Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night released in theaters in 2021 and eStream are releasing two new figures of Alice and Asuna inspired by their appearance in the film. The Alice and Asuna Crystal Dress Ver. figures are the latest additions to their Shibuya Scramble line.

The Asuna Crystal Dress Ver. figure has a floating in mid-air effect, which is achieved by the way she keys into the moon behind her. As a result, it looks as if she is floating gracefully up in the air. The moon looks beautiful as well. It is cast in translucent PVC and it is painted in blues, purples, and oranges. Asuna is wearing a red dress and her hair as well as her dress are flying up in the wind.

The Alice Crystal Dress Ver. figure shows her in an elegant blue dress, which has been sculpted to look as if it is spinning around her. Like the Asuna figure, Alice also has her sword in hand.

The motion that is conveyed in both of these figures is incredible. While Alice and Asuna aren't in dynamic poses themselves, the sculpting of their dresses and hair in particular make them look more dynamic.

Both of these figures are in 1/7 scale and they are expected to ship out sometime in December 2022. You can purchase the figures individually or you can buy them together in a set at one of the sites listed below!

Where to Shop the Alice & Asuna Crystal Dress Figures

Alice & Asuna Crystal Dress Figure Gallery

All images in this post are credited to eStream.

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