out. That being said, be on the look out for restocks on the sites listed below. Please don't pay more than retail for these box sets since they are just temporarily out of stock.

At the time of writing this post though, Bleach Box Set 1 is in stock on Barnes and Noble while supplies last.

Where to Shop theBleach Manga Box Sets

Best Manga Box Sets - Claymore Manga Box Set

#7 Claymore Manga Box Set

Claymore is one of my favorite dark fantasy manga that features incredible battles, interesting characters, and great world-building. Currently there are two ways to collect the Claymore manga, the individual paperbacks and theClaymore Manga Box Set. The box set collects all 27 volumes of Claymore by Norihiro Yagi at a cheaper price when you buy it at retail. In addition, it comes with a booklet that is full of illustrations of black and white cover art that have never-been-seen before in an English edition of Claymore.

As with most manga box sets, we've seen them going out of stock or flickering a lot within the past year or so due to the current state of the world, difficulties keeping up with demand, printer shortages, etc. Unfortunately, the Claymore Complete Box Set is one that's been out of stock for quite some time. Right now, people are trying to sell it for ridiculous prices, but I definitely wouldn't pay more than retail for this box set. If you are looking to pick it up, I recommend checking out the sites listed below that have it listed as "out of stock, expecting more".

Since the booklet contains illustrations, it's a nice addition to the set. The overall design of and the artwork on the box set is beautiful as well, especially with the illustration of Clare on the front. Claymore is a phenomenal manga series and this box set is a great way to collect it. I highly recommend it if you have yet to check it out, especially if you are a fan of manga like Berserk or Übel Blatt!

Where to Shop theClaymore Manga Box Set

Best Manga Box Set - Death Note Manga Box Set

#6 Death Note Manga Box Set

Death Note by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba has released with English translation in individual volumes, the Death Note All-in-One Edition, a hardcover Collector's Edition (Only released with 1 volume though), Death Note Black Editions, and theDeath Note Manga Box Set. In my opinion, the Death Note complete box set is the best way to collect Death Note, especially since it fully collects all 12 volumes of the series at a discounted price.

I will do a post at a later date comparing all of the editions of Death Note, but to give you a brief review of each, the Black Editions show finger prints and the covers are hard to keep pristine but they look nice, the individual volumes are just as good as the box set, but the box set collects the full series at a cheaper price and comes with extras, including the Death Note 13: How to Read book that's an encyclopedic guide to the Death Note manga.

What I really like about theDeath Note 13: How to Read book though is that it includes interviews with Death Note's creators, who you may also know as the creators of Bakuman and Platinum End, which received an anime adaptation in October 2021.Takeshi Obata is also doing the character designs for the upcoming Bubble anime film that's releasing on Netflix.

Any extras that include commentary or illustrations are a plus for me, so the extras in this box set are better than most!Takeshi Obata is one of my favorite illustrators, so it comes as no surprise to me that the artwork featured on the Death Note Manga Box Set is amongst the best I've seen.

Where to Shop theDeath Note Manga Box Set

Best Manga Box Sets - #5 Assassination Classroom Manga Box Set

#5 Assassination Classroom Manga Box Set

When you open up theAssassination Classroom Manga Box Set, the spines look striking thanks to all of their bright colors and patterns. This of course is something you can experience when you collect of the individual volumes and display them on the shelf, but there's just something to opening up the box set and seeing them all at once. Plus, it's one of the most visually-appealing manga box sets I've ever seen and it really stands out with its bold yellow color.

TheAssassination Classroom Complete Box Set collects all 21 volumes of one of my favorite sci-fi manga of all time,Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui, so it's a complete box set. In addition to the complete series, this box set comes with some awesome extras including a mini art booklet that is full of full color illustrations that have never been released before in any English edition of theAssassination Classroom manga.

It also comes with a double-sided poster, which while nice, isn't as nearly as exciting as the mini art booklet. It's actually one of my favorite extras that Viz has included in any box set they've released before.

All in all, theAssassination Classroom Manga Box Set is one of my favorite manga box sets that Viz has ever released. It's bold and striking in appearance, it allows you to collect the full series at a cheaper price, and it has cool extras.

Where to Shop theAssassination Classroom Manga Box Set

Best Manga Box Sets - Tokyo Ghoul Manga Box Sets

#4 Tokyo Ghoul Box Set

Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida is actually one where I have not one, but two, preferred ways of collecting the series: The Tokyo Ghoul Monster Editions and the Tokyo Ghoul box sets. You can't really go wrong either way, but if you prefer larger formats, you'll definitely want to check out the Monster Editions. Also, the Monster Editions only collect up through Tokyo Ghoul and not its sequel. We can only hope thatTokyo Ghoul:re Monster Editions are released one day as well. Regardless of which way you choose to collect it, you're going to get to experience one of my favorite horror manga of all time.

That being said, the Monster Editions are quite pricey to collect given that a few of the volumes are no longer available. The manga box sets, however, have been out of stock for quite some time, so these have become a bit difficult to obtain as well. Learn more about why so much manga has been out of stock lately. You can, however, still place an order for the Tokyo Ghoul manga box sets on select sites, who have them listed as "out of stock, expecting more". I've listed those sites below.

Tokyo Ghoul's volumes are part of Viz's Sig or Signature series, which also includes manga series like Real, Goodnight Punpun, Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku, and more, so the volumes are larger than your standard Viz release.

I've also found the Sig volumes to be of higher quality as well, so for this reason alone theTokyo Ghoul Manga Box Sets, the Tokyo Ghoul Box Set and the Tokyo Ghoul re Box Set, have a slight edge over the other manga box sets that Viz have released in the past. They are complete box sets as well so they collect all 14 volumes of the Tokyo Ghoul manga and all 16 volumes of theTokyo Ghoul:re manga, which is a sequel toTokyo Ghoul.

