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Best Manga 2024 - Top Manga Picks of 2024: Must-Read Releases

Top Manga Picks of 2024: Must-Read Releases

Get ready for an exciting year ahead in manga! With new editions and fresh serializations on the horizon, here are the most anticipated manga releases of 2024.

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Last year, standout releases like Oshi no Ko, Insomniacs After School, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun, The Horizon, Homunculus, The Summer Hikaru Died, Bocchi the Rock!, and Innocent stole the spotlight as some of the best manga of 2023. As we step into 2024, anticipation is high with publishers like Yen Press, Seven Seas, Kodansha, Viz, Dark Horse, and more confirming many exciting new manga releases.

Only confirmed series have been added to this list. You can expect these releases in the coming year, but delays, as always, can happen. Updates will be posted below if needed. I’ll delve into each series without spoilers, providing key details like release dates, synopses, and preorder links when available below.

There’s much to look forward to in 2024, with new editions and fresh serializations on the horizon. But, these are the most anticipated manga releases of the year. Keep an eye on this post or bookmark it to stay updated as new series are announced throughout the year. More recommendations are on the way!

The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn't a Guy at All - Best Manga 2024

The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn’t a Guy at All

Release Date: October 2024

The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn’t a Guy at All quickly became a favorite for me after its debut in Japan in 2023, and I’m excited that it’s finally arriving in the US for print in October 2024, thanks to Yen Press. As someone who loves music, particularly rock music, I found myself deeply resonating with the main characters’ connection over their shared love for it.

The story follows Aya, a stylish high schooler who falls head over heels for an employee at a local CD shop. He’s mysterious, with an amazing sense of style and taste in music. Little does she know, this employee is her female classmate Mitsuki. Mitsuki, who usually keeps to herself, finds herself in quite a predicament as she navigates Aya’s crush while keeping her true identity hidden. Despite the challenges, Mitsuki starts to consider the idea of getting closer to Aya.

In addition to the dynamic between Mitsuki and Aya, I adore the relationship between Mitsuki and her uncle, Joe, who owns the CD shop. Their bond adds a heartwarming touch to the story, and Joe’s humorous presence adds comedy as well. For these reasons and more, The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn’t a Guy at All is a manga series that excels in every aspect. From its incredible art and its unique black, white, and bright green color palette to its relatable characters and impeccable fashion sense, the series draws you in with its engaging story and characters and keeps you hooked with each new chapter.

Best Manga 2024 - Tougen Anki: Dark Demon of Paradise

Tougen Anki: Dark Demon of Paradise

Release Date: September 17

Tougen Anki: Dark Demon of Paradise by Yura Urushibara is a series I haven’t been able to get out of my mind since I first read it, and I’m eager to see it translated. I’m drawn to shonen manga with an edge, and Tougen Anki is that and so much more. I find its protagonist to be compelling. Shiki, with his Oni bloodline and hotheaded yet kind-hearted nature, reminds me of Shonen MCs like Shinra from Fire Force. But what sets Tougen Anki apart is its fascinating world and unique character abilities.

In this story, we follow Shiki Ichinose, whose blood is that of an Oni, while his father belongs to the Momotarou clan. Typically, those with Momotarou blood hunt Oni, but Shiki’s father defied convention by refusing to kill him as an infant. Instead, he adopted Shiki and raised him, despite the challenges posed by Shiki’s rebellious attitude and volatile temper, characteristic of Oni blood. But, when a member of the Momotarou Agency murders Shiki’s father, Shiki vows to avenge him. As Shiki hones his abilities and learns to control his Oni blood, the question remains: will he be strong enough to survive the dangers that await him?

Shiki’s discovery of his oni heritage and his recruitment into Rakshasa Academy add a lot of depth to the story, introducing a phenomenal cast of characters with interesting powers along the way. The art is amazing, and the series isn’t afraid to embrace its darker, more graphic elements, which only adds to its appeal for me. Since it debuted in Japan in 2020, Tougen Anki is just scratching the surface of its potential. I can’t wait to see how the story continues to unfold as it dives deeper into its world and characters.

You can shop the first volume of Tougen Anki: Dark Demon of Paradise on September 17th!

