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Manga that Need An Anime Adaptation - Chainsaw Man

Manga That Need an Anime Adaptation: Chainsaw Man

Out of all the manga that have yet to get an anime, Chainsaw Man is the one I want to see adapted the most.

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Since the time of writing this post, a Chainsaw Man anime was confirmed with animation by MAPPA, but you can still read up on why we are excited to see this one adapted and our hopes for the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime below!

Rather than write a long post outlying all of the manga I’d like to see an adaptation of in the future, I wanted to do individual posts spotlighting each series. This time around, I’m shining the spotlight on one of my favorite manga to release in recent years, Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Out of all the manga that have yet to get an anime, this is the one I want to see adapted the most.

While it’s a relatively young series, Chainsaw Man is one that has already seen a rise in popularity. As we’ve seen with Jujutsu Kaisen‘s release this Fall, breakout manga like these that are adapted quickly, end up becoming some of the best anime. The first volume of Chainsaw Man was just released with English translation on October 6th, but eight volumes have been released in Japan and more chapters are available to read on the Shonen Jump app.

As mentioned above, it has already received massive attention and praise, and because of this, I have no doubt that it will eventually receive its adaptation. Even so, I hope the wait for a Chainsaw Man anime won’t be long. Jujutsu Kaisen received its adaptation with only 125 chapters currently released and Chainsaw Man is currently about to be on chapter 89. With that said, it seems like it has a little ways to go before we hear anything about an adaptation, but as soon as it has enough content (probably around the 100 chapter range) that’s when I think it will be considered.

Although, it seems an announcement could come earlier than we expected with Chainsaw Man‘s first arc’s final chapter releasing in the next issue of Jump on December 14th. A major announcement is going to be revealed in that chapter. There’s a rumor that MAPPA, the studio I want to animate Chainsaw Man the most, will be animating the series and that it will be receiving an adaptation, and this has since been confirmed by the latest Weekly Shonen Jump and Chainsaw Man‘s official Twitter account.

Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 Review
Credit: Viz

As to why I want it to be adapted, it’s partially because of Chainsaw Man‘s charm, and while it’s full of its fair share of blood and gore, which I might add I love, I find it to be as heartwarming as it is bloodcurdling. And this is mainly thanks to Denji, who’s a character you can easily get behind. Those that surround him are also interesting personalities, each with their own desires and motivations. Even though those motivations are much more lofty than Denji’s, who’s a simple man with few dreams and aspirations. I’m really interested in seeing how his personality, as well as the other characters, like Aki, Makima, Power, and of course Pochita would come further to life in an adaptation. With the characters, there are things you can miss in the manga, so it’s always a new experience to see them in action in an anime. Everything from their facial expressions, to their voice, and seeing them in full color is something I always look forward to.

But with Chainsaw Man, it’s the fight scenes that I’m looking forward to seeing animated most. It has an art style that I would love to see translated on screen, and it’s one that also features a lot of action-packed fights and gory, horror-filled scenes that would not only look great animated, but would be fun to watch as well. With fights in particular, there are some things you miss, like those in-between moments in the motion and sequences, and these gaps always get filled in by the adaptation. There’s some jaw-dropping, holy shit moments in this manga that I can’t wait to see if it gets adapted.

Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 Review 4
Credit: Viz

There’s also something exciting about seeing a manga that has a character that transforms like Chainsaw Man get adapted. It’s kind of like getting to see Kaneki as a ghoul or Ichigo in his Hollow Form for the first time, and just like those moments gave me chills, I’m sure that seeing Denji transform into the Chainsaw Man will effect me the same. Even something as simple as witnessing him standing there with his chainsaws spinning full throttle and hearing the noises they make as he slashes through some demons are a few of the things I want to experience.

I always appreciate anime that go all in with the source material and don’t water anything you see in the manga down, particularly when they contain violent scenes, and Chainsaw Man is chocked-full of them. While I worry slightly that they won’t keep the content true to the manga in an adaptation, I’m not all that concerned, because in all honesty, they would be releasing a completely different series if they changed its graphic nature. Chainsaw Man is gloriously brutal, and it holds nothing back, and it is for these reasons that I think it would be one of the best as well as one of the most entertaining anime to come out if it’s ever released.

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