In addition to fully collecting each, the Tokyo Ghoul manga box sets come with an exclusive double-sided poster, which is something that's commonly included in manga box sets. Although they surprisingly didn't come with a booklet as seen with other Viz manga box set releases. As far as extras go, this box set doesn't come with anything all that exciting, but any extras are welcome nonetheless. Plus, the boxes have some of the most beautiful artwork I've seen.

It's really just the fact that you can fully collect Tokyo Ghoul at a cheaper price, the artwork seen on the manga box sets make them aesthetically pleasing, and you still get to experience the high quality of the Viz Sig volumes that makes these so appealing.

Where to Shop the Tokyo Ghoul Box Sets

Best Manga Box Sets - Battle Angel Alita Manga Box Set

#3 Battle Angel Alita Manga Box Set

TheBattle Angel Alita Manga Box Set fully collects the iconic cyberpunk mangaBattle Angel Alita byYukito Kishiro. There's just something about being able to pick-up a box set when a manga is complete that's just so satisfying. In addition to collecting all five volumes ofBattle Angel Alita in 5 new hardcover editions, the box set also comes with a new book of short stories.

More so than that though, I really love that instead of coming with a poster, this manga box set comes with two high-quality prints that feature artwork by Alita's creator. The prints even have a metallic coating, so they have a beautiful sheen in the light that makes them look that much more beautiful when on display.

The print quality of the panels in these hardcover editions and the quality of the hardcovers themselves is much better than any other manga release ofBattle Angel Alita to release with English translation so far, including the individual paperbacks and the omnibuses. You can buy the hardcovers individually, but it is cheaper to buy them in the box set.

On top of all that, these editions feature new cover designs, translation, and full color pages. The full color pages are absolutely beautiful to witness, but it's the quality that really sets these apart from the rest. Overall, this is one of my favorite manga box sets to release so far, because of the editions themselves but also because of the extras that come with it!

Where to Shop the Battle Angel Alita Box Set

Best Manga Box Sets - #2 Pandora Hearts Manga Box Set (PandoraBox)

#2 Pandora Hearts Manga Box Set (PandoraBox)

The Pandora Hearts Manga Box Set, which is also called thePandoraBox, was once sold out, but it was recently reissued by Yen Press on their website. ThePandora Hearts Complete Box Set fully collects all 24 volumes of the Pandora Hearts manga also stylized as PandoraHearts by Jun Mochizuki, who you may also know as the creator of The Case Study of Vanitas, which was recently adapted into an anime and is getting a Part 2 in Winter 2022!

The 24 volumes of the series are collected in 12 oversized paperback volumes that feature new design. The paperbacks themselves are beautiful, especially with the gold foil details that adorn the covers. There are little windows on the front as well, which reveal the character's faces. When you open them up though, the full artwork of the characters is revealed.

The one thing that would have set this box set even further apart is if the volumes included were hardcover instead of paperback, but the paperbacks are still really well-done. The box that it comes in though is one of the most detailed I've seen with incredible artwork and intricate handles on its sides that actually function.

Where to Shop thePandora Hearts Box Set

Pandora Hearts Manga Box Set Unboxing & Review

Best Manga Box Sets - Akira Box Set (35th Anniversary)

#1 Akira Box Set (35th Anniversary)

My favorite box set to release so far has to be the AkiraBox Set that was released by Kodansha in celebration of Akira's35th Anniversary. Akira is an iconic manga that has withstood the test of time. Not only does it still feel fresh today, but it has had a lasting impact not only the manga and anime industries, but beyond, influencing everything from lifestyle to graphic design.

Akira has been released with English translation three times, in a comic book format, which is in full color by the way, in a paperback format also released by Kodansha, and theAkira35th Anniversary Box Set. To see what makes the Akira Box Set different from other Akira manga releases, check out our full review of theAkira 35th Anniversary Box Set.

Out of all of the editions to release of the Akira manga so far, The Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set is the best in my opinion. Mainly because the volumes, which collect all six volumes of Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, come in a new hardcover format and are high-quality editions, but also because the extras that come with the box set are incredible as well.

The box set also comes with an exclusive patch that features the iconic pill design and the Akira Club art book, which would cost you a bit to buy individually. The patch is really nice, but it's theAkira Club art book that further sets this manga box set apart. A lot of times in manga box sets, it feels like they just add sticker sets or posters as the extras, which is fine, but Kodansha went a step further by including a high-quality collector's item that any fan of Akira will enjoy.

All in all, the Akira hardcovers included in this box set are some of the most beautiful manga editions I've ever seen. When paired with the extras you get and the look of the box set, theAkira 35th Anniversary Box Set is one of the best, if not the best, manga box sets your money can buy.

Learn more about why the Akira Manga Box Set is worth picking up! You can also check out my review, which gives you an inside look of theAkira Box Set, on YouTube below.

Where to Shop theAkira Box Set

Akira Box Set Unboxing & Review

Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set Unbo... x

For those of you who's native language isn't English or are bilingual/multilingual, a number of incredible manga box sets have released in other languages, such as Japanese and Spanish. Some of my favorites in this category include the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Steel Ball Run Manga Box Set that's in Japanese, the Gantz Manga Box Sets that are in Spanish, the Banana Fish Complete Manga Box Set that's in Japanese, and the BTOOOM! Manga Box Set that's in Spanish.

These are all of my favorite manga box sets that have released so far! As more manga box sets are revealed and I purchase and review more box sets, I will update this post. Also be sure to check out all of the manga that's releasing in 2022, including some new manga box sets!