Figurama Dororo Statue

Figurama Teases Upcoming Dororo Statue

| February 20, 2021

Back in May, Figurama posted their first teaser of their upcoming Dororo statue. Then they further teased the new statue with another image release and the message that they can’t wait to show us more. And now, they’ve revealed the greyscale prototype photos, which they unveiled at Figurama Festival!

In the first glimpse they gave us, you can see Hyakkimaru’s prosthetic leg, which showcases the intricate detail that we’ve come to know from Figurama. In the second glimpse, you can see Hyakkimaru’s hair flying upwards, which really gives you an idea of just how dynamic this statue is going to be. You can also briefly see his clothing moving dynamically in the photo as well. These sneak peaks show Hyakkimaru in an action pose, so we can’t wait to see the full reveal and full scale of this statue.

Now with the greyscale images, we can see all of the detail that will be added on this statue and that it includes not only Hyakkimaru but Dororo as well.

Check out the two teasers and greyscale prototype photos Figurama revealed of their upcoming Dororo statue below!

Figurama Dororo Statue Gallery

Right now, no release date has been announced. All we know is that it is coming soon according to their posts on Facebook. As more details are released, we will continue to update the post, so stay tuned. Until then, check out more from Figurama at their site here!

Figurama Dororo Statue

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