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Kemono Jihen Manga Releasing in 2022

Kemono Jihen Manga Releasing with English Translation in 2022

Seven Seas revealed that they have obtained a print license for Kemono Jihen by Shō Aimoto!

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Seven Seas revealed that they have obtained a print license for Kemono Jihen by Shō Aimoto and that they’ll be releasing the first volume both physically and digitally with English translation in August 2022 as part of their 2022 Manga Release Schedule. Seven Seas also recently announced a print license for Tokyo Revengers.

Kemono Jihen follows Inugami, a Tokyo detective who specializes in the occult, who answers a call to a remote village that leads him to Dorotabo: a peculiar boy nicknamed after a yokai that haunts muddy rice paddies. The boy has no parents and is somewhat unnerving, emitting a foul odor that draws the ire of those around him.

Inugami, however, quickly realizes that there’s something more monstrous about Dorotabo than just his nickname–a fact proven when the two of them investigate an inhuman creature attacking local livestock. Perhaps Inugami can take this mistreated boy under his wing and train him to face the secret, supernatural beasts hidden in the world using the eerie powers of his own body. Kemono Jihen inspired an anime adaptation that released in the 2021 anime season.

The Kemono Jihen manga is releasing from Seven Seas in their individual paperback format with a cover price of $13.99 USD. The first volume is releasing on August 2, 2022 and the second volume is releasing on October 11, 2022. You can preorder the first two volumes of Kemono Jihen now on one of the sites listed below!

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