Since last month, Tsume have been teasing a new statue from Dragon Ball Z, but instead of one, it actually turns out they are releasing two. Today they kicked off their 10th anniversary special show, where they unveiled their upcoming releases, which feature Goku Kaio-ken and Vegeta performing the Galick Gun. The 1/6 scale statues can be displayed together to showcase the memorable fight between the Prince of Saiyans and Goku.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tsume, they are a licensed statue studio based in France. As you can see from the photos, there are different effects and displayable options for each statue, including those needed to recreate the Kamehameha. According to Tsume, when combined, there are seven different interchangeable effects. There are also LED’s included with the statues as well as an audio system. It is expected to release sometime within the first half of 2021 according to Tsume’s site.

During the event, they also announced a new collection called Ikigai that is designed to “focus more on the power of the pose” and the character. They are also meant to be interconnected, so you can have your collection displayed together. There will also be Ultimate Editions available within this collection, but they mentioned little about this because they want it to be a surprise. What they did tell us is that they have more than 100 2D concepts already completed for this line.

It’s also important to keep in mind that they are initiating a new policy when it comes to their preorders, which applies only to new statue releases. The first statues to fall under this new policy will be the Goku and Vegeta pieces that were just announced. You can also now cancel your preorders for a full refund and if they don’t get the statue out within its estimated delivery date, you get a 10% refund.

Preorders for Tsume’s new Dragon Ball Z statues are being taken now on their site here, but you can also preorder at one of the following sites below!

Check out photos of both statues in the gallery below!

Tsume Goku Kaio-ken Dragon Ball Z Statue Gallery

All images in this post are credited to Tsume.

Tsume Vegeta Galick Gun Dragon Ball Z Statue Gallery