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Manga Restocks 2022

Exciting Manga Restocks Coming Soon – Manga Restock Dates

Here are all of the expected manga restock dates for 2023 so far!

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Due to an increase in demand as well as production hiccups, such as shipping delays, printer shortages, and more, manga have been going out of stock as of late. As long as a manga isn’t at risk of going out of print, these series will return in due time as publishers and their suppliers catch up with demand.

I’ve been collecting manga for many years, and in these past few years, the landscape has changed completely for manga collecting. Issues like scalping have skyrocketed as of late and it’s become harder and harder to fully complete manga series. In response to this, I compiled a list of manga that are currently out of stock but have expected restock dates in hopes that it will be helpful to those of you who are still in search of certain volumes.

Any volumes that are not listed are either in stock or don’t have a restock date listed at the time of writing this post. We will continue to check for updates and add new volumes or dates when they are revealed. Keep in mind that these are estimated restock dates provided by and sourced from Barnes & Noble’s website, so if you order elsewhere or there are delays, you may get your item(s) later than expected. Also keep in mind that some items may ship quicker from B&N if they receive the item(s) sooner than expected.

I also want to mention how these restocks work real quick. Oftentimes, sites and stores will sell out of their stock before they even ship out or receive the items back in. They’ll get in a select number of volumes in, but with demand for some of these volumes and box sets being so high, they are selling out or, even sometimes, selling more stock then they are getting from manga suppliers, so they go on backorder.

This is why sometimes you’ll see an expected restock date for a certain volume(s) or box set change to “temporarily out of stock” again until they can get word from the publisher or supplier as to when more will be arriving. That being said, I will continue to update this list with updated restock dates as they are revealed since a lot of these volumes and manga box sets are flickering in and out of stock.

You can shop these manga series at any trusted manga retailer, but if you end up buying from Barnes & Noble’s website, I have a manga buying hack you may want to try out.

That all being said, here are all of the expected manga restock dates for 2024 so far!

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Expected Manga Restock Dates 2024

These expected 2023 manga restock dates are for Barnes and Noble only. They may or may not restock at other retailers around the same time, so please keep that in mind if you are looking to pickup any of the manga noted on this list.

If you are looking to get a box set or volume as soon as possible, you will want to place an order on B&N’s site as soon as possible, because stock can sell out fast for high demand items. Other sites don’t list expected restock dates like Barnes and Noble do, so right now, they are the only source for this information and the only site that I know these manga are expected to restock on. If I see another site got a box set or volume back in stock quicker than B&N, I will do my best to note those below also.

I am keeping an eye on over 4,500 volumes, so there’s a lot to keep track of. If you notice a restock date is past on this post and a volume or box set is listed as temporarily out of stock again on B&N’s site, this usually means that they’ve sold out of their latest batch’s stock. If the item is just temporarily out of stock, they will reach back out to the publisher for more stock, and once they get notification from the publisher, they will add a new expected restock date in the future. I will update this post as temporarily out of stock items return again to B&N, so stay tuned.

That all being said, here are all of the known manga restock dates in 2023! As mentioned above, these expected restock dates are for Barnes and Noble’s website, so these volumes and box sets are expected to ship out from Barnes and Noble on the noted dates.

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