Devil May Cry 5 is one of my all-time favorite games, so when Prime 1 Studio announced that they will be releasing statues of Dante, Nero, V, and Vergil, I had to get them. Well, three of them that is (Dante, Nero, and V). I especially wanted to get them after seeing the quality on their 1/3 scale statue of my favorite character from my favorite manga, Guts from Berserk. Needles to say I was anxious to get more statues in from Prime 1 Studio and I just had a new one arrive from Comic Concepts, Prime 1 Studio’s Dante Deluxe Version statue.

Before I get into the review, I want to give a shoutout to Comic Concepts, because I purchased this statue from them and it’s actually the site I buy most of my licensed statues on. They have a great selection from studios like Prime 1 Studio, Figurama and more, amazing customer service, and great shipping rates, so I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking to buy licensed statues. And if you are in search of the Prime 1 Studio Devil May Cry 5 statues, they still have some up for preorder at the time of this post, including the 1/2 scale Dante, 1/4 scale Nero, and 1/4 scale V.

With that all said, let's get into the review. I'll be reviewing this statue in the following areas: Shipping and packaging, concept and design, and paint and sculpt. I also included my unboxing on YouTube in case you guys would like a closer look at the statue below!

Prime 1 Studio Dante Statue Specifications

Scale: 1/4

Price before shipping: Starting at $899 USD for Standard and $1,149 USD for Deluxe

Versions: Standard (Limited to 200 pieces) and Deluxe (Limited to 800 pieces). The difference being that the Deluxe comes with extra accessories and weapons (Kalina Ann II, Sparda, Devil Sword, and a Red Orb with stand).

Approximate dimensions in cm:
H63.3 x W52.2 x D44.8cm (Ebony & Ivory and Rebellion on Dante's back)
H80.2 x W50.2 x D38cm (Devil Sword)
H74.3 x W50.2 x D:52.2cm (Rebellion & Coyote-A)
H63.8 x W50.3 x D52.2cm (Kalina Ann II & Coyote-A)
H63.8 x W50.3 x D38cm (Kalina Ann II)

Approximate dimensions in inches:
H24.9 x W20.6 x D17.6in (Ebony & Ivory and Rebellion on Dante's back)
H31.6 x W19.8 x D15in (Devil Sword)
H29.3 x W19.8 x D20.6in (Rebellion & Coyote-A)
H25.1 x W19.8 x D20.6in (Kalina Ann II & Coyote-A)
H25.1 x W19.8 x D15in (Kalina Ann II)

Approximate weight: 16.6kg or 36.6lbs

Shipping and Packaging

Prime 1 Studio's Dante Deluxe Version statue shipped in a total of one box, which has art of the statue on the front and back and art of Ebony & Ivory on its sides. The pieces were securely placed in a foam insert that was separated into two sections, one that houses the larger elements of the statue, like the base, and another that houses the more delicate pieces of the statue. Since everything was shipped really well by Prime 1 Studio, there were no damages to report.

In regards to quickness of shipping, as soon as the statue arrived in stock it shipped quickly from Comic Concepts and made its way to my doorstep quickly as well. Buying from Prime 1 Studio directly can get pricey for me since I live in the US, so the shipping ended up being cheaper from Comic Concepts. So price-wise, it was great as well.

Concept and Design

I actually like the concept and design of Prime 1 Studio's 1/4 scale Dante more so than their 1/2 scale statue of him, which is great because it saved me a lot of money. The 1/2 scale statues will run you anywhere from $2,699 USD for the Dante High Definition Museum Masterline to $4,299 USD for the Dante Black Label, so there's a big difference in the prices of their Dante statues but there's a lot that's different about these in addition to their larger scale.

I'm just not a huge fan of museum poses, so I prefer the pose of the 1/4 scale. But I also really enjoy the overall look of the base and the details they added more. In my opinion, the statue with the concept that celebrates Dante as a character and the look and feel of the game the most is the 1/4 scale.

Prime 1 Studio's 1/4 scale Dante shows him in a pose that makes it look as if he's about the leap forward. His red jacket is sculpted to look like it's flying up behind him, which adds a more dynamic look to the statue. I also really enjoy the elements they added to this statue that pull you into the world more and further set the scene, including the Qliphoth Roots and the Empusa. All in all, it's a cool concept.

