Kondansha have already released all 8 volumes of Parasyte, a sci-fi body horror manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki, with English translation in a paperback format, but they are releasing the series again and for the first time ever in a new hardcover, full color format. It's a great way to get into collecting the series if you have yet to do so, but it's an incredible collector's item for long-time fans as well. See all of the manga you have to look forward to in 2022 in addition to the Parasyte Full Color Collection.

In addition to being fully colorized, these editions feature a new and revised translation.

If you are new to Parasyte, the series follows Shinichi Izumi, who's your everyday, average high school student. His life changes forever one day when an alien creature called a Parasite invades his body. Somehow he manages to prevent it from infesting his entire body though, containing it only to his hand.

No longer the same, with his hand under the control of a murderous alien named Migi, Shinichi will have to face this new reality head on. Others who have been infested by Parasites have not had such luck and have been taken over by these otherworldly beings. Their bodies now hosts under the control of the Parasites, who morph their bodies any way these please into horrifying visions and use their bodies to hide within the crowd as "humans".

The only one who knows of their secret is Shinichi, so he will have to find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come. It's a series that released over 30 years ago and is still highly influential and loved to this day.

Kodansha are going to release a total of 9 volumes of the Parasyte Full Color Collection; Each volume collecting approximately 300 pages of the manga. Each volume is retailing for $19.99 USD and Parasyte Full Color Collection 1 is expected to ship out on October 11, 2022. That being said, keep in mind that estimated arrival dates are subject to change or delay by the publisher.

You can preorder the Parasyte Full Color Collection 1 at one of the sites listed below! Cover art for the first volume has yet to be revealed, but we will update this post as we learn more.

Where to Shop the Parasyte Full Color Collection