Tsume have an impressive line-up of statues from Dragon Ball Z, including two of their more recently revealed statues of Goku (Kaio-ken) and Vegeta (Galick Gun) that can be put on display together. And they just added another one to their growing line, a 1/4 scale statue of Frieza that shows in his 4th form.

This statues shows him on planet Namek with its green waters moving out from under Frieza as he displays his power and performs the Death Ball, which is cast in transparent resin and has an LED system within it that features 3 LED sequences (fully lit, pulsating, and flashing).

Tsume's Frieza 4th Form statue is limited to 4,000 pieces and has the following dimensions: H76 x W47 x D52cm. It is expected to arrive sometime throughout Q4 2022-Q4 2023 and it comes with a numbered plate and a certificate of authenticity. The price for this statue starts at 1,111€ (Approximately 1,288.26 USD), but payment plans may be available depending on what site you preorder it on.

You can preorder the Tsume 4th Form statue now at one of the following sites and check out photos of the statue in the gallery below!

Where to Buy Tsume Frieza 4th Form Statue

Tsume Frieza 4th Form Statue Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Tsume.