The Ōyukiumi no Kaina anime, which is also known as Kaina of the Great Snow Sea, is a new project that Tsutomu Nihei, who you may already know as creator of Blame!, which is one of my favorite manga of all time, Knights of Sidonia, one of my favorite mecha anime streaming on Netflix, Biomega, which is one of my top zombie manga, Abara and more, is making in collaboration with Polygon Pictures. Tsutomu Nihei and Polygon Pictures have worked together in the past. They animated not only the Blame! film but Knights of Sidonia as well.

A manga is also releasing with art by Itoe Takemoto (Kemono no Souja, Boku to Miraiya no Natsu). The manga was confirmed by the official website and a quote by Tsutomu Nihei, who is the original creator of Ōyukiumi no Kaina. In other exciting news, Tsutomu Nihei’s NOiSE is getting a reprint thanks to Kodansha.

With that all said, here’s everything we know about Ōyukiumi no Kaina so far!

What is Ōyukiumi no Kaina about?

The story is set in a different world, where the Earth is about to disappear due to the ever-expanding “Snow Sea”. People struggle to survive on the “heavenly membrane” that spreads from the roots and tops of a giant tree called the “Orbital Tree”. A story that changes this perishing world begins when a celestial boy named Kaina meets an earthly girl named Liliha.

Who’s the team behind Ōyukiumi no Kaina?

The original story of Ōyukiumi no Kaina is created by Tsutomu Nihei and the animation is going to be done by Polygon Pictures. Directing the anime is Hiroaki Ando, who served as Director on Ajin and Listeners, and screenplay is by Sadayuki Murai (Cowboy Bebop, Blame! (2017)).

Ōyukiumi no Kaina Anime Release Date

Ōyukiumi no Kaina is airing on January 11, 2023 as confirmed by the official website and it will be available to stream on Crunchyroll.

You can check out Tsutomu Nihei’s concept art and character drafts below!

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