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Hobby Max Nana Figures

Hobby Max Nana Figures Revealed

Hobby Max revealed two Nana figures of Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu!

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Hobby Max revealed two Nana figures that are inspired by the shoujo series created by Ai Yazawa, which you can experience via the manga that’s published with English translation by Viz—Some Nana volumes have been restocking as of late by the way—or the anime adaptation that is animated by Madhouse!

The two Nana figures that Hobby Max is releasing are Nana Osaki, one of the main characters of Nana as well as the lead singer of the punk band, the Black Stones, and Nana Komatsu, another central character of the series. The Nana Osaki figure shows her in a standing pose with her arms crossed and head turned slightly to the side. She stands upon a clear stand and has wisps of roses rising behind and around her. There is a butterfly on one of the roses as well.

The Nana Komatsu figure shows her standing on top of a base that’s made to look like a wooden deck of sorts. There’s a bed of sunflowers behind her, and they match nicely with the colors of her outfit. This figure is painted in Earth tones, while the other is painted in dark, more muted colors, which suit their personalities and styles well. The choice of flowers too, roses for Nana Osaki and sunflowers for Nana Komatsu are symbolic and they are great additions.

Both figures retail for around $152 and are in 1/8 scale. Nana Komatsu’s figure is 8.7 inches tall, while Nana Osaki’s figure is 9.4 inches tall. They are expected to ship out sometime in July 2023. You can find out where to preorder the Nana figures and check out photos of each in the gallery below!

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Hobby Max Nana Figures

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