Update on December 17th: Added official photos for Arthur Boyle and Benimaru Shinmon ARTFX J figures, new details, and preorder links

At their expo, Kotobukiya announced some new products that will be coming in the near future. In those announcements, they revealed that two new characters, Arthur Boyle and Benimaru Shinmon, from Fire Force will be joining their ARTFX J line.

The new Fire Force figures will join the two they've previously released of Shinra Kusakabe and Tamaki Kotatsu. In addition to her normal figure release, a special bonus was available for Tamaki that included her Nekomata parts. Both Shinra and Tamaki's poses were based off their covers from Fire Force's manga on volumes 1 and 7.

As of now, the price of these figures has yet to be revealed by Kotobukiya themselves, but Shinra and Tamaki's ARTFX J figures were priced around $130 USD. The price, however, varies depending on where you purchase them from though. What we do know for sure about the figures is that they will be in 1/8th scale and they will be releasing next year in the months of June 2021 for Benimaru and July 2021 for Arthur.

Another cool feature of these figures is that some areas, such as Arthur’s eyes, “Excalibur’s” blade, and the blue stripes of his uniform and Benimaru's eyes and the flames on his base, are painted with fluorescent paint that glows when shined with a blacklight. These added paint details look absolutely amazing.

Kotobukiya revealed the sculpt for their upcoming Arthur Boyle and Benimaru Shinmon ARTFX J figures on Instagram, and more recently they released official photos of the figures. See where you can preorder them now and Check out the newly posted photos in the gallery below!

ARTFX J Benimaru Shinmon and Arthur Boyle Purchase Links

Kotobukiya Fire Force ARTFX J Benimaru Shinmon Figure Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Kotobukiya.

Kotobukiya Fire Force ARTFX J Arthur Boyle Figure Gallery

These two were the only new anime figures Kotobukiya unveiled at the expo, but they announced that they will be re-releasing a select group of figures that feature characters from anime as well. See all that's releasing below!

Kotobukiya Expo 2020 Anime Figure Announcements

As more preorder links go live for Kotobukiya's new Fire Force figures of Benimaru Shinmon and Arthur Boyle we will update this post, so stay tuned!

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