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Moducase Display Cases Review

ModuCase Display Cases Review

As it currently stands, ModuCase has the best display cases available. Read the full review!

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ModuCase are a display case company based in Singapore that I discovered a few years back when I was preparing for my first anime statues to arrive. Their units can be combined, expanded upon, and they are sturdily made out of industrial grade aluminium frames and plexi-glass acrylic. You can really find what you need for any setup, whether you just need a stand-alone case or if you need an entire wall display.

For those of you who are still deciding whether or not you want to purchase from them, I will let you know that they are a legit company with great products, and while there is still some room for improvement in regards to their shipping times, which I’ll get into more below, their customer service as well as the quality and flexibility of their cases make them well worth the wait. With that said, I do recommend them and here’s why!

Positives to buying from ModuCase

Their customer service is great

I have been buying cases from ModuCase for a few years and have yet to have a negative experience with them. Apart from the long shipping times, there is little room for improvement here.

Their customer service is really great. I reach out to them on Facebook whenever I have a question about my order or if I need to make a customization to a purchase, but they also have an email contact ([email protected]) you can reach out to as well. The response times are fast and they are always really nice. I know I’ll have a good customer service experience if something were to go wrong during shipment or if I just have a general question, and for me, this keeps me purchasing from them more so than anything.

They have many options and cases for larger statues

ModuCase lends itself really well to collectors, like me, who start out small with one case and then end up needing a whole wall of cases to display their collection. With that said, you don’t have to go all out with them at first purchasing an entire setup or wall combo since they have individual cases available for purchase as well. But, if you know what you need they do offer custom units or combinations as well. I really like that I don’t have to worry about buying a case and it no longer fitting in the room, because these cases can be combined or stacked vertically to fit my display needs.

I was also struggling to find a case that would fit my taller statues, like Surge Studio Itachi. Luckily, I stumbled upon ModuCase’s MAX140PLUS display cube. This was the only case I could find that would fit this statue in particular. Another bonus to this case? It fits both Surge Studio Itachi and Surge Studio Kisame side by side with enough space in between them, so they aren’t overcrowding one another. These cases really lend well to statues that you want to display next to one another, and with Itachi and Kisame being partners I knew I wanted a case that would showcase them together.

These larger statues also really need extra support as well, because they are heavy. With ModuCase, I don’t have to worry about them crashing and falling to their demise or whatever case they are on buckling under the pressure. They are some of the more expensive options out there in the market, but for me, the statues are also expensive, so I want to keep them safe and sound in a case that I know they’ll not only look great in, but that they be secure in as well.

They have add-ons and accessories

You can build these cases to be what you need even further with shelves, risers, lights, etc all available as add-ons. I really like that its a one-stop shop for collectors, who are looking for a specific display. I also have to say that I really like that you can choose either black or white for the top board and back board of the cases in addition to the aluminum frames.

When I first purchased one of ModuCase’s display cases, I went with the all black option not knowing that I could contact ModuCase to get a black frame case with a white top board and white back boards. My statues will pop more in the case amongst a white background, so I contacted ModuCase and I was able to order both, so if you ever decide you want to change up your current display, you can always do so. This is yet another perk to buying from them.

They are modular, have a modern look, and are high quality

Since I currently live in an apartment, I had to find a display solution that would be buildable and flexible to my current setup. I did some research and discovered ModuCase’s display cases, and the fact that they are modular and can be stacked is initially what sold me on their cases. I also have to say that they are lighter in weight (without the statues in them of course) than other display cases, so you can really move them easily when you are setting them up.

On first impression, I could tell that they have some of the most modern, clean looking cases you can buy in the market today. Personally, I was looking for a case that would already fit in with my style, and ModuCase was just that. In person, they look great and they look even better as you continue to add cases in the future. But for me, the best thing about getting cases from ModuCase is getting to see your collection in them. They bring your statues further to life and somehow make them look even better than you thought they looked before.

To get more of an idea of how their cases look in a room and what others are displaying in their cases, check out their idea book here!

They are dust-proof

After years of having my ModuCase display cases, I can attest to the fact that they are indeed dust-proof. I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to dust off my statues with one of those little brushes. I was always scared I’d knock something off and break it or break one of the more delicate pieces while dusting, but I no longer have to worry about this thanks to ModuCase.

Ways ModuCase can improve

Shipping times

The only negative to buying from ModuCase is that their shipping times are quite lengthy. With that said, the minute I preorder a statue, even if that statue won’t be arriving for another year, if I know I’m going to need a ModuCase for it I immediately place an order with them.

I know they are working to get their manufacturing and shipping times down, but as of now, you will have to wait quite awhile before you get your case(s). To give you an idea, my latest shipment was quoted to arrive in about four months and I just placed that order in the beginning of November.


Another thing I will mention is that they do take some time to setup since they do not arrive pre-assembled, which can be seen as a negative by some. Just know it takes awhile to put them together, and if you hit a roadblock when assembling them, which has happened to me before, their website contains more assembly instructions and videos if you ever need to reference them.

Final thoughts

As it currently stands, ModuCase has the best display cases available. Their flexibility and expandability is a big reason as to why I recommend them, but they look amazing in a room as well. Most importantly, they are dust-proof and sturdy, so I know my statues are safe and sound in these cases.

Yes, there is room for improvement in the few areas I mentioned above, but if you are a collector of statutes, higher-end collectibles, etc., I couldn’t recommend these cases more and they are well worth the price. You can check out more from ModuCase and browse all their options here!

Where to Buy Moducase in the US

One of my favorite places to buy statues from, Spec Fiction, recently listed Moducase’s products on their website and you can purchase them at the link below!

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