Kodansha Licenses Gachiakuta Manga


Release Date: Out now

Initially thought to be a standout manga release of 2023, Gachiakuta‘s release was pushed back to 2024. I’ve talked about it before, but with its delay to 2024, I get another chance to highlight this amazing series.

Gachiakuta follows a boy named Rudo, an orphan living with his adoptive parent in the slums. He has abilities that make him stand out from others, but they make him a target as well. One day, Rudo’s life is changed forever when he is framed for a murder he did not commit and he is thrown into a place called “the abyss.”

Instead of dying, though, he finds himself in a strange new world surrounded by monsters made of trash. There he meets a man named Engine, who’s a Janitor, an individual who fights against these monsters with special weapons. Rudo becomes a Janitor to fight his way out of the abyss and get revenge.

It’s one you may already know thanks to a recommendation from Atsushi Ohkubo, the creator of one of my favorites, Soul Eater. He even went as far as to say that he was passing on the baton to Kei Urana, his assistant at one point. Those are big words and shoes to fill, but I couldn’t agree more after reading Gachiakuta.

The style, character designs, and world-building are incredible. It has a similar vibe and feel to two manga I love, Deadman Wonderland and Fire Force, but it’s still unique and stands apart. On top of all that, it’s gritty and emotional and has amazing art.

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Vinland Saga Deluxe Editions Review

Vinland Saga Deluxe Editions

Release Date: Out now

Vinland Saga began releasing with an English translation on October 14, 2013, but it received a new Deluxe Edition release in 2024. It is one of the greatest seinen manga, let alone manga, of all time. I highly recommend it if you have yet to give it a shot, especially if you enjoy stories with top-notch character development, detailed art, and profound and historically inspired narratives.

Vinland Saga tells the gripping story of Thorfinn, a young boy enchanted by his father’s tales of a distant land to the west. His idyllic world is shattered when a mercenary raid kills his family, pushing him into a life among the very Vikings responsible for this loss. Driven by vengeance against the band’s leader for his father’s death, Thorfinn grows into a formidable warrior. But, amidst his quest for revenge, the enduring pride in his family, and the dream of Vinland, a peaceful land free of war, give him solace and purpose.

In addition to getting a more premium upgrade, Kodansha threw in some extras in these new Deluxe Editions, like exclusive color art that’s never been seen in English before, as well as some commentary with the creator, Makoto Yukimura, who talks about key story moments and more. They’ve even tossed in color maps and concept art, giving us behind-the-scenes peeks. In my full review of the Vinland Saga Deluxe Editions, I review all of this and how they compare to the original 2-in-1 hardcovers released by Kodansha.

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The Tree of Death Yomotsuhegui - Best Manga 2024

The Tree of Death Yomotsuhegui

Release Date: Out now

The Tree of Death Yomotsuhegui is the latest series by Masasumi Kakizaki and it is a must-read if you are a fan of cosmic horror, like I am. Known for his work on Green Blood and Rainbow, Kakizaki continues to show off his deeply engaging storytelling and intricate, highly detailed artwork in this new series, which is out now thanks to Seven Seas.

The story introduces us to Nawa Kanetsugu, a former police officer whose life is upended by the tragic loss of his family, which propels him on a dark path of vengeance. What sets this journey apart is a twist of fate that grants Nawa immortality and monstrous powers after consuming the fruit from the tree in the realm of the dead, Yomotsuhegui. This curse or blessing leads him to a crossroads between regaining his lost humanity or succumbing to the darkness within, as he allies with a god of death to battle otherworldly threats.

Yomotsuhegui: Scions of the Underworld is a revenge story, but it’s so much more. It’s also a complex exploration of justice, redemption, and the human condition, and it’s all set against a fascinating cosmic horror backdrop. If you enjoy manga that dive deep into the darker aspects of the soul, have beautiful art, and are Lovecraftian, this series is one you’ll want to check out.

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Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You Best Manga 2024

Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You

Release Date: Out now

Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You follows Sasaki, who at forty-five, finds little joy beyond the smoke breaks that punctuate his monotonous office life, except for the brief moments shared with Yamada, a supermarket cashier. After a grueling day, Yamada’s absence sends Sasaki in search of comfort, leading him to an unexpected encounter with Tayama, a captivating woman who offers him a cigarette and company. As their smoke-filled conversation unfolds, Sasaki is oblivious to the fact that Tayama is more familiar to him than he realizes.

Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You features a bond forged in life’s everyday moments. Unlike many other manga that dramatize first encounters with grandiose events, this manga focuses more on the realism of casual, yet profound, interactions. It shows us all that meaningful relationships can emerge from the simplest settings, like behind a konbini. Because of its setup, there’s an authenticity to the characters and their relationship, and I love that it features an adult cast as well. It’s an absolute gem through and through and it’s one of the best manga of 2024 so far. I hope you’ll check it out!

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I Want to End This Love Game Best Manga 2024

I Want to End This Love Game

Release Date: Out now

I Want to End This Love Game features a unique twist of childhood rivalry between Yukiya Asagi and Miku Sakura, who have engaged in the Love Game since they were kids, challenging each other with declarations of “I love you” in attempts to catch the other off guard. But, the stakes of this game escalate when genuine feelings of love mix with their competitive spirit, making the prospect of losing unthinkable for them both.

Yukiya steps into high school with a mission to win over Miku. Armed with tactics lifted straight from her favorite shojo manga, he’s ready to execute the perfect romantic maneuvers, from wall pinning to smoldering gazes, in hopes of stirring her heart.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is one of my top series, so admittedly when I picked I Want to End This Love Game, it was because it had similarities. While I did hope to discover a series that would fill the void, I also yearned for a romantic comedy that would shine on its own. Now this is a will-they, won’t-they type series, where the main characters resist confessing their love for one another at all costs, so if you enjoy more straightforward romances, I have other recommendations you may prefer on this list. That said, if you love cute stories with relatable characters, it’s one I highly recommend.

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Best Manga 2024 - Medalist


Release Date: March 5

Medalist is set to release on March 5 from Kodansha and it follows Inori, an 11-year-old with big dreams of becoming a figure skater, who faces daunting obstacles. Despite her age, school struggles, and family doubts, the ice rink is her sanctuary and she works hard to make her dreams a reality. There, she meets Tsukasa, a coach on the brink of quitting competitive skating. Together, they forge an unstoppable duo fueled by hard work, unwavering belief, and the pursuit of proving everyone wrong.

Inori’s journey is deeply moving; her passion for figure skating is palpable, and you can’t help but root for her. Teaming up with coach Tsukasa, who’s on the verge of giving up his dreams, adds layers to their dynamic. Despite facing doubts from others, including Inori’s Mom, they find strength in each other and strive to defy the odds. Their mutual belief, support, and passion for figure skating create this beautiful, inspiring bond, and their interactions are one of Medalist‘s strong suits.

Believing in yourself when you are young is hard enough, but it is even more challenging when everyone around Inori, from her Mom to her classmates, tells her she won’t amount to anything. Tsukasa’s role as a coach becomes not just about teaching figure skating but instilling belief and hope in Inori’s heart. These two learn a lot from each other, and their connection and drive to overcome the odds, make Medalist one of the best and most touching sports manga I’ve ever read.

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Best Manga 2024 - Initial D Omnibuses

Initial D Omnibuses

Release Date: March 19

One of my most wanted has always been a new release of Initial D. Initial D debuted in the ’90s, but wouldn’t be released with English translation until 2002 when Tokyopop released singles of the series. Unfortunately, they only printed 33 of the 48 volumes, so it has never been fully released in the US. Much to my excitement, though, Kodansha announced large-sized 2-in-1 omnibuses of Initial D with the first slated for release on March 19.

The story of Initial D follows Takumi Fujiwara, an 18-year-old who helps out his father at his tofu shop by making deliveries. Every morning he heads out to Mt. Akina in his Dad’s AE86. Because of this daily routine, he has gained skills in mountain racing and drifting which were further honed while driving to make a delivery at its summit. Takumi’s daily life changes when the Akagi RedSuns come into town to challenge the local team, the Akina SpeedStars.

Takumi is a thrilling driver because he thinks out of the box and quickly adapts to every situation or challenge. The races are entertaining and exhilarating, not just because of Takumi but because of the opponents he comes across as well. Each with their unique driving style, every race feels fresh and the bar is constantly being raised. The races unfold in a way that makes them unexpected and exciting and the cars, whether in motion or not, are beautifully drawn. Whether you are into cars or not, Initial D is a fantastic read. It’s one of my favorite sports manga to release and it’s an absolute classic through and through.

