Pandora Hearts is an unforgettable fantasy story that follows Oz, who during his coming-of-age ceremony, is unsuspectingly condemned for a sin that he knows nothing about. He is then thrown into an inescapable prison called the Abyss where he meets a girl named Alice, but there’s more to Alice than meets the eye. It was created by Jun Mochizuki, who you may also know as the creator of The Case Study of Vanitas. As it currently stands, you can collect Pandora Hearts via the singles or the omnibuses, which you can collect via the Pandora Hearts Box Set.

The Pandora Hearts Box Set is one of the most premium and beautiful-looking manga box sets I’ve ever seen. It’s made to look like a trunk and it even has functional ornate handles on its sides. The artwork featured on this manga box set is striking and bold like a sticker. Some of the details on the box set are glossy, which makes them stand out from the matte background.

Pandora Hearts Box Set Review
Side of Pandora Hearts manga box set. Image Credit: Anime Collective.

When I opened up this box set, is when I was really in awe though. The Pandora Hearts manga box set collects all 24 volumes of Pandora Hearts in 12 oversized, 2-in-1 omnibus editions. The omnibuses have new cover designs and they look incredible both on and off the shelf, especially with the ornate gold foil details they’ve added to the volumes.

The covers also have little windows that the character’s faces peak through. When you open up the front cover, they reveal the full-color illustrations of the characters. The artwork is the same as the individual volumes but without the lettering over the top. The spine and back of the volumes also have gold foil details on them. Overall, they look amazing and I enjoy the feel of the matte covers. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the matte covers are prone to scuffing, especially with how tightly they were packed into the box, so be careful when removing them from the box or putting them on the shelf. They packed these volumes so tightly that some of the volumes, unfortunately, have scuffs on them, which is a frustration, especially given how beautiful these editions look.

Pandora Hearts Box Set Review
Pandora Hearts manga omnibus next to Bungo Stray Dogs for size comparison. Image Credit: Anime Collective.

When you open up the volumes, you see the full-color illustration of the first volume’s cover. There are more full-color illustrations as well, including volume 2’s cover and more of Oz and Gilbert. The story opens up with some full-color panels as well but the rest is printed in black and white. Some of these full-color illustrations were never printed in the original volumes by the way, so they are nice additions. Each volume opens up this way with the cover art of the volumes included within the omnibus and some full-color illustrations.

Individual volumes of the series were also released. The omnibuses that come in the box set are larger than the individual volumes, which are the same size as your average Yen Press manga release. To give you an idea as to what they are similarly sized to, the omnibuses are the same height as the Ubel Blatt volumes released by Yen Press. They are also the same height as the 20th Century Boys Perfect Editions released by Viz.

Pandora Hearts Box Set Review
Pandora Hearts manga box set inside artwork. Image Credit: Anime Collective.

Another thing to note about this box set is its availability. Yen Press recently reissued the Pandora Hearts Box Set on their site. Unfortunately, the Pandora Hearts Box Set is only being sold in the US and Canada on Yen Press’ site. I’m hoping the box set gets a wider release, so it’s more available worldwide, but no news on if that’ll happen just yet. I just want to make sure that if you are in US or Canada, you know it is available for retail on Yen Press and aren’t paying aftermarket prices for this box set on sites like eBay.

The Pandora Hearts Box Set is one of the best manga box sets I’ve seen, and I’ve bought a lot of them over the years. The details are incredible and the editions are nice. It’s only rivaled by the Akira 35th anniversary box set because that box set has some of the most high-quality hardcover editions I’ve ever seen. If this one had hardcovers instead of paperbacks, it would have even further set this one apart, but as it currently stands, it’s my second favorite in the collection and I highly recommend picking it up.

You can check out a full unboxing of the Pandora Hearts Box Set in my review on YouTube and you can pick up the box set now at one of the retailers listed below!

Pandora Hearts Manga Box Set Unboxing & Review

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