Three days ago, Oniri Creations teased a Bleach statue along with an image with a 6 on it, which of course hinted that their release will be of the 6th Espada Grimmjow. Later on, they officially confirmed that their upcoming statue will indeed be of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in his Arrancar form, and it is available for preorder now. Their new 1/6 scale Grimmjow statue is limited to 800 pieces worldwide, and each statue comes with an alternative arm and a certificate of authenticity.

With the announcement, they also revealed that they will be giving away one statue to a lucky winner. To enter, all you have to do is follow their instructions on their Intagram (@oniricreations). The winner will be chosen on Friday, October 16th. If you find out that you are the winner, but still preordered the statue on the 13th they will fully refund you.

As mentioned above, Oniri Creations’ Grimmjow Statue is be available for preorder now and you can pick it up at their website here for 382,50€, which comes out to around $449 USD. It has an estimated delivery time of Q4 2021.

In addition to Oniri Creations’ site, you can also preorder the statue now at the following specialty shops.

Preorder Links

As more site’s put it up for preorder, we will add them to the list.

You can check out photos of Oniri Creations’ Grimmjow statue in the gallery below!

Oniri Creations Bleach 1/6 Scale Grimmjow Statue