Design-wise, the statue is well-executed. The way they separately sculpted various elements to prevent them from breaking during shipment was smart. I also love the way they smartly hid the notch is his back that holds Rebellion with the small skull they included when it's not on display.

While assembling, there were no major fit errors or issues with the statue. The only minor thing I will mention is that the Rebellion that keys into his back is slightly difficult to get into place. It is a bit finicky but it ended up fitting in place after some trial and error, but just something to note. Also, be careful that you don't hit the bottom of his jacket while putting it on. Overall though, this statue is really well-designed. The way the pieces fit and flow together is nice and the statue was easy to assemble thanks to that.

Paint and Sculpt

One of the best things about this statue is the sculpt and paint of Dante's portrait and body sculpts. Dante's likeness is spot on and his portrait features an expression and smirk that really highlights his personality. The eyes have a glossy finish that make them look more realistic and they added that furrow in his brow. Even the facial hair they added is done really well.

The only thing that I had to get used to a bit was Dante's hair. I don’t have any issues with his hair being sculpted because it would be really hard to get Dante’s hair right without using synthetic hair, like the Black Label statue uses, since it’s flowy and long. The head sculpt on this one is super realistic for a fraction of the cost. I think what they achieved with the hair by sculpting it though ended up turning out really well despite my initial concerns.

Dante's outfit has changed over the course of the five games, but there's one thing he always wears--A red jacket. This one is 100% accurate to what we see him wearing in the game with his his red jacket, Henley shirt, black belt with the belt buckle, leather pants, and brown boots. The accuracy really impressed me, but it's the details they added to his body sculpt that impressed me the most.

His pants have been textured and painted to look like worn leather and they added in all of the stitching details and those moto-esque looking sections as well. The ornate belt buckle and button details on the pants are nice as well. They even added the wrinkles and folds in his pants to make them look more realistic. His red jacket is my favorite thing about this body sculpt though. It really looks like his jacket is stitched together in areas and the shoulders are done really well too.

The details and textures added to Dante's body sculpt and portrait are just above and beyond and the paintwork and sculpting of these pieces in particular are top-notch.

More highlights of this statue are the weapons it comes with, including Ebony & Ivory, 2 Rebellion swords (one keys into his back), Sparda, Devil Sword, Coyote-A, and Kalina-Ann II, and the base. All of the weapons look like they came straight out of the game. Every detail of each weapon has been faithfully recreated and the way they textured and painted each to look real and the different materials they are made of whether it be metal, wood, etc, is unbelievable. If you want to see each individual weapon, definitely check out the unboxing video below.

The base came with a ton of detail on it because it has an Empusa, whose head has been split in half, as well as the Qliphoth Roots. I want to start with the Empusa, because it is one of my favorite things about this statue. It’s absolutely grisly looking with the three faces and the pinchers and the way they painted it gives it this slimy, glossy look. It's even more gruesome looking with the blood and the split in the center of its head. The way they achieved that split open look is incredible because you can see the halves of its brain and they look mortifyingly real.

Also adding a strong look to the base are the Qliphoth Roots, which are wrapped around it. The paintwork on the roots is incredible. The shade of blue and red they choose are bold and they make a statement. I love the color they add to the statue and they just have an otherworldly look to them with their sheen and the vein details they added that make them pop.

The base itself is made of rocky Earth and various broken pieces of rubble and metal or rods that further hone in the fact that a battle just took place. All of the additions on the base are great and further set the scene.

All in all, the paint and sculpt on Prime 1 Studio's statues continue to be among the best, if not the best, I've ever seen and with this statue of Dante they continue to exceed my expectations.

Final Thoughts

I always look for statues that celebrate the character and the series they are from and this one of Dante does just that. It highlights the feel of the game and Dante looks as if he was pulled out of the screen and brought into the real world. Overall, another beautifully made statue from Prime 1 Studio and I can't wait for the rest of the Devil May Cry 5 statues I have on preorder to arrive.

To see all of the details and get a closer look at the Prime 1 Studio Dante Deluxe Version statue, check out the video below!

Where to Buy Prime 1 Studio Dante Statue

Prime 1 Studio Dante Deluxe Version Statue Unboxing