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Best Manga Deals and Sales 2024

Best Manga Deals and Sales

Don’t miss out on good manga deals or sales again with this comprehensive list.

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Manga deals and sales happen throughout the year, but unless you are subscribed to every newsletter and check sites weekly, keeping track of them all can be difficult. I’ve been collecting manga for years, so I know firsthand how easy it is to miss out on a good deal or sale.

With this in mind, I wanted to create a post outlining all of the manga sales and deals that take place throughout the year in hopes that it will be helpful to those of you who are looking for cheap manga deals. Since I shop manga all year round and have for years, I know when the best deals happen, but also what the lowest prices these volumes and manga box sets have hit historically. I will only include deals if I think they are good prices.

I will update this post each month with new deals, so bookmark this post or check back for new additions! I’ve separated the sales on this post by retailer. For more information on the manga sites and stores listed below, including the pros and cons of buying from each, check out my Guide to Buying Manga.

That all being said, here are all of the best manga deals and sales of 2024 so far!

Amazon Manga Deals

Amazon usually has the best deals on manga box sets, but they also do limited-time deals on individual manga volumes from time to time that are great to shop. Their limited-time deals sometimes reach 50% off plus, so you can pick up manga volumes and box sets for cheap often on their site.

You can check out all of the manga sales on Amazon now below. I’ve split them by manga box set sales and limited-time manga deals, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

New Discount Chainsaw Man Manga Box Set $55.79 $99.99 Save $44

Manga Box Set Sales

Here are all of the manga box set sales on Amazon right now! If you’d like to see individual volumes on sale, check out this post’s limited-time manga deals section.

Limited-time manga deals

These are all the limited-time manga deals that Amazon is running right now. You can view all the manga daily deals at the link below, but I’ve also highlighted some of the best sales.

Crunchyroll Manga Sales

In addition to running weekly specials, which see discounts of up to 40% off, Crunchyroll has some of the best manga sales in the market. Here are all of the manga deals you can shop on their site.

Barnes & Noble Manga Deals

Books-A-Million Manga Deals


Humble Bundle Sales

These are all the manga deals and sales of 2024 so far! I will continue to update this post over the year, so be sure to bookmark this post to keep up-to-date on new deals/sales.

In other manga news, check out all of the new manga releasing in 2023!

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