A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Oima is a tear-jerking and heartwarming shonen about the importance of second chances. Even more so than that, it’s a touching story about redemption as well as forgiveness and how people, with time and experience, can change, adapt, and grow.

It’s also very much a story about communication and how difficult it can be to express one’s emotions. We communicate in so many different ways, through text or notebooks, our words, different languages, and body language. We even communicate through our actions or by sharing our favorite things with others. What A Silent Voice does well is show how important communication is and how difficult it can be to communicate our true emotions. Often, what we are really feeling can come across as something else. Sadness can come across as anger, etc.

Few manga have made me feel as much as A Silent Voice and it’s one that will take you on an emotional, but also moving journey. It’s one of the best and most profound manga I’ve ever read. With great storytelling, characters, and a powerful message, it’s one that leaves a lasting impact. I love and highly recommend it, but what’s the best way to collect the series?

A Silent Voice Complete Collector's Edition Review
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Currently, you can collect A Silent Voice with English translation via the 7 individual paperbacks, The Complete Box Set, which contains all seven volumes, and the hardcover Collector’s Editions, which collect the series in two volumes. The first Complete Collector’s Edition collects volumes 1-3 and half of volume 4 and the 2nd contains the last half of volume 4, plus volumes 5, 6, and 7.

The Complete Collector’s Editions are oversized. At 7.30 x 10.20 x 1.60 versus the individual volumes 5.00 x 7.40 x 0.80 inches, they are the largest release of A Silent Voice to release so far. They are comparable in size to The Ghost in the Shell and Alita Deluxe Editions or the Blade of the Immortal Deluxe Editions. They also are around the same size as another Kodansha release, the Attack on Titan Colossal Editions.

Since the Collector’s Editions are only 1.6 inches thick, they only take up around 3.2 inches of shelf space, whereas the 7 individual volumes take up about 4.9 inches, so the Collector’s Editions save you some space on the shelf in comparison to the singles.

A Silent Voice Complete Collector's Edition Review
A Silent Voice Complete Collector’s Editions vs. singles. Image Credit: Anime Collective

As far as cost goes, the A Silent Voice Complete Collector’s Editions are $44.99 USD each while the paperback singles are $10.99 USD each and the Complete Box Set is $76.73 USD at retail. Often, you can find these all for cheaper prices when you can find them in stock on sites like Amazon, so be sure to keep an eye out for manga sales and discounts.

In terms of overall cost, both A Silent Voice Complete Collector’s Editions will run you $89.98 USD at retail. The hardcover Collector’s Editions are only 13 dollars more expensive, which is a good value in my opinion, especially considering their design and quality.

Design-wise, the first features the same artwork of Shouko and Shoya that’s seen on the first paperback, but they split the art up like it’s a photograph that’s been torn apart, so Shouko is on one side and Shoya is on the other. I like the way they did this because it is somewhat symbolic of their relationship. The rest of it has a background graphic that looks like the top of Shoya’s desk. They also have some glossy details on the front cover as well, which look like droplets of water.

The spines are squared off rather than rounded. The text details are on top of torn-out notebook paper, which is symbolic as well. On the back, you have a page from Shouko’s notebook and a graphic of Shoya’s desk.

A Silent Voice Complete Collector's Edition Review
Image Credit: Anime Collective

On top of having a beautiful design, the print quality is incredible as well. The Collector’s Editions are printed on higher-quality, premium paper. They are white with a smooth, glossy finish much like the Attack on Titan Colossal Editions. They have the same print quality as those, but the A Silent Voice Collector’s Editions are better quality overall since they are hardcover instead of paperback.

When the pages of the singles are compared to the Collector’s Editions, the midtones are more present and the contrast is sharper in the Collector’s Editions. The print quality in the Collector’s editions is better all-around and you can see more details in the art. With the oversized format and the print quality, the artwork looks even better in the Collector’s Editions. So if you are looking for the edition with the best page and print quality, it’s the Complete Collector’s Edition by far.

Their readability is great too. The Collector’s Editions actually have less gutter loss than the individuals do. They have a sewn-binding the editions open up more, so they are pleasing to read. The only thing I will say is that they are rather heavy, so you can’t hold them up for extended periods of time, but they do lay flat when you are reading them on a table or desk, which is nice.

A Silent Voice Complete Collector's Edition Review
Image Credit: Anime Collective

The A Silent Voice Complete Collector’s Editions, also come with over 50 pages of new content you can’t collect in other editions. The first has the original 45-page short story, and this is the first time it’s been officially translated into English, never-before-seen interviews with Yoshitoki Oima, a color art gallery, and more. Between the two editions, there’s going to be over 100 pages of new content that the individuals or box set do not collect, so it has the most extras and new material by far. The interviews, short story, and color art galleries are awesome additions.

While the A Silent Voice Complete Collector’s Editions aren’t the cheapest edition of A Silent Voice that you can collect, they are the highest quality edition to release of the series so far and they have the best print quality as well. On top of being a beautiful release, the Collector’s Editions save you space on the shelf and they have the most extra material by far. They are premium editions that look great both on and off the shelf, they have awesome extras, and amazing page and print quality, and in my opinion, they are the best way to collect A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Oima.

You can shop the A Silent Voice Complete Collector’s Editions now at a manga retailer and you can get an all-around as well as an inside look at the first edition in my YouTube review below!

A Silent Voice Complete Collector’s Editions Review Video

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