As far as statues depicting members of the Akatsuki go, Clouds Studio's is among my favorites, along with Surge Studio and Jimei Palace. So, when they announced their Deidara statue I knew I had to have it. I also wanted to get this one because it has a really unique concept and it is inspired by his battle with Sasuke, which is in my opinion, his most memorable fight.

As always, I'll be reviewing this statue in the following areas: Shipping and packaging, concept and design, and paint and sculpt. I've also included our unboxing on YouTube below if you'd like an all-around look at the Clouds Studio Deidara statue and its details!

Clouds Studio Deidara Specifications

Scale: 1/8
Dimensions: Approximately H46 x W30 x D26cm or H18.1 x W11.8 x D10.2in

Shipping and Packaging

Clouds Studio Deidara shipped in a total of one box. The art box is rather minimal with the Clouds Studio logo adorning one side and art of the mouth seen on Deidara's hand on the other. The artbox came shipped in a cardboard box. Inside the artbox, is the foam insert, which is held together with velcro straps. I do want to mention that a few of the pieces, including Deidara's arm and the arm of the owl, had come out of their individual compartments and were loose within the insert. Luckily, nothing arrived damaged, but just wanted to note this because this is an issue that could have easily caused scuffs or breakages.

The packaging of this statue wasn't as great as their Kakuzu and Hidan statues and small improvements, such as adding tape over the pieces wrapped in tissue paper, would have prevented them from shifting or moving during shipment, would have made their shipping of this statue better. All in all though, there were no breakages to report and the statue arrived in a timely fashion.

Concept and Design

In addition to the accuracy of Deidara's head sculpt, the concept of Clouds Studio's Deidara statue is the main reason as to why I chose to purchase this over others I've seen of him. This statue is inspired by Deidara’s battle with Sasuke so it has a lot of references to that, which I love. I found this one to just have a really unique concept and it really stood out to me amongst the rest of the statues of him. Other studios, like Surge Studio made a statue of him with C2, which I do eventually want a statue of, but Clouds Studio took a different direction with their Deidara statue that shows him with his C1 and I really appreciate the fact that they did this.

The only things that I will say about the design of this statue is that some of the clay birds fit in really tightly, almost too tightly for my comfort into their key in areas, so you really have to push these in as carefully but as forcefully as possible for them to be fully into their notches; In addition, I understand why they separately sculpted the spikes of the explosion, but because of this, the light from the LEDs doesn't fully reach them. This makes them stand out a bit when the lights are turned on in the explosion, but I still really enjoy the look of the light-up feature when it's on.

I am impressed by this one, because even though it has a smaller footprint it is still packed with detail.

Paint and Sculpt

The paint and sculpt of Deidara's portrait is really well-done. I especially love the work they did on his eyes and his hair, which is sculpted as if it's flowing in the wind or from the force of the explosion. They really captured his likeness here as well as his personality thanks to the expression on his face, which shows him with his characteristic smirk.

Deidara's body sculpt is done really well also. He is shown in that sleeveless shirt with the mesh underneath. The way they executed the mesh looks incredible by the way. They included the belt with the two bags on it, which is where he keeps his clay and you can even see the clay in his bag, which is an awesome detail. All of the details are great on his body sculpt, but one of the things I like the most about it is this crouched, powerful pose they put him in. This makes him look like he’s actually in the midst of battle, which is really cool.

Both of Deidara's arms came separately sculpted. Because the cloak covers the top of the one arm and the other keys in and sits flush next to his sleeveless shirt, there are no visible seam lines, which is always a positive.

My favorite of course is the one that shows off his Kinjutsu, which resulted in the mouths you see on his palms. He also has one on his chest, but this statue doesn’t show that one and of course he can use his own mouth too. The detailing on his hands is one of my favorite things about this statue; The way they got the expression here and the teeth and tongue are well-executed. They even added a gloss coat to the tongue and some saliva details too to add a more realistic touch.

This also shows his arm sewn back together with a part of a transplant arm by Kakuzu, which he added after it was blown off by a certain someone, so they added some detail here too. It just looks so gnarly; Almost as if it has this exposed muscle look to it.

Deidara also has the ability to weave one-handed signs, so his other arm shows him doing that and the mouth on this one is painted precisely as well. The hand here is sculpted really well and I love all of the details they added to the creases in his palms and fingers to make them more defined and realistic.

This statue also comes with three clay birds or C1, which is really unique. Not as flashy as C2, but important nonetheless and I love that Clouds Studio made the decision to include them on this statue. The largest one, which is an eagle, is the most striking. The second clay bird is the owl. I love owls so this one is my favorite. The sculpting on this one’s head sculpt is awesome and I really love how they sculpted all of their wings too. And the final clay bird is the hawk. I love the fan on the tail and the sculpt of this one as well.

I am really happy with the look of the clay birds because they look exactly like they do in the anime. They are painted in almost this porcelain white color with some slight orange and yellow shading here and there. They just look really nice and I’m glad they added all of these on the statue.

And finally, I want to talk about the base. So the base itself is painted in this matte black color, but in its center, it has this band of fire within it, which really ties it into the rest of the statue. If you’ve seen my reviews of Clouds Studio Hidan and Clouds Studio Kakuzu, you know I love their minimalist approach on their bases and this one is no exception!

The base also has Manda atop it, which references his battle with Sasuke, and the texture they got on his scales is great. I appreciate the fact that this statue really highlights Deidara’s abilities as well as references what is in my opinion, his most memorable battle in the series. You also have three little clay spiders on here as well, and I never thought I’d say this about spiders, but they are really cute.

Sculpted atop the base, you also have the explosion that rises up behind Deidara, which makes an impact. The explosion looks good when the lights are off, but it looks even more incredible when the lights are on. Mainly because they added breaks in the paintwork that allow the light to shine through brightly in certain areas to make it look as if it’s actually exploding. If you want to see want to see what this statue looks like with the lights on, be sure to check out the video below!

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy the concepts that Clouds Studio comes up with, and since I already had their statues of Kakuzu and Hidan, I was already a fan of their statues and had a good feeling about this one of Deidara. Kakuzu is still my favorite they’ve done so far, but they make amazing statues and I couldn’t be happier with the quality they displayed here on their statue of Deidara.

If you are still on the hunt for this statue, he is still available for purchase on Favor GK right now, but since he is now an in-stock item instead of preorder they have increased his price. Also be sure to check out all of the other statues that are currently up for preorder from Clouds Studio as well.

All in all, another great statue from Clouds Studio and I can’t wait to get more from them, including their statues of Sasori and Tobirama, in the future. If you would like to get an all-around look at this statue, check out our unboxing and review of Clouds Studio Deidara on YouTube below!

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