If you are picking up Initial D Omnibus 1, there is a standard release, but there are also two exclusive cover releases you can shop from Crunchyroll and Kinokuniya.

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Gannibal Kickstarter


Release Date: April 9

Gannibal is one of the top horror manga I recommend. Not just year, but all-around. It is a hidden treasure that’s finally going to be available in English thanks to Ablaze. The story follows our protagonist, who relocates to a seemingly quaint mountain village, only to find it cloaked in dark rumors of cannibalism. It all sounds like a twisted joke until a local officer goes missing. When our MC is sent in to take over his post, he begins to wonder whether or not these rumors are true and begins to investigate. The only problem is that one particular family in the area doesn’t like him poking around in their business.

Just like in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the family in this story, the Goto family, evokes a sense of dread, looming over the village, acknowledged but the town doesn’t pry into their lives. It’s an utterly gripping and unsettling read that had me on edge throughout and it’s one that I hope more and more people will check out because it’s one of the best new horror manga I’ve read as of late.

Ablaze is releasing the paperback volumes at manga retailers on April 9, but they also launched a Kickstarter that features hardcover manga editions, box sets, and more of the series.

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My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999  Best Manga 2024

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

Release Date: April 2

As someone who loves video games and plays MMOs, My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 struck a chord with me, much like another one of my favorites, Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku did. From the beauty and friendships that can be forged, but also the dangers that come with meeting IRL, to the identities and connections we form in-game, and the lessons, healing, or escape that they offer us, My Love Story with Yamada-kun is one of the best you can read.

In the series, we follow our MC and college student Akane, who in the wake of a painful breakup, finds solace not in solitude but within the virtual world of an online RPG, where she combats minor foes to heal her bruised heart. Here, she crosses paths with the Yamada, a pro gamer whose social reclusiveness leaves Akane torn between finding him awkwardly charming or intriguingly mysterious.

An unexpected run-in with her ex at a gaming convention propels Akane into a whimsical charade, presenting Yamada as her new boyfriend. This spur-of-the-moment decision intertwines their lives both digitally and physically. But, Yamada’s passion seems tethered to one thing and one thing only, gaming.

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 is a romance, but it also features an amazing group dynamic, mainly the members of the guild to which Akane and Yamada belong. We watch them connect online, but also in real life, and it’s their interactions and the humorous and heartwarming moments that result from them, along with Akane and Yamada’s relationship, that make this series so memorable for me. In addition to the manga, which is released on April 2 from Inklore, a new imprint of Random House, I highly recommend the anime adaptation, brought to life by one of my favorite studios Madhouse.

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The Best New Manga Releases 2024 - The Fable Omnibuses

The Fable Omnibuses

Release Date: April 9

Kodansha is releasing 2-in-1 omnibuses of The Fable by Katsuhisa Minami, with the first set to arrive on April 9. Since its initial release in 2014, The Fable has been one of my most wanted print releases. With an upcoming anime adaptation on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to bring the series to print, and I’m excited to finally add it to my collection.

The story follows a legendary assassin known as The Fable who is advised to lay low in Osaka after a bloody period of gang enforcement in Tokyo. Tasked with living a normal life for a year, he faces the challenge with his usual professionalism. But can he truly escape his past, or will the Osaka underworld draw him back in?

The Fable stands out as one of the best when it comes to titles featuring hitmen protagonists, and this is across all media. It delves into the challenges of escaping a life of being a hitman, akin to something like John Wick, so it is action-packed and thrilling, but it also has a way of highlighting these characters, who by all accounts are criminals, in ways that make you root for and connect with them.

They showcase how being a hitman is a job that always comes back to haunt you. When your life has been nothing but killing, The Fable begs the question of how can you settle down and truly live, and this makes it unexpectedly warm and touching to read at times; it’s not all serious, it’s quite hilarious as well. While Sakamoto Days is my favorite Shonen that highlights a hitman trying to lay low and live a normal life, The Fable takes my top spot for Seinen.

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Gokurakugai Best Manga 2024


Release Date: April 16

As far as modern shonen goes, the past few years have had some of my all-time favorite releases, like Chainsaw Man, Dandadan, and Sakamoto Days. 2024 is continuing the momentum with one of my most anticipated, Gokurakugai, hitting shelves thanks to Viz. I initially fell in love with the series after reading its one-shot, which evolved into the serialized version arriving this year.

This story is set in the gritty, lawless confines of Gokurakugai, where troubleshooters Alma and Tao stand as beacons of justice amid the chaos. Catering to a wide array of clients, their missions frequently confront them with the city’s darkest menaces—monstrous entities that prey on its inhabitants. Motivated by both a sense of justice and money, they take on human and inhuman adversaries and help individuals in need, all while navigating life in a place that’s lost all law and order.

The series stands out with its unique art style and character designs. Honestly, it has some of the best artwork I’ve seen in a while, and the characters are just as interesting. This is one I’d especially love to see an anime adaptation of. It’s one of those series that would be incredible as an anime, because of its vivid storytelling and dynamic panels. I truly can’t recommend this one enough and you can look forward to its release on April 16.

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Trigun Deluxe Editions Announced

Trigun Deluxe Edition

Release Date: April 23

Dark Horse is shining the spotlight on Trigun and its sequel Trigun Maximum in 2024 with the release of new Deluxe Editions, starting on April 23. This news was exciting not just because I am a fan and I’ve longed to own a premium edition of the series, but also because it will get into the hands of more and more people, especially given the scarcity and high cost of the previous editions.

If you are new to Trigun, it is set in the desert world of Gunsmoke, where a mysterious bounty hangs above the head of Vash the Stampede. His guns can pierce a planet, which explains why the locals tremble at the very mention of his name. The reward for his capture or assassination is sixty billion double dollars; Every trigger-happy psycho in creation is aiming to claim Vash dead or alive.

Trigun has a nostalgic feel to it with its Western-like vibe and setting, but it’s set in a futuristic time as well, and this makes it unique. On top of all that, it’s action-packed and full of comedy and it’s one of the most entertaining sci-fi manga I’ve ever read.

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Best Manga 2024 - Hirayasumi


Release Date: May 21

Hirayasumi, an upcoming slice-of-life seinen by Keigo Shinzou, follows 29-year-old and carefree Hiroto Ikuta who doesn’t have a girlfriend, a steady job, or a life plan—and he couldn’t be happier. But his breezy attitude confounds others in a world fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. After striking up an unlikely friendship with the neighborhood’s grumpy elder, Hiroto unexpectedly inherits her house and some challenging emotions. When his 18-year-old cousin Natsumi moves in, Hiroto’s carefree lifestyle faces a test as she grapples with her struggles as an aspiring art student.

Hirayasumi beautifully captures the essence of cherishing life’s simple pleasures—like the sun’s warmth, the fragrance of flowers, or the gentle breeze. It serves as a reminder not to overlook the beauty in the ordinary and to appreciate what we have in the here and the now. I have always appreciated series, like Hirayasumi, which while don’t have many bells and whistles, are beautiful in their own right. I’ve come to appreciate simplicity more and more in my life so Hirayasumi couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time.

These volumes are going to be released under Viz’s Sig series, which are larger in comparison to their standard Shonen Jump releases, like Dorohedoro and Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction. You can look forward to Hirayasumi‘s release on May 21st.

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Best Manga 2024 - The Fragrant Flower Blooms with Dignity

The Fragrant Flower Blooms with Dignity

Release Date: June 4

The Fragrant Flower Blooms with Dignity is a charming take on Romeo and Juliet. It’s partially set at Chidori High, where underachievers, and our main character Rintaro, go to school. He meets Kaoruko, a girl from the prestigious Kikyo Girls’ High, and falls for her. But their budding romance faces challenges as they navigate the divide between their schools and societal expectations.

I enjoy this series because it’s a heartwarming read. Since this is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, there’s bound to be some drama and a star-crossed lovers relationship takes center stage. As a fan of the source material, I appreciated the creator’s take on Romeo and Juliet, featuring relatable characters who, while fitting into some familiar tropes like the misunderstood guy and the clever girl, are authentic and engaging. The Fragrant Flower Blooms with Dignity is a romance and drama story, that while simple, is executed exceptionally well. If you like Romeo and Juliet or wholesome stories, I highly recommend this one.

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Kagurabachi Best New Manga 2024


Release Date: November 5

Viz announced that they are releasing Kagurabachi in the Fall. It follows the story of Chihiro, who dedicates his days to training alongside his renowned swordsmith father, aspiring to follow in his footsteps and become a master sword-maker. Their days together, full of lighthearted banter and earnest dedication to their craft, seem like they will last forever.

But, their idyllic existence is shattered instantly by a devastating tragedy, plunging Chihiro into a world consumed by darkness and driven by vengeance. With sword in hand, Chihiro embarks on a relentless quest for retribution and heads down a new path full of battles and challenges.

Based on some of the series I mentioned earlier, including this one, it seems I have a thing for revenge stories, but Kagurabachi is one of the Shonen that has recently debuted to capture my attention. It has an interesting power system and from the chapters I’ve read, it has potential. If you’re a fan of Shonen with a darker edge, like me, Kagurabachi is one you’ll want to check out this Fall.

Best Manga 2024 Fool Night

Fool Night

Release Date: June 18

Fool Night, a new Seinen series, immediately grabbed my attention. Not only because it was recommended by Sui Ishida, the creator of one of my top manga of all time, Tokyo Ghoul, but also thanks to its immense potential, unique setting, and exploration of thought-provoking themes. It is expected to be released from Viz under their Sig imprint on June 18.

Fool Night is set in a bleak future where the Earth is shrouded in thick clouds, blocking the sun, suffocating life, and humanity faces extinction. The concept of “transfloration” emerges as a desperate measure to prevent this, converting humans into oxygen-producing plants. Amid this dystopian setting, Toshiro Kamiya faces a harrowing decision: undergo transfloration to save his ailing mother or cling to the remnants of his humanity.

Fool Night dives deep into the moral complexities that come with self-sacrifice and human resilience in the face of survival, particularly emphasizing the lengths one would go to protect loved ones and the lengths that humanity will go to to survive. Set against a dystopian, post-apocalyptic backdrop—one of my favorite settings—this series is similar in ways to two others I love Tokyo Ghoul and Heavenly Delusion. What sets Fool Night apart is not just its unique storyline and beautifully drawn panels, but also its indescribable allure that hooks you from the start. I can’t help but feel that Fool Night is truly special and I’m excited for its release this year.

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Best Manga 2024 - After God

After God

Release Date: November 19

Out of all the releases coming this year, After God is probably my most anticipated, and this is saying a lot because this year is stacked so far. Releasing from Viz on November 19, the story is set in a Japan ravaged by invading gods, leaving destruction in their wake. We follow Anti-God researcher Sachiyuki Tokinaga, who embarks on a quest to reclaim humanity’s future. His unexpected ally, high schooler Waka Kamikura, might hold the secret to turning the tide. Together, they navigate the perilous ruins of Tokyo, uncovering secrets that could change the world’s fate forever and bring an end to the gods once and for all.

After God has truly breathtaking art; it’s realistic, but also stylized and unique. When viewing the pages, I’m reminded a lot of the details of Shinichi Sakamoto’s (Innocent) panels, albeit different but the structuring strikes a similar chord with me, but also the emotion and style of Sui Ishida’s (Tokyo Ghoul) panels. It also has a vibe and atmosphere similar to Chainsaw Man and Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. These are some of my all-time favorite manga artists, so this is big praise, but while I see glimpses, Sumi Eno’s After God is a complete original.

The dynamic battles, and how they are drawn, are a major highlight of the series. It has some of the best fights I’ve seen as of late, but it is also set in an incredibly unique world and knows how to be emotional and dramatic when need be as well.

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Notable mentions: Vampire Knight Manga Box Set on October 22, Red River 3-in-1s on October 15, You and I Are Polar Opposites on May 7, My Name Is Shingo: The Perfect Edition on February 27, GoGo Monster Second Edition Hardcover on June 25, Last Quarter on September 3, and Fire Force Manga Box Set 1 on June 4.

Right now, these are the most anticipated new manga to be released in 2024. As more are confirmed, we will update this post, so stay tuned for more recommendations!

For a comprehensive look at all the new manga releases in 2024, be sure to check out our 2024 manga release schedule.

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