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Prime 1 Studio's new Guts vs Zodd statue went up for preorder this week. It is part of their Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series and it comes in 1/6 scale. The dimensions of the statue are approximately H50.9 x W65.6 x D34.5cm or 20 x 25.8 x 13.6in and it estimated to arrive sometime in July-October 2022. Always keep in mind though that estimated arrival dates are subject to delay or change and may vary depending on where you preorder this statue from.

Prime 1 Studio's latest Berserk statue features a 20-inch diorama environment that shows the Beast Swordsman clashing with the Black Swordsman. They are in the midst of battle in the snow and are surrounded by tribute swords crafted by Rickert. Zodd is wearing a synthetic fur loincloth and the dents and dings on Guts armor have been recreated.

There are two versions of this statue, a Standard Version and a Deluxe Version. The Deluxe Version comes with 3 interchangeable heads for Guts that feature different expressions as well as a detachable and poseable fabric cape for Guts. You can find out where to preorder each version of the Prime 1 Studio Guts versus Zodd statue and check out photos of each in the gallery below!

Prime 1 Studio Guts vs Zodd Statue Preorder Links

Prime 1 Studio Guts vs Zodd Statue Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Prime 1 Studio.

Prime 1 Studio Guts vs Zodd Deluxe Version Statue

Prime 1 Studio Guts vs Zodd Standard Version Statue

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