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Tanjiro Nendoroid Review

Demon Slayer Figure Review: Tanjiro Nendoroid

I got my Tanjiro Nendoroid in the mail today, so I did a quick review and took some photos of him in his various poses!

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Today, I got a surprise in the mail from Good Smile Company: My Tanjiro Nendoroid that I had pre-ordered awhile back! For all of you who have yet to purchase yours or are still questioning whether you want to pick him up, I wanted to unbox him and do a quick review as well as take some photos of him in his various poses.

The only issue I’ve ever had with Nendoroids are the occasional fit error here and there; In addition, some are finicky to pose. Other than that, though, I’ve found the quality to be great, but each Nendoroid is different. With that said, I’ll talk about my thoughts on this Nendoroid in the following areas: Shipping, accessories, quality, and posing.

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With the current state of the world, I find it hard to knock companies for shipping since there are carrier delays happening that they can’t personally control. With that said, as soon as the Tanjiro Nendoroid went in-stock on the US site, I received a shipment notification.

So, they do ship quickly. After that, the shipping is out of there hands, so I try my best to not hold them accountable unless the figure itself comes damaged. In terms of the quality of shipping, they shipped it in a sturdy box. Since the figure arrived safely and in perfect condition, I am very happy with the shipping Good Smile Company has to offer.

If you do buy off Good Smile US’s site, make sure you sign up for a free account with them. If you buy in-stock items, you will have to pay full price for shipping. But, if you have an account with them, you get 50% off shipping on all pre-orders.

Tanjiro Nendoroid Box Contents


As far as the accessories and displayable options go, Good Smile Company did a great job with this Nendoroid. He comes with three face plates (a standard expression, a gentle smiling expression, and a combat expression). They really captured his likeness, and these three expressions capture the different sides of Tanjiro well. Particularly, I love that they highlighted both Tanjiro’s gentle side and his more serious side.

He also comes with his black Nichirin Blade and effect parts that allow you to recreate his First Style: Water Surface Slice and Second Style: Water Wheel moves. These make for some great action poses that really pop when displayed, which you can check out in the gallery below!

All in all, the Tanjiro Nendoroid comes with some amazing effects and accessories that allow you to really display him in a way that does him justice.

Tanjiro Nendoroid Smiling Pose


The paint of this Nendoroid is impeccable. The accents in his hair and on his outfit are nice, and the coloring is accurate to that which we would see in Demon Slayer‘s anime. Overall, the unique art style of Demon Slayer was captured well, especially for a chibi-style figure.

In terms of likeness, this Nendoroid is one of the best. But, the best part about it, is its detail. Everything from the shadowing in his hair to the small details on his earrings, makes this figure stand out.

As far as the pieces and fit goes, I didn’t have much of an issue with this Nendoroid. The only issue I had was getting his stand attachment to fit in his back. The area it is supposed to go into had some extra material on the inside that I had alter a bit, so it would fit. This will vary, and is probably a particular issue with the one I received. But, these fit inconsistencies are issues you will have with Nendoroids at some point in time.

Other than that small little hiccup, I had no issues with this Nendoroid, and I am very happy with the overall quality of the figure and the pieces that came with it.

Tanjiro Nendoroid Combat Pose 4


As far as poses goes, Tanjiro’s Nendoroid has some of the most difficult to recreate. The most difficult being his Water Wheel move. If you have someone who can help you, this pose, in particular, is much easier to put together with two people.

However, I am happy to say that it wasn’t as finicky as Levi from Attack on Titan‘s Nendoroid. But, these posing difficulties, much like fit issues, just comes with the territory of collecting Nendoroids.

As a whole though, the poses weren’t difficult to recreate, and once you get him in the pose you want, he looks amazing displayed. Also, Nezuko’s Nendoroid has yet to release, but I can’t wait to display them together when she ships from Good Smile. When I get her in the mail, I’ll add some photos of the two posed together. Until then, you can check out all of the different poses you can recreate with the Tanjiro Nendoroid in the gallery below!

Tanjiro Nendoroid Gallery

All images were taken by Anime Collective Team. Product credit: Good Smile Company.

Tanjiro’s Nendoroid is currently in-stock on Good Smile US‘s site, but you can also preorder him at sites, like BigBadToyStore and Galactic Toys while supplies